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current and best-known
Many of the best-known members of the current generation of bandleaders consider him a mentor, among them Maria Schneider, who studied under him at the New England Conservatory.
His current and best-known pen name is Ramsey Dukes.
It is the railroad that gives the best-known part of the area its current name — the Main Line, referring to the main track of the now-defunct Pennsylvania Railroad.
His best-known junior wife is HRH Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, daughter of King Hussein of Jordan and half-sister of current King Abdullah II of Jordan, whom he married on April 10, 2004, and with whom he has two children, a daughter, Al-Jalila, born December 2, 2007 and a son, Zayed, born January 7, 2012.
Paul Adams of South Africa is the best-known current chinaman bowler, though he no longer features in his country's national side.
ABC1 has had a long history of producing current affairs programs, including the award-winning This Day Tonight, the first regular current affairs program to be shown on Australian television and a training ground for many of Australia's best-known journalists.
After its former site on Summer Street burned in the Great Boston Fire of 1872, the current church complex was erected under the direction of Rector Phillips Brooks ( 1835 – 1893 ), one of the best-known and most charismatic preachers of his time.
The current MP is David Burrowes ( Conservative ), and its best-known representative was Michael Portillo ( 1984 – 1997 ).
Over the last fifty years, the best-known programs on Europe 1 have included: ' Pour ceux qui aiment le jazz ' (" For Those Who Love Jazz ") hosted by Daniel Filipacchi and Franck Ténot, ' Signé Furax ' (" Signed, Furax ", a comic adventure serial ), ' Salut les copains ' (" Hi, Friends ", a pop music programme ), ' Campus ' ( book reviews, interviews of literary personalities, and chat about current events and culture ), ' Vous êtes formidables ' ( a programme devoted to " demonstrations of solidarity "), ' Bonjour, monsieur le maire ' ( aimed at rural France ), ' L ' horoscope de Madame Soleil ' ( astrology ), ' Top 50 ' ( a reprise of the musical charts ), and ' Le club de la presse ' (" Press Club ", political conversation ).
Brian Wood's other current work is DMZ, a critically acclaimed ongoing series from Vertigo for which he is quickly becoming best-known, Northlanders, a historical-fiction series set during the Viking Age, and The New York Four, a YA graphic novel, a new Demo miniseries as well as the re-release of the original Demo collection .. all from DC / Vertigo and DC / Minx.
Mead's best-known athletic alums are former Gonzaga star and former Los Angeles Lakers player Adam Morrison and former Washington State University and current Detroit Lions kicker Jason Hanson who is currently the 4th all-time NFL leading scorer.

current and semantic
The current company name contains the semantic pleonasm " AvtoVAZ ", which stands for " Avtomobilniy Volzhsky Avtomobilny Zavod " (" Automobile Volga Automobile Plant ").
* 2D Key ( 2-Dimensional Key ) is a 2D matrix-like key input method having the key styles of multiline passphrase, crossword, ASCII / Unicode art, with optional textual semantic noises, to create big password / key beyond 128 bits to realize the MePKC ( Memorizable Public-Key Cryptography ) using fully memorizable private key upon the current private key management technologies like encrypted private key, split private key, and roaming private key.
By encouraging the inclusion of semantic content in web pages, the Semantic Web aims at converting the current web dominated by unstructured and semi-structured documents into a " web of data ".
Intrusions tend to have either semantic attributes in common with the correct word not recalled or have been previously studied in another word pair on the current list or a previously studied list or were close in time to the cue item.
When the level of detail present in the resized object is changed to fit the relevant information into the current size, instead of being a proportional view of the whole object, it's called semantic zooming.
Despite this, current knowledge on human memory is still decades away from the ability to “ map out ” the wiring of a human brain to discover which parts of which lobe are responsible for the various episodic and semantic knowledge within a person ’ s memory.
Unlike more general concepts of autology and self-reference, this particular distinction and opposition of " autological " and " heterological words " is uncommon in linguistics for describing linguistic phenomena or classes of words, but is current in logic and philosophy where it was introduced by Kurt Grelling and Leonard Nelson for describing a semantic paradox, later known as Grelling's paradox or the Grelling-Nelson paradox .< ref > Grelling and Nelson used the following definition when first publishing their paradox in 1908: " Let < big > φ </ big >( M ) be the word that denotes the concept defining M. This word is either an element of M or not.
The few lexical and semantic items recorded in the East German Duden come from der große Duden because the printing press in Leipzig did not publish the multiple volume Duden that has become the current staple.
A notable idea of the " semantic gap " between the ideal expression of the solution to a particular programming problem, and the real physical hardware illustrated the inefficiency of current machine implementations.
Much of his current work is in the semantic paradoxes.
Additional semantic and syntactic associations are also activated, and during this interval of highly variable duration ( depending on the subject, the difficulty of the current object, etc.
According to his website, his current research interests include " knowledge representation and automatic reasoning, especially the representation of space and time ; the semantic web ; ontology design ; and the philosophical foundations of AI and computer science ".

current and wiki
* Metagovernment-Project using the wiki consensus model as a replacement for current governments.
This metropolitan area network is detailed well on the organisation's website, which features dynamic mapping systems to show the current development of the network, and a wiki is used for collaboration on technical documents.
In a wiki, document mode is the conventional mode of editing, in which the current version of the page is a coherent and self-contained whole, reflecting only the result of the last update and not any history.
In document mode, maintenance of the history is left entirely to the wiki software, as opposed to thread mode, where the history of a discussion is also reflected in the current page.
; Revision control: DokuWiki stores all versions of each wiki page, allowing the user to compare the current version with any older version.
* Academia pro Interlingua, wiki in IALA's Interlingua for the current organization using the name
BIRN offers a website, wiki and mailing lists to help users stay current on news, best practices and topics related directly to their data-sharing considerations.

current and software
An example would be Call Center software which helps to direct a customer to the agent who can best help them with their current problem.
The current stable release includes over 29, 000 software packages for 11 different computer architectures using the Linux kernel.
He is the founder of the software companies Living Videotext and Userland Software, a former contributing editor for the Web magazine HotWired, the author of the Scripting News weblog, a former research fellow at Harvard Law School, and current visiting scholar at New York University's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.
When faced with a new circuit, the software first tries to find a steady state solution, that is, one where all nodes conform to Kirchhoff's Current Law and the voltages across and through each element of the circuit conform to the voltage / current equations governing that element.
Web-based international educational software is under development by students at New York University, based on the belief that current educational institutions are too rigid: effective teaching is not routine, students are not passive, and questions of practice are not predictable or standardized.
Generally the software provides functions for debugging and troubleshooting the PLC software, for example, by highlighting portions of the logic to show current status during operation or via simulation.
The OpenRT project includes a highly optimized software core for ray tracing along with an OpenGL-like API in order to offer an alternative to the current rasterisation based approach for interactive 3D graphics.
The current definition of software engineering is still being debated by practitioners today as they struggle to come up with ways to produce software that is " cheaper, better, faster ".
In the current culture of software development, a testing organization may be separate from the development team.
The X window system ( commonly X Window System or X11, based on its current major version being 11 ) is a computer software system and network protocol that provides a basis for graphical user interfaces ( GUIs ) and rich input device capability for networked computers.
The X. Org Foundation leads the X project, with the current reference implementation, X. Org Server, available as free and open source software under the MIT License and similar permissive licenses.
Microsoft Windows is not shipped with support for X, but many third-party implementations exist, as free and open source software such as Cygwin / X, Xming ( free up to 6. 9. 0. 31 ) and WeirdX ; freeware such as Mocha X Server ; and proprietary products such as Xmanager, Exceed, eXcursion ( Hewlett-Packard ), MKS X / Server, Reflection X, X-Win32 and Xming ( current versions ).
Most Spectrum software has, in recent years, been converted to current media and is available for download.
However, almost all current DV software supports both Type 1 and Type 2 editing and rendering, including Adobe Premiere.
For instance, a released version of the software project may form one branch, used for bug fixes, while a version under current development, with major changes and new features, can form a separate branch.
In 1998, under the company Demas, NED co-founder Cameron W. Jones ( original and current owner of the Synclavier trademark and software ) collaborated with ex-employee Brian S. George ( owner of Demas, the company that purchased all of NED's hardware and technical assets ) and original co-founding partner Sydney Alonso to develop an emulator designed to run Synclavier software for Apple Computer's Macintosh computer systems and hardware designed to share the core processing with the later generation of Apple G3 computers giving enhanced features and greater speed to the system.
This led to intense competition in certain fields, for example, in the development of sound tracking software and Tetris clones, with each group of developers trying to outdo the current state of the art.
* Some limited form of trusted computing can be implemented on current versions of Microsoft Windows with third party software.
Some of Justin's current projects in development ( according to his weblog ) are a programmable effects processor called Jesusonic and a new piece of software named NINJAM which allows several musicians to make music together via the Internet.
This form of support for RFC 2136 is provided by a plethora of client and server software, including those that are components of most current operating systems.
His current work focuses on cognitive ethnography, computer-mediated communication, distributed cognition, human-computer interaction, information visualization, multiscale software, and tools for analysis of video data.

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