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current and estimates
the administration's official budget review, which estimates a 6.9 billion dollar deficit for the current fiscal year, isn't making anyone happy.
It is still used in making current population estimates in post-census years, though the value of these estimates is open to question.
The two cost-effectiveness estimates of DDT residual spraying examined were not found to provide an accurate estimate of the cost-effectiveness of DDT spraying ; furthermore, the resulting estimates may not be good predictors of cost-effectiveness in current programs.
This section discusses, then attempts to list best current estimates for the parameters of the Drake equation.
With the sequencing of both the human and chimpanzee genome, current estimates of the similarity between their DNA sequences range between 95 % and 99 %.
This estimate happens to agree with current estimates on the age of Homo sapiens.
Theoretical estimates for the lifetime of a persistent current can exceed the estimated lifetime of the universe, depending on the wire geometry and the temperature.
Since the secession of South Sudan in July 2011, estimates place the current population of Sudan at a little over 30 million.
In fact, current estimates place boreal forests as storing twice as much carbon per unit area as tropical forests.
Almost immediately, returning Kosovo Albanians attacked Kosovo Serbs, causing some 200, 000-280, 000 Serbs and other non-Albanians to flee ( note: the current number of internally displaced persons is disputed, with estimates ranging from 65, 000 to 250, 000 ).
Elliptic curve cryptography may allow smaller-size keys for equivalent security, but these algorithms have only been known for a relatively short time and current estimates of the difficulty of searching for their keys may not survive.
However, current molecular clock estimates indicate that Ficus is a relatively ancient genus being at least 60 million years old, and possibly as old as 80 million years.
Their population size vary from decade to decade, largely dependent on rainfall ; current estimates range from 625, 000 to 725, 000 birds, with 100, 000 – 200, 000 in Western Australia and the remainder mostly in New South Wales and Queensland.
The best current estimates place Nomascus diverging from the other genera about 8 million years ago ( Mya ), and Symphalangus and Hylobates diverging at 7 Mya.
As of the population estimates in July 2005, the town's current population is 15, 768, which is an 11. 9 % increase from 2000, in fact this is one of the fastest growing towns in the State of New York.
The algorithm works in a two-step process: in the prediction step, the Kalman filter produces estimates of the current state variables, along with their uncertainties.
The current estimates of the number of persons living in Sarajevo range from between 300, 000 to 380, 000.
Older estimates say it killed 40 – 50 million people, while current estimates say 50 – 100 million people worldwide were killed.
When calculating counterfeit products, current estimates place the global losses at $ 400 billion.
He refers to the unmoved movers, and assigns one to each movement in the heavens ; or more prosaically, he tasks future astronomers with correlating the estimated 47 to 55 motions of the Eudoxan planetary model, by his estimates, with the most current and accurate observations.
There are no current reliable estimates of the total crabeater seal population.
More pipes are expected to be needed to make the lake safe: the original French estimates called for a total of five, and the current OFDA project calls for an additional two pipes, each with ten times the capacity of the single current pipe.

current and Hinduism
Some cultural features and customs of Hinduism continue to exist within the current society.
Hinduism holds that suffering follows naturally from personal negative behaviors in one ’ s current life or in a past life ( see karma in Hinduism ).
Many themes of Balinese mythology have been adapted and worked into current Balinese Hinduism.
Since the swastika on the Flag of Nazi Germany was " right-facing " when displayed one-sided ( e. g. hanging on buildings ), this requires a redefinition of " sauwastika " as the variant current in Hinduism, and the " swastika proper " as the " left-facing " one current in Buddhism, contrary to Burnouf.
Intolerance of slavery by Hinduism ( supported by Vedas as well as fringe scriptures ) may not be confused with historical studies, past, current, or future practices in India, legislation in India, or political movements.
Four Vaisnava disciplic successions, inaugurated by Sri, Lord Brahma, Lord Rudra, and Sanaka, one of the four Kumaras, according to the scriptural source, appear in the holy place of Jaganatha Puri, and purify the entire earth during the Kali yuga ( believed to be the current age in Hinduism ).
These differences and the understanding of these differences is now generally diminishing between the Hindus, and the current practitioners of Hinduism are converging towards the Smarta philosophy, where Shaivites accept and pray to forms of Vishnu and vice-versa.

current and Indonesia
With the current length of waterways, Indonesia ranked seven on the countries with longest waterways.
Many other similarities may be found among current national flags, particularly if inversions of color schemes are considered ( e. g., compare the flag of Côte d ' Ivoire to that of Ireland and Indonesia and Poland.
* Post-Suharto era or period of Reformasi ( Reform ), the ( current ) era in Indonesia following the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the fall of Suharto, characterized by increased freedom and political participation
** Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, current President of Indonesia
The current Attorney General of Indonesia is Basrief Arief.
The attack was claimed as the deadliest act of terrorism in the history of Indonesia according to the current police general, killing 202 people, ( including 88 Australians, and 38 Indonesian citizens ).
At the time of the mid-1990s, Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea had large private current account deficits and the maintenance of fixed exchange rates encouraged external borrowing and led to excessive exposure to foreign exchange risk in both the financial and corporate sectors.
Rare has been in operation since 1973 with current global partners in over 50 countries and offices in the United States of America, Mexico, the Philippines, China and Indonesia.
Before finding their current status, the territories of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Borneo struggled and even came into military conflict against each other, and the Riau islands once again found themselves in the middle of a regional struggle.
Palapa Oath ( where the term Nusantara was first used ) is in reality the embryo of the modern unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia, notwithstanding the fact that the territory of Majapahit was then even much wider than the current territory of Indonesia.
The Free Papua Movement ( Indonesian: Organisasi Papua Merdeka, abbreviated OPM ) is a militant organisation established in 1965 to encourage and effect the violent overthrow of the current governments in the Papua and West Papua provinces of Indonesia, formerly known as Irian Jaya to secede from Indonesia, and to reject economic development and modernity as well as to eliminate non-native populations in the island.
Landor's current and past clients include such brands as Alcatel-Lucent, British Airways, Federal Express, Garuda Indonesia, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Philippine Airlines, Varig, LAN Airlines and Pepsi.
An Asian series was established in 2001 and grew to produce current A1 drivers for Indonesia and Australia.
* Banten, current province of Indonesia on territory of the former sultanate
Environment – current issues: industrial pollution ; limited natural fresh water resources ; limited land availability presents waste disposal problems ; seasonal smoke / haze resulting from forest fires in Indonesia
* Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, former army general and the current and first directly elected President of Indonesia
The current Indonesian ambassador to the Netherlands Junus Effendi Habibie, brother to the third president of Indonesia, has said that he would do all he can to facilitate the repatriation of first generation Moluccans to their homeland, if they would stop aiming at an independent state.
Hamengkubuwono ( also spelt Hamengkubuwana and in Dutch transcription " Hamengkoeboewono ") is the current ruling royal house of the Yogyakarta Sultanate in the Yogyakarta Special Region of Indonesia.
The current cup holder, China, which did not begin to compete until the 1982 series, follows Indonesia with nine titles, while Malaysia has won five titles.
In October 1993 he then travelled to Indonesia to learn more about Islam, where he met his third, and current, wife.
FIFA also rescinded the power of the current PSSI executive committee after FIFA's emergencies committee decreed it was " not in control of football in Indonesia " and had lost " all credibility.
Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X ( also seen as Hamengkubuwana ) ( born BRM Herjuno Darpito, 2 April 1946 in Yogyakarta ) is the current monarch of the historic Yogyakarta Sultanate in Indonesia, and is currently also the elected governor of the modern Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta Yogyakarta Special Region.

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