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date and October
The cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae are buried in volcanic ash ( note: this traditional date has been challenged, and many scholars believe that the event occurred on October 24 ).
Of those remaining Adventist, the majority gave up believing in any prophetic ( biblical ) significance for the October 22 date, yet they remained expectant of the near Advent ( second coming of Jesus ).
Of those who retained the October 22 date, many maintained that Jesus had come not literally but " spiritually ", and consequently were known as " spiritualizers ".
In his 1917 draft registration, Jefferson gave his birth date as October 26, 1894, further stating that he then lived in Dallas, Texas, and that he had been blind from birth.
The fourth revamp, which happened with the issue dated 18 October 2008 had been the most major revamp to date.
The Silver Age of comic books is generally considered to date from the first successful revival of the dormant superhero form — the debut of Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino's Flash in Showcase No. 4 ( September / October 1956 ).
On October 10, 2009, Obama stated in a speech before the Human Rights Campaign that he would end the ban, but set no date.
The date of its première, October 22, 1908, is considered the founding date of Polish film industry.
The motive for setting the date of 3 October as the possible Day of Unity was decided by the Volkskammer ( GDR Congress ) on the impending economical and political collapse of the GDR.
The Jewish calendar's epoch ( reference date ), 1 Tishrei 1 AM, is equivalent to Monday, 7 October 3761 BCE in the proleptic Julian calendar, the equivalent tabular date ( same daylight period ) and is about one year before the traditional Jewish date of Creation on 25 Elul AM 1, based upon the Seder Olam Rabbah of Rabbi Yossi ben Halafta, a 2nd century CE sage.
On 31 October 2007 the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate, by a vote of 17 to 4, recommended ratification, and President George W. Bush publicly supported U. S. accession to the Convention ; no date has yet been set for action by the full Senate.
Under the proposal, the ICD-9-CM code sets would be replaced with the ICD-10-CM code sets, effective October 1, 2013. On April 17, 2012 the Department of Health and Human Services ( HHS ) published a proposed rule that would delay, from October 1, 2013 to October 1, 2014, the compliance date for the ICD-10-CM and PCS.
Although Keats and his family seem to have marked his birthday on 29 October, baptism records give the date as the 31st.
He died two years later, on the twentieth day of the ninth month of 1806 ( the lunar calendar date format for October 31 ), aged about fifty-three, in Edo.
On Friday, October 13, 1307 ( a date sometimes spuriously linked with the origin of the Friday the 13th superstition ) Philip ordered de Molay and scores of other French Templars to be simultaneously arrested.
The thoughts expressed in Coleridge's letter date Kubla Khan to October 1797, but two alternatives have been postulated by Coleridge's biographers: May 1798 and October 1799.
By May the release date had slipped from August to October.
* 1986, United Kingdom, MacDonald ISBN 0-356-12402-9, Pub date October 1986, hardback

date and 8
For example, 32 % of the edible portion of date is glucose, compared with 23. 70 % fructose and 8. 20 % sucrose.
The original project was intended for completion on the auspicious date of 8 August 1988.
Since the ecclesiastical new moon falls on a date from 8 March to 5 April inclusive, the paschal full moon ( the 14th of that lunar month ) must fall on a date from 21 March to 18 April inclusive.
Sir Earle Christmas Grafton Page, GCMG, CH ( 8 August 188020 December 1961 ) was the 11th Prime Minister of Australia, and is to date the second-longest serving federal parliamentarian in Australian history, with 41 years, 361 days in Parliament .< ref >
In 2010, the States assembly agreed to holding elections for all seats on a single date and to cut the number of Senators from 12 to 8.
The more popularly accepted date for the Viking raid on Lindisfarne is 8 June ; Michael Swanton, editor of Routledge's edition of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, writes " vi id Ianr, presumably an error for vi id Iun ( June 8 ) which is the date given by the Annals of Lindisfarne ( p. 505 ), when better sailing weather would favour coastal raids.
Prior to this date, the small island country of 12, 000 had an export economy based on agriculture, clothing, electronic parts and plants, with a per capita gross national product of USD 3, 000 to 8, 000.
Due to the Venetian law stating that the day ends at sunset, the exact date of Marco Polo's death cannot be determined, but it was between the sunsets of January 8 and 9, 1324.
* 2002 – The Envisat environmental satellite successfully reaches an orbit above the Earth on its 11th launch, carrying the heaviest payload to date at 8500 kilograms ( 8. 5 tons ).
Of a later date are Paleolithic remains, between 8, 000 and 25, 000 years old.
Meanwhile, the broadcast of the game was ESPN's highest-ever rated program to date, with an 11. 8 rating, and viewership by 10, 850, 000 homes.
Proclus was born February 8, 412 AD ( his birth date is deduced from a horoscope cast by a disciple, Marinus ) in Constantinople to a family of high social status in Lycia ( his father Patricius was a high legal official, very important in the Byzantine Empire's court system ) and raised in Xanthus.
Women experience significantly more partner violence than men do: 25 percent of surveyed women, compared with 8 percent of surveyed men, said they were raped and / or physically assaulted by a current or former spouse, cohabiting partner, or date in their lifetime ; 1. 5 percent of surveyed women and 0. 9 percent of surveyed men said they were raped and / or physically assaulted by such a perpetrator in the previous 12 months.
The two most widespread proposals for fixing the date of Easter would set it on either the second Sunday in April ( 8 to 14 ), or the Sunday after the second Saturday in April ( 9 to 15 ).
It was their most successful album worldwide to date, peaking at number one in several countries, including the United States, and receiving 8 × platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America, making it their highest-selling studio album in the U. S. and second-highest album overall.
A comprehensive study to date by Robert Freitas and Ralph Merkle has identified 137 design dimensions grouped into a dozen separate categories, including: ( 1 ) Replication Control, ( 2 ) Replication Information, ( 3 ) Replication Substrate, ( 4 ) Replicator Structure, ( 5 ) Passive Parts, ( 6 ) Active Subunits, ( 7 ) Replicator Energetics, ( 8 ) Replicator Kinematics, ( 9 ) Replication Process, ( 10 ) Replicator Performance, ( 11 ) Product Structure, and ( 12 ) Evolvability.
It peaked on the UK albums chart at No. 8, their lowest placing to date, and in 1981 was widely considered an artistic and commercial failure.
* Red Rabbit ( 1982, summer, the KGB operation reference is 15 8 1982-666 and it is mentioned that this is the date the first message was sent about killing the Pope, also there is an inconsistency since Suslov is alive in the book, but he died in January 1982 )
It was recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle that the Northmen raided the important island monastery of Lindisfarne ( note that the generally accepted date is actually 8 June, not January ):
Vivien Leigh's death certificate gave her date of death as 8 July, but some references give the date 7 July.

date and 1957
Dwiggins ' design was modified during 1957 to change the date from " 1770 " to " 1769 ," to accord with the date of the College Charter.
Definitions of the niche date back to 1917, but G. Evelyn Hutchinson made conceptual advances in 1957 by introducing a widely adopted definition: " the set of biotic and abiotic conditions in which a species is able to persist and maintain stable population sizes.
To date, and with support from Europe's National Meteorological Services and the European Commission, ECMWF has conducted two major reanalyses of the global atmosphere: the first ECMWF re-analysis ( ERA-15 ) project generated reanalyses from December 1978 to February 1994 ; the ERA-40 project generated reanalyses from September 1957 to August 2002.
In 1957, Menon was instructed to deliver an unprecedented eight-hour speech defending India ’ s stand on Kashmir ; to date, the speech is the longest ever delivered in the United Nations Security Council, covering five hours of the 762nd meeting on the 23 of January, and two hours and forty-eight minutes on the 24th, reportedly concluding with Menon's collapse on the Security Council floor.
In 1957 he had the first solo exhibition of his paintings in New York at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery and he had the final solo exhibition of his lifetime-Kenneth Noland Shaped Paintings 1981-82, which opened Oct 29 2009 at the Leslie Feely Fine Art Gallery on E. 68th St. in New York City and was scheduled to close January 9, 2010, though, the closing date was later extended to January 16.
The 1957 liquidation of the American News Company, then the primary distributor of pulp magazines, has sometimes been taken as marking the end of the " pulp era "; by that date, many of the famous pulps of the previous generation, including Black Mask, The Shadow, Doc Savage, and Weird Tales, were defunct.
Chaffee married Martha Horn in Oklahoma City on August 24, 1957, whom he met while on a blind date in September 1955, and had two children, Sheryl Lyn ( born 17 November 1958 ) and Stephen ( born 3 July 1961 ).
The original city logo was created by Bill Botts Sr. in 1957. It consisted of a double-circular seal, with the inner circle containing an adobe arch featuring the Rancho Azusa de Duarte " d " brand ( inside the arch is the original date of the Rancho's establishment, 1841 ) while the outer circle features the year of Duarte's incorporation ( 1957 ).
( original air date Jan 14, 1957 )
( original air date Mar 11, 1957 )
Unlike the competition in 1956, 1957 limited one song per country, they were still limited to entering a single song in 1958, which has remained the policy to date.
Wilnelia, Lady Forsyth-Johnson ( born 12 October 1957, Caguas, Puerto Rico ), more commonly known by her maiden name as Wilnelia Merced, became in 1975 the first and to date only winner of the Miss World title from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
She journeyed to New York and met American railway heir Clendenin Ryan Jr ( 1905 – 1957 ), grandson of Thomas Fortune Ryan, marrying him on 20 February 1935, after he proposed on their third date, in Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York.
That year, both Empire Day and Victoria Day were, by order-in-council and statutory amendment, respectively, moved to the Monday before May 25 and the monarch's official birthday in Canada was by regular viceregal proclamations made to fall on this same date every year between 1953 and January 31, 1957, when the link was made permanent by royal proclamation.
Bagge's birth date of 1957 also places him outside the established demographic of Generation X ' ers which Hate supposedly represented.
According to Frederick Gareau, noting that although U. S. policy had changed well before that ; " the last act of the Morgenthau drama occurred on that date 5, 1955 or when the Saar was returned to Germany 1, 1957.
Ray told this story to Kilgallen biographer Lee Israel in 1976, at which time neither had access to the kinescopes of those live telecasts that date from August 22, 1954 and June 9, 1957.
Marvel Comics was rechristened Marvel Mystery Comics with issue # 2 ( Dec. 1939 ) — the magazine would continue under that title through # 92 ( June 1949 ) before becoming Marvel Tales through # 159 ( Aug. 1957 ) — and Timely began publishing additional series, beginning with Daring Mystery Comics # 1 ( Jan. 1940 ), Mystic Comics # 1 ( March 1940 ), Red Raven Comics # 1 ( Aug. 1940 ), The Human Torch # 2 ( premiering Fall 1940 with no cover date and having taken over the numbering from the unsuccessful Red Raven ), and Captain America Comics # 1 ( March 1941 ).
A target date for completing the Line and having it in operation was set for July 31, 1957.
The date of the work is uncertain: according to the composer's friend Isaak Glikman and the Shostakovich family, it was begun in 1948, with further revisions in 1957 and the late 1960s.
A royal proclamation issued on 31 January 1957 established the last Monday before 25 May as the Sovereign's Birthday ( in French: fête du souverain ), the date on which the reigning Canadian monarch's official birthday would be celebrated.
The first official birthday of Elizabeth II was the last to be celebrated in June ; the haphazard format was abandoned in 1952, when the Governor-General-in-Council moved Empire Day and an amendment to the law moved Victoria Day both to the Monday before 25 May, and the monarch's official birthday in Canada was by regular vice-regal proclamations made to fall on this same date every year between 1953 and 1957, when the link was made permanent.

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