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critical and rigorous
Confirmation bias is of interest in the teaching of critical thinking, as the skill is misused if rigorous critical scrutiny is applied only to evidence challenging a preconceived idea but not to evidence supporting it.
Despite this rigorous approach, the panel ’ s first choice of historian Manning Clark did not please conservative politicians, as Clark had been critical of the Fraser Government ’ s social policy.
He soon founded Scrutiny, the critical quarterly that he edited until 1953, using it as a vehicle for the new Cambridge criticism, upholding rigorous intellectual standards and attacking the dilettante elitism he believed to characterise the Bloomsbury Group.
Since Sapir's death in 1939 linguists have spent their time researching his proposals, and generally there have been two opposing camps in this endeavor: the so-called " lumpers " who are generally favorably inclined towards notions of genetic relationships, and the " splitters " who are generally critical of such proposals expecting successful family relations to be proven by the most rigorous standards of scholarship.
The Aspen award was granted based on, " a rigorous, yearlong effort ... to assemble and review an unprecedented collection of data on community colleges and the critical elements of student success: student learning, degree completion and transfer, equity and employment / earnings after college.
The department also has the Ateneo Education for Elementary Gifted Student ( Ateneo EDGES Program ) which admits intellectually gifted elementary students and engage them with a more rigorous academic program in order to maximize their learning potentials and make the students become more critical, creative, and independent.
Kernmantle ropes are still used in sailing and other sports, but the technical requirements are usually not as rigorous as in climbing since those applications are not as safety critical.
Still, Albert argues that critical rationalists have to accept that those attempts of rigorous justification ( like Apel's ) are not senseless, since only as long as alternative methods are without success can critical rationalism be called successful.
Central to Pannenberg's theological career has been his defence of theology as a rigorous academic discipline, one capable of critical interaction with philosophy, history, and most of all, the natural sciences.
This elective course provides college-bound students the additional training in writing, study skills, note-taking, and critical analysis which are needed to be successful in rigorous academic studies.
The title itself involves a discussion about " the intersections of three fields: psychology, the Bible, and the tradition of rigorous, critical reading of the biblical text.
The rigorous academic process also prepares the students to take up critical job roles with the government and corporates where specialist inputs may be required.

critical and examinations
Many examinations for university entrance set by universities, on top of A-level examinations, also include a critical thinking component, such as the LNAT, the UKCAT, the BioMedical Admissions Test and the Thinking Skills Assessment.
It also contains critical examinations of old manuscripts on European music.
Hitchens has authored and presented several documentaries on Channel 4, including critical examinations of Nelson Mandela and David Cameron.
However, critical recognition of the album has improved significantly following further examinations by critics and compact disc-reissues.
German theories prompted a number of critical examinations of geopolitik by American geopoliticians such as Robert Strausz-Hupé, Derwent Whittlesey, and Andrew Gyorgy.
Sean Shesgreen, an English professor at Northern Illinois University, published a critical history of the anthology in the Winter 2009 issue of Critical Inquiry, based on interviews with Abrams and examinations of the editor's NAEL files ( see " Further reading " below ).
John Farrell Till, ( born on April 26, 1933 ) and known commonly as Farrell Till, was the editor of the formerly published Skeptical Review and is a prominent debater against Christianity and Biblical inerrancy in particular, having published several critical articles of the inerrancy subject as well as skeptical examinations of other Biblical interpretations.

critical and Nicholas
Kornilov was critical of the Russian monarchy and, after the overthrow of Czar Nicholas II he was given command of the Petrograd Military District in March 1917.
* 1891 – The Ōtsu incident: Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich of Imperial Russia ( later Nicholas II ) suffers a critical head injury during a sword attack by Japanese policeman Tsuda Sanzō.
Michael Neill, editor of the Oxford Shakespeare edition, notes that the earliest critical references to Othello's colour, ( Thomas Rymer's 1693 critique of the play, and the 1709 engraving in Nicholas Rowe's edition of Shakespeare ), assume him to be Sub-Saharan, while the earliest known North African interpretation was not until Edmund Kean's production of 1814.
Out on the front lines, Nicholas is visited by his mother the Dowager Empress Maria Foeodorovna ( Irene Worth ), ( who is very outspokenly critical of her son's lack of leadership abilities ), who scolds him about not attending to crumbling domestic issues and implores him to eliminate Rasputin ( as well as to send Alexandra away to one of the royal palaces out of sight ).
Her stepson Nicholas Mosley is a novelist who also wrote a critical memoir of his father for which Diana reportedly never forgave him, despite their previously close relationship.
Nicholas Garnham is critical of Castells and argues that the latter ’ s account is technologically determinist because Castells points out that his approach is based on a dialectic of technology and society in which technology embodies society and society uses technology ( Castells 2000: 5sqq ).
* Cusanus-Portal ( DFG-Project by the Institut fuer Cusanus-Forschung and the Center for Digital Humanities at the university of Trier with a digitized version of the ‘ Opera Omnia ’, the critical edition of the Latin texts from Nicholas of Cusa, published by the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences, with the English translations of Jasper Hopkins, several German translations, a German encyclopedia and an international bibliography )
The generalization to N =( 2, 2 ) supersymmetric theories in 2 spacetime dimensions was proposed by Cumrun Vafa and Nicholas Warner in the November 1988 article Catastrophes and the Classification of Conformal Theories, in this generalization one imposes that the superpotential possess a degenerate critical point.
Ford also recommended Hunter to director Nicholas Ray for the role of Jesus Christ in the biblical film King of Kings ( 1961 ), a difficult part met by critical reaction that ranged from praise to ridicule ( Hunter's youthful matinee idol looks resulted in the film being derided as " I Was a Teenage Jesus " despite his being 34 years old during shooting ).
In 1700, a settler, Nicholas Vechte, built a farmhouse of brick and stone now known as the Old Stone House, which later played a critical role in the 1776 Battle of Long Island, when American troops fought off the Redcoats long enough to allow George Washington to retreat.
Praxis and Reason: Studies in the Philosophy of Nicholas Rescher ( Washington, D. C .: University Press of America ) A collection of critical and expanding essays with brief replies by Rescher.
* Nicholas Chédeville, Il Pastor Fido ( attribuited to Vivaldi ), critical edition, Bärenreiter, Kassel, 2005
She starred in the Broadway show A Life and won critical acclaim in 1983 in Nicholas Kazan's off-Broadway Blood Moon, where the New York Times cited her " skillful verisimilitude " handling a difficult part requiring two roles " and she does them both with authority.
Commenting in the Irish Times, Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of the MIT Media Lab, said that the research at MLE was " beyond wildest expectations "; he was critical of European companies for their unwillingness to invest in the lab and said: " Many visitors to MLE thought the work in Dublin was more edgy than at MIT.
In the later 1960s and through the 1970s, the critical importance of the Whitechapel Gallery was displaced by newer venues such as the Hayward Gallery, but in the 1980s the Gallery enjoyed a resurgence under the Directorship of Nicholas Serota.
One of Klapwijk's first attempts to articulate this critical stance for his philosophical community occurred in a widely-read volume edited by Hendrik Hart, Johan van der Hoeven, and Nicholas Wolterstorff, reviewed in Theology Today, by Eugene Osterhaven: " An excellent chapter on ' Rationality in the Dutch Neo-Calvinist Tradition ' by Jacob Klapwijk ... treats Abraham Kuyper's doctrines of common grace, and the antithesis, and his failure to harmonize the two, especially when he dealt with human reason.
In recent years Lautner's work has undergone a significant critical reappraisal with the 1999 publication of Alan Hess and Alan Weintraub's " The Architecture of John Lautner " ( Rizzoli ), and a 2008 exhibit at the Hammer Museum curated by architect Frank Escher and architectural historian Nicholas Olsberg.
Beatles Forever author Nicholas Schaffner noted in 1977, with reference to Harrison's commercial and critical dominance over his former bandmates following the break-up: " The very fact that the Beatles had kept George's flowering talents so under wraps proved to be his secret weapon.

critical and provided
Chicago committed numerous critical errors and were outscored 20 – 6 in a Dodger sweep, which provided yet another sudden and stunning ending to what had once been looked at as a season of destiny.
The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to critical theory:
Originally active from 1985 to 1996, the band have had consistent commercial and critical success in Australia and New Zealand and international chart success in two phases, beginning with their self-titled debut album, Crowded House, which reached number twelve on the US Album Chart in 1987 and provided the Top Ten hits, " Don't Dream It's Over " and " Something So Strong ".
The Danish philosopher S &# 248 ; ren Kierkegaard provided a critical response to the cogito.
RT-11 provided a practical real-time operating system in minimal memory, allowing the PDP-11 to continue Digital's critical role as a computer supplier for embedded systems.
Although Zurvanism had died out by the 10th century the critical question of the " twin brothers " mentioned in Yasna 30. 3 remained, and Haug's explanation provided a convenient defence against Christian missionaries who disparaged the Parsis ( Indian Zoroastrians ) for their ' dualism '.
Oskar Sandberg's research ( during the development of version 0. 7 ) shows that this " path folding " is critical, and that a very simple routing algorithm will suffice provided there is path folding.
While a member of the Institute of Social Research, Marcuse developed a model for critical social theory, created a theory of the new stage of state and monopoly capitalism, described the relationships between philosophy, social theory, and cultural criticism, and provided an analysis and critique of German fascism.
This is so because the earth is constantly rotating, and therefore knowing the time while making an altitude measurement to a known heavenly body such as the sun, provided critical data for a ship's position east-west — a necessary capability for re-approaching land after voyages over medium and long distances.
The method produced so-called " critical editions ", which provided a reconstructed text accompanied by a " critical apparatus ", i. e., footnotes that listed the various manuscript variants available, enabling scholars to gain insight into the entire manuscript tradition and argue about the variants.
The discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799 provided critical missing information, gradually revealed by a succession of scholars, that eventually allowed Jean-François Champollion to determine the nature of this mysterious script.
" Washington valued the " industrial " education, as it provided critical skills for the jobs then available to the majority of African-Americans at the time, as most lived in the South, which was overwhelmingly rural and agricultural.
In 1974, Harry Braverman wrote Labor and Monopoly Capital: The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century, which provided a critical analysis of scientific management.
The rail line from Cape Town provided a centrally located railway station, and proved critical to the British in occupying the city later.
Isaac Casaubon, classical scholar and editor of Greek texts, provided the first critical edition in 1587.
This was because horses provided a quick, long-distance method of transporting troops, which was critical to building and maintaining such a large empire.
Latell states that the evidence indicated that the assassination operation was similar to other assassination operations Cuban intelligence had been involved in, and that Somoza was a long-time nemesis of Castro after he provided critical support to the U. S. in preparing for the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba in April 1961.
Based on this decision, according to Arguimbau's critical reading of the restoration data that has been provided, the chemists of the restoration team decided upon a solvent that would effectively strip the ceiling down to its paint-impregnated plaster.
Haldane, and Sewall Wright provided critical contributions.
The railroad was critical to the economic development of Huntley because it provided the means of sending agriculture products to the Chicago market and led to Huntley ’ s preeminence as a dairy center.
In 1994, the PHIA provided critical local support for the Honeygo Plan, a blueprint for developing Perry Hall ’ s rural northeast.
Noam Chomsky and others have brought critical thinking to the very concept of leadership and have provided an analysis that asserts that people abrogate their responsibility to think and will actions for themselves.
He followed this with Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves ( 1991 ), the Oliver Stone-directed JFK ( 1991 ), The Bodyguard ( 1992 ), and Clint Eastwood's A Perfect World ( 1993 ), all of which provided box office or critical acclaim.

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