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coyote and was
This animal, initially given the name the Elmendorf Beast, was later determined by DNA assay conducted at University of California, Davis to be a coyote with demodectic or sarcoptic mange.
An incident also occurred in April 2007 in the Chicago Loop district, where a coyote, later nicknamed " Adrian ", quietly entered a Quizno's restaurant during the lunch hours ; it was later captured and released at a wildlife rehabilitation center near Barrington, Illinois.
The Daily Coyote is a blog documenting the life of Charlie, a coyote domestically raised since he was a pup.
A Scientology profile says that he was brought up on his grandfather's " large cattle ranch in Montana " where he spent his days " riding, breaking broncos, hunting coyote and taking his first steps as an explorer ".
In May 2011, an analysis of red wolf, Eastern wolf, gray wolf, and dog genomes revealed that the red wolf was 76-80 percent coyote and only 20-24 percent gray wolf, suggesting that the red wolf is actually much more coyote in origin than the Eastern wolf.
Due to the enormous labour involved in sewing each ostrich feather to the dress, Astaire — who normally approved his partner's gowns and suggested modifications if necessary during rehearsals — saw the dress for the first time on the day of the shoot, and was horrified at the way it shed clouds of feathers at every twist and turn, recalling later: " It was like a chicken attacked by a coyote, I never saw so many feathers in my life.
Years later he was found by his real brother, who managed to convince him he was not a coyote.
The swift fox was once a severely endangered species, due to predator control programs in the 1930s that were aimed mostly at the gray wolf and the coyote.
Heidik claims he thought the animal who had wandered into his yard was a fox or a coyote even though he was just a foot away from the animal when shooting.
For instance, during a frightening situation, such as when seeing a coyote walk like a man, a leaf of momoy was sucked to help keep the soul in the body.
In the winter of 2008-2009, a coyote in the park made headlines, and in May 2009, a black bear was seen.
Bugs traps Smoke in a garbage can and uses a time machine ( which he borrowed from " some coyote ") to see when and how Michael's addiction was started.
The term " mestizo " was rarely if ever used in mission records, the more common terms being " indio ", " europeo ", " mulatto ", " coyote ", " castizo " and other caste terms.
Another prehistoric canid initially thought to be an ancestral jackal, Canis arnensis, which was native to Europe, was later classed as more closely related to the coyote.
Therefore it was concluded that domestic dogs and gray wolves are the same species and that the coyote is a separate species from both.
The Elmendorf Beast was the name given to a coyote blamed for several attacks on livestock in Elmendorf, Texas.
Various opinions have been offered as to the identity of the creature, including that it was a Mexican Hairless Dog whose appearance had been altered by sickness and / or congenital ailments, and that it was a wolf – coyote cross.
It was later determined by DNA assay conducted at University of California, Davis to be a coyote with demodectic or sarcoptic mange.

coyote and there
Animals found there include white-tailed deer, coyote, elk, wild turkey, cougar and moose.
" (" That coyote IS there, behind the rocks .").

coyote and would
If interbreeding between the species were common, the coyote population would be expected to acquire more dog-like traits with each successive generation.
As mentioned in the movie, the slang term " coyote ugly " refers to the feeling of waking up after a one-night stand, and discovering that your arm is underneath someone who is so physically repulsive that you would gladly chew it off without waking the person just so you can get away without being discovered.

coyote and be
The red wolf is thought by certain scientists to be in fact a wolf / coyote hybrid rather than a unique species.
Wolf urine has been marketed and claimed to be an organic coyote deterrent, such as for deterring attacks on sheep.
In sympatric populations of coyotes and red foxes, fox territories tend to be located largely outside of coyote territories.
New York's parks commissioner Adrian Benepe noted this coyote had to be very " adventurous " and " curious " to get so far into the city.
Also, coyote scats tend to be smaller than wolf scats.
In his definitive study of the taxonomy of the coyote, Jackson had, in response to Miller, queried whether Heller had seriously looked at specimens of coyotes prior to his 1914 article, and thought the characters to be “ not sufficiently important or stable to warrant subgeneric recognition for the group ”.
Animal forms vary accordingly with cultures and local species ( including bears and wolves ), for example, a coyote is more likely to be found as a skinwalker's alternate form in the Great Plains region.
The American red wolf too appear to be a hybrid species between gray wolf and coyote.
The species is classified a " Small wild / exotic canid " by the United States Department of Agriculture, along with the coyote, dingo, jackal, and arctic fox, and is considered the only species of fox, other than the domesticated silver fox, which can properly be kept as a pet.
In addition to world class fly fishing, the following may be found within the township: white-tailed deer, mink, black bear, Bald Eagle, coyote, and the invasive species savannah monitor.
Deer, coyote, grey fox, chipmunks, bobcat, bear, bald eagle, red fox, raccoon, beaver and muskrat can all be spotted along the trail.
Deer and auto collisions as well as coyote and human interaction may be a problem.
Bighorn sheep, bobcat, coyote, bear, jackrabbit, cottontail rabbit, mule deer, white-tailed deer, gray fox, mountain lion, river otter, porcupine, pronghorn, raccoon, armadillo, Mexican wolf, and gray wolf can be found in all states across the southwest.
There is a possibility that the same 5. 0 coyote engine will be introduced in the 2012 Falcon, along with the new range of EcoBoost engines.
Any animal can be a familiar, but commonly seen animals include: hare, fox, coyote, anansi the spider, witch's cat, vampire's bat, toad, raven, rat, etc.
In order to indulge in the informal practice, or hunting, various cross breeds ( under the generic British term lurchers ) have been created ; such animals may be specifically bred for coursing, such as the staghounds used to hunt coyote in the United States.
Some zoologists do not consider the American red wolf to be a true species, but a hybrid between the gray wolf and the coyote.
The red wolf may be a coyote / wolf hybridThe Red Wolf may be a wolf / coyote hybrid.

coyote and no
Carcasses in the open no longer attract coyotes ; when a coyote is chased on flat terrain, it is often killed.

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