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current and Provost
The current Provost of Trinity, John Hegarty, formerly Dean of Research, was elected in 2001.
The current Lord Provost of Glasgow, Bob Winter, is Maryhill's local councillor.
Subsequent Deans include Otto Davis, Brian Berry, Joel Tarr, Alfred Blumstein, current Carnegie Mellon Provost Mark Kamlet, Linda C. Babcock, Jeffrey Hunker, Mark Wessel, and current Dean Ramayya Krishnan.
The current MSP is Michael Matheson, who won the 2007 Scottish Parliament General Election by a margin of just 3 %, less than the number of spoilt ballot papers, narrowly defeating his rival, Dennis Goldie, former Provost and well known for his refusal to back the Labour Party's pro-gay rights stance.
He is the current Patrician of Ankh-Morpork and the Diary lists him as ' Provost of Assassins ', presumably an honorary position.
* Peter Salovey, ( honorary ), Professor of Psychology, current Provost, Yale University
The current Lord Provost, elected to the position in 2012, is Sadie Docherty.
It is the current home of the United States Army Signal Corps and Signal Center and was once the home of " The Provost Marshal General School " ( Military Police ).
Group Captain Mark Sexton is the current Provost Marshal ( RAF ).
The current Commissioners of Northern Lighthouses are the Lord Advocate and the Solicitor General for Scotland ; the Lords Provost of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, the conveners of Highland Council and Argyll and Bute Council ; the Sheriffs Principal of all the sheriffdoms in Scotland ; a Manx representative nominated by the Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man and appointed by the Secretary of State ; and up to five co-opted Commissioners.
The current Provost Marshal, or Commander of the SAF MPC is COL Ong Chia Choong.
However, persons close to the case feel that there may be a vendetta against the current department chair by Dr. Provost

current and St
* 1506 – The cornerstone of the current St. Peter's Basilica is laid.
The current most senior living descendant of the Electress Sophia who is ineligible to succeed due to the act is George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews, the eldest son of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, who married the Roman Catholic Sylvana Palma Tomaselli in 1988 ; he would now be 29th in the lines of succession if he had not lost his place.
After a series of rival leagues were organized but failed, ( most notably the American Base Ball Association, which spawned the clubs which would ultimately become the St. Louis Cardinals and Brooklyn Dodgers ) the current American League, evolving from the minor Western League of 1893, was established in 1901.
In settling the American west it was generally faster to navigate down River from Brownsville, Pennsylvania, to the Ohio River confluence with the Mississippi and then pole up river against the current to St Louis than to travel overland on the rare primitive dirt roads for many decades after the American revolution.
Having played at the East Melbourne Cricket Ground from 1882 to 1921, and having won four VFA premierships ( 1891 – 1894 ) and four VFL premierships ( 1897, 1901, 1911, ( 1912 ) whilst there, Essendon were looking for a new home, and were offered grounds at the current Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, at Victoria Park, at Arden St, North Melbourne, and the Essendon Cricket Ground.
* Nick Riewoldt – Australian Rules Footballer, current captain of the St. Kilda Football Club
In 1992, the then Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Ieronymos of Thebes and Levathia ( the current Archbishop of Athens and All Greece ) requested from Bishop Antonio Mattiazzo of Padua the return of a a significant fragment of the relics of St. Luke to be placed on the site where the holy tomb of the Evangelist is located and venerated today.
Orthwein intended to move the team to his native St. Louis, Missouri, but sold the team two years later to current owner Robert Kraft in 1994.
The current version of St Peter's Basilica was built and the Sistine Chapel was painted by Michelangelo.
* St. Louis Rams, current NFL member
* St. Louis Cardinals, current MLB member
( Matt 2: 23 is not present in current Masoretic tradition either, though according to St. Jerome it was in Isaiah 11: 1.
St. Boniface Church, Chicago was established by German immigrants in 1865, with the current building dating from 1903.
* April 18 – Pope Julius II lays the foundation stone of the new ( current ) St. Peter's Basilica, replacing the Old Saint Peter's Basilica.
He is the first known Oxford Master of Arts and the site where he lived and taught was formed into a mediaeval academic hall in his name and eventually incorporated as the current college St Edmund Hall.
Of the current Dukes, four are male-line descendants of Charles in the illegitimate line: the Duke of Richmond, Lennox and Gordon, the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, the Duke of Grafton and the Duke of St Alban's.
This is based on the fact that St. Augustine founded an abbey ( within the current school's grounds ) where it is known that teaching took place.
The St. Louis Children's Hospital Neurofibromatosis Center maintains a comprehensive list of current NF research studies.
The club was founded in 1892, by the merger of Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End, and has played at its current home ground, St James ' Park, since.
The current location was built in 1865 and is located 201 St. Clair street.
In 1548 St. Ignatius founded there the first Jesuit college of the world, which later gave birth to the Studium Generale ( the current University of Messina ).
Buck is honored with a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame, and a bronze statue of him was erected at the entrance to Busch Memorial Stadium in 1998 ( and moved to a new location outside the current Busch Stadium in 2007 ).
The original Post Road in Millis followed Village St from Medway, crossing current Massachusetts Rt 109, and then following the current Dover Road to the location of a series of Bridges over the Charles River leading into Medfield.
Three of the 8 current GBL cities are former Western League markets, as Reno was added to the circuit in 2006, while St. George became a member of the league in 2007.

current and College
In 1998, Pensacola Christian College produced a widely distributed videotape, arguing that this " leaven of fundamentalism " was passed from the 19th-century Princeton theologian Benjamin B. Warfield ( 1851 – 1921 ) to Charles Brokenshire ( 1885 – 1954 ), who served BJU as Dean of the School of Religion, and then to current BJU faculty members and graduates.
The Lower Houses were built in 1931 and were originally intended to house theology students at Emmanuel College, whose current building was opened the same year.
The College is home to the nationally acclaimed " Bodmin College Jazz Orchestra ", founded and run by the previous Director of Music, Adrian Evans, until 2007 and more recently, by the current Director, Ben Vincent.
The school was known successively as Throop University, Throop Polytechnic Institute ( and Manual Training School ), and Throop College of Technology, before acquiring its current name in 1920.
Angelo Sodano | Cardinal Sodano, current Dean of the College
The current site of Fermanagh College ( now part of the South West College ) was the former Enniskillen Gaol, many people were tried and hanged here in the square during the times of public execution.
Combining current scholarship on child-centered education, psychological development, and practical experience, the College offers three program areas: The Graduate School of Education, Children's Programs, and the Division of Continuing Education.
Graduates of the National War College include numerous current and former flag officers, general officers, and U. S. ambassadors.
In 1877 the name was changed into the current one, which changed KTH's status from Institute ( institut ) to College ( högskola ), and some courses were extended from three to four years.
The plan also revised the undergraduate curriculum significantly, creating the current system with only one required course and only a few distribution requirements ( known as " clusters ").< ref > Rochester. edu, Press Release: Rochester Renaissance Plan for The College </ i ></ ref >
In 1946 the College was forced by postwar enrollment to move from Craigdarroch to the Lansdowne campus of the Provincial Normal School ( This is the current location of the Camosun College Lansdowne Campus ).
The Lower Houses were built in 1931 and were originally intended to house theology students at Emmanuel College, whose current building was opened the same year.
* The Cadet Band ( current day Highty-Tighties ) of the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College ( current day Virginia Tech ) is established in the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets.
As Bishop of Winchester he was responsible for much of the current structure of the cathedral, and he founded the still extant public school Winchester College.
She laid the foundation stone of the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland – the current University of Zimbabwe.
The now-defunct CBCI or College Bowl format emphasizes comparatively short questions on academics, current events, pop culture, and general knowledge.
On June 1, 2007, Kenyon College announced that Newman had donated $ 10 million to the school to establish a scholarship fund as part of the college's current $ 230 million fund-raising campaign.
In 1871, Cyrus and Susan Mills paid $ 5, 000 for the Young Ladies ' Seminary in Benicia, renamed it Mills College, and moved it to its current location in Oakland, adjacent to what is now Seminary Boulevard.
College Hall, the oldest building on the current campus of the University of Pennsylvania, where Addams studied, was also an inspiration for the mansion.
Montgomery also is home to several private colleges: Faulkner University, which has an enrollment of 3, 500, is a Church of Christ-affiliated school ; Huntingdon College, which has a current student population of 1, 000 and is affiliated with the United Methodist Church ; Virginia College and Amridge University.

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