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current and next
Daniel termed `` extremely conservative '' his estimate that it would produce 17 million dollars to help erase an anticipated deficit of 63 million dollars at the end of the current fiscal year next Aug. 31.
This was all done under complete secrecy during the playing season because players were all free agents in those days and they did not want their current club and especially the fans to know they were leaving to play elsewhere the next year.
The club suffered relegation from the Welsh Football League in 2001 and has since slipped down through the next two divisions into its current position, although the future is now looking brighter.
While Maitreya ( Pāli: Metteya ) is mentioned in the Pāli canon, he is not referred to as a bodhisattva, but simply the next fully awakened Buddha to come into existence long after the current teachings of the Buddha are lost.
Charlton was an established player by the time the next season was fully underway, which saw United, as current League champions, become the first English team to compete in the European Cup.
No large earthquake has occurred on the Hayward Fault near Berkeley in historic times ( except possibly in 1836 ), but seismologists warn about the geologic record of large temblors several times in the deeper past, and their current assessment is that a quake of 6. 5 or greater is imminent, sometime within the next 30 years.
Players progress to the next level once all enemies on the current level are defeated.
Position " 1 " and position " 3 " in the figure above could be read as " current tooth " and " next tooth.
Very often the execution of the next microinstruction is dependent on the result of the current microinstruction, which will not be stable until the end of the current microcycle.
ETC technology offers a medium-risk upgrade and is to the point, currently, where changes for maturity are so minor that it can be considered as a realistic replacement for current solid propellant guns within the next two decades.
Used to + VERB is a past habitual, as in " I used to go to school ", and going to / gonna + VERB is a prospective, a future situation highlighting current intention or expectation, as in " I'm going to go to school next year ".
The reasons internalist claims the following: the moral facts are a reason for Sasha's action not to steal from the poor person next to him only if he currently wants to follow the moral law ( or if not stealing from the poor person is a way to satisfy his other current goals — that is, part of what Williams calls his " subjective motivational set ").
Lansing began to grow steadily over the next two decades with the completion of the railroads through the city, a plank road, and the completion of the current capitol building in 1878.
By 1956, the city had grown to, and doubled in size over the next decade to its current size of roughly.
The city market, in existence since 1909, was approved to be sold for a multi-building mixed-use development called MarketPlace, right next to the current market on the adjacent riverfront.
Follow-up missions would be dispatched at 2 year intervals to Mars to ensure that a redundant ERV would be on the surface at all times, waiting to be utilized by the next crewed mission or the current crew in an emergency.
Another German official argued that the Soviets in their current bureaucratic form were harmless, the occupation would not produce a gain for Germany and " why should it not stew next to us in its damp Bolshevism?
In the simplest implementation, earning a " level " indicates that the teacher believes that a student has learned enough of the current material to be able to succeed in the next level of work.
A student technically cannot flunk in this system: a student who needs to review the current material will simply not achieve the next level at the same time as most of his same-age peers.
This tree then serves to construct the routing table, which specifies the best next hop to get from the current node to any other node.
As an electric current was applied by the sender representing each digit of a message, it would at the recipient's end electrolyse the acid in its corresponding tube, releasing a stream of hydrogen bubbles next to its associated letter or numeral.
The general rule is that a black belt may advance from one rank to the next only after the number of years equivalent to the current rank.
This is expected to become more commonplace as semiconductor fabrication moves from the current generation of 65 nm processes to the next 45 nm generations ( while experiencing new challenges such as increased variation across process corners ).
The next day she issued a proclamation that there would be no alteration in the current state of religion and that her servants should not be molested or troubled.

current and evolution
Evolving in the Cenozoic, the variety of snakes increased tremendously, resulting in many colubrids, following the evolution of their current primary prey source, the rodents.
The evolution rule of the dynamical system is a fixed rule that describes what future states follow from the current state.
* 1955 " Karl Jordan's contribution to current concepts in systematics and evolution ".
Although they accept that some complex systems and organs can be explained by evolution, they claim that organs and biological features which are irreducibly complex cannot be explained by current models, and that an intelligent designer must have created life or guided its evolution.
" Behe specifically explained that the " current definition puts the focus on removing a part from an already functioning system ", but the " difficult task facing Darwinian evolution, however, would not be to remove parts from sophisticated pre-existing systems ; it would be to bring together components to make a new system in the first place ".
Behe argues that organs and biological features which are irreducibly complex cannot be wholly explained by current models of evolution.
Behe has been accused of using an " argument by lack of imagination ", and Behe himself acknowledges that a failure of current science to explain how an " irreducibly complex " organism did or could evolve does not automatically prove the impossibility of such an evolution.
The current GPMG of the German Army, the MG3, is a direct evolution of the MG42.
For example, a defender of evolution may well accept that the current formulation of evolutionary theory is likely to be revised in the future, but she defends evolution because she believes current evolutionary theory is more likely than any current rival idea, such as Creationism.
It has been proposed that the Precambrian should be divided into eons and eras that reflect stages of planetary evolution, rather than the current scheme based upon numerical ages.
They therefore ask what, if any, implications current models of human evolution may have for any biological conception of race.
The main purpose of the Semantic Web is driving the evolution of the current Web by enabling users to find, share, and combine information more easily.
Magneto's goal there was to create a new human race who would be less trouble to rule than the current one, that he decided to re-start evolution from scratch, and control the process to his own specifications.
As a result of this, at its current level of advancement, it has dinosaurs and that Magneto has shown no further interest in advancing the evolution of the Savage Land.
The nonlinear evolution of magnetohydrodynamical instabilities leads to a dramatic quench of the plasma current on a very short time scale, of the order of the millisecond.
It maintains up-to-date listings of current events and information regarding creationist endeavours and evolution education.
Over the very long term the energy output of the sun has gradually increased, on the order of 5 % per billion ( 10 < sup > 9 </ sup >) years, and will continue to do so until it reaches the end of its current phase of stellar evolution.
These last four equations are explicit formulae for the time evolution of the system given its current state.
In its ' essence, Marx's theory stated that economic and political systems went through an inevitable evolution in form, by which the current capitalist system would be replaced by a Socialist state before achieving international cooperation and peace in a " Workers ' Paradise ", creating a system directed by, what Marx called, " Pure Communism ".

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