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debate and needed
The debate led to a decision that Chicago needed neither a big name nor an experienced academic administrator, but rather, as Trustee Chairman Glen A. Lloyd put it, `` a top scholar in his own right '' -- a bright light to lure other top scholars to Chicago.
Although clearly both genetic and environmental input is needed for a child to develop normally, considerable debate remains about how genetic information might guide cognitive development.
Lovette, a member of the committee, said that more testing is needed to support that change, but concluded that " These results will likely initiate an interesting debate on how we should classify these birds.
The question of whether Theophylact and Theodora needed to tie Sergius to them by such means, particularly when Sergius was already deeply indebted to them for his elevation to the papacy, as well as wasting Marozia in a relationship when, as the daughter of an important house, she would have been a valuable tool to link via marriage to another noble house, is open to debate.
After much speculation and debate, owner Peter Magowan announced Bonds's departure at a press conference, stressing the fact that the Giants needed to get younger and start fielding a more efficient offense.
During a Senate debate in 1917, as Senator Joseph L. Bristow cataloged a long list of what he felt the country needed, Marshall leaned over to one of his clerks and said, " What this country needs is more of this ; what this country needs is more of that.
Once a year, sometimes more often if needed, the registered voters of the town meet in open session to elect officers, debate local issues, and pass laws for operating the government.
In similar fashion, proposed connections between the arabesque and Arabic knowledge of geometry remains a subject of debate ; not all art historians are persuaded that such knowledge had reached, or was needed by, those creating arabesque designs, although in certain cases there is evidence that such a connection did exist.
Final passage in the Senate came after supporters mustered the bare minimum of 60 votes needed to shut off debate.
The needed level of flood protection and the resulting costs are a recurring subject of debate.
In April, 2012, two months before the verdict in the trial, Bouterse's party member Andre Misiekaba said, during a debate in the Surinamese parliament, that: " The December Murders trial is a political trial which has the purpose to eliminate Bouterse from the political arena and therefore the Amnesty Act is needed ".
The 48 votes in support of the cloture motion were 12 votes short of the 60-vote supermajority ( three-fifths ) needed to end debate and force a vote on the Amendment itself.
The 48 votes in support of the cloture motion were 12 votes short of the 60-vote supermajority ( three-fifths ) needed to end debate and force a vote on the Amendment itself.
The radicals viewed Northern Protestants with unionist views as " fellow Irishmen deluded by bourgeois loyalties, who needed to be engaged in dialectical debate ".
However, a more ominous ( if less publicized ) development than the supercarrier debate was Johnson's steady reduction of force in Navy ships, landing craft, and equipment needed for conventional force readiness.
There is some debate as to whether a new airport is really needed, given the cost, the environmental problems and the nearby and hugely underutilized New Kitakyushu Airport ( opened on March 16, 2006 ) which operates 24 hours a day and Saga Airport.
Dumont did not make any major mistake during the televised leaders ' debate, but did not deliver the outstanding performance he needed to gain momentum.
Current issues for debate in Lauder are the town's expansion-whether it is needed or desirable-the location of a new primary school ( and how soon one will be built ), and the location and extent of wind farms on the surrounding hills.
" There was a lively debate on the time needed to make the bomb, and finally one scientist dared to say that maybe it could be done in five years.
There was also debate about whether the dam was needed.
On June 16, 1841, it made a major policy change, reducing from 2 / 3 to 1 / 2 the fraction of votes needed in the House to close debate and vote on a bill.
Through a very protracted process, which included theoretical debate around the critical issues of what kind of revolution is needed, issues of revolutionary strategy, and very closely linked to these issues, the question of what comprises revolutionary leadership, Avakian played a key role in the development of a new communist party in the U. S. In 1970 the Bay Area Revolutionary Union became a national organization ( renamed the Revolutionary Union ); this organization itself went through splits over positions in relation to the above questions.
" Brennan said that he saw no fatal flaws in his campaign, but added he was hurt by the long federal budget debate that kept him in Washington when he needed to be campaigning in Maine.
* B points where debate is needed and the decision may not be known in advance.

debate and no
There was no debate as the Senate passed the bill on to the House.
In 1998, during debate on a Succession to the Crown Bill, Junior Home Office Minister Lord Williams of Mostyn informed the House of Lords that the Queen had " no objection to the Government's view that in determining the line of succession to the throne, daughters and sons should be treated in the same way ".
Introduced on Whitsunday 1549, after considerable debate and revision in Parliament — but there is no evidence that it was ever submitted to either Convocation — it was said to have pleased neither reformers nor their opponents, indeed the Catholic Bishop Gardiner could say of it was that it " was patient of a catholic interpretation ".
As a result of the protests, Bloom stated, " American universities were no longer places of intellectual and academic debate, but rather places of ' political correctness ' and liberalism.
The debate itself was extensive and at its end, the principal issue was no longer Jean de Meun ’ s literary capabilities.
The issue of staff training was one of hot debate in the navy, with some such as Fisher seeing no point in more training, while others such as Beresford supported the development of a formal naval staff.
Other scholars have suggested that Hebrews is part of an internal New Testament debate between the extreme Judaizers ( who argued that non-Jews must convert to Judaism before they can receive the Holy Spirit of Jesus ' Jewish covenant ) versus the extreme Antinomians ( who argued that Jews must reject God's commandments and that Jewish law was no longer in effect ).
While the North American perception is important to understand the usage of the term, it by no means dominates a wider global view, where the fundamentalist debate was not so influential.
Although there is some debate over the date of his death, he was no younger than seventy when he died.
There is no scientifically precise definition of genius, and the question of whether the notion itself has any real meaning has long been a subject of debate.
While there is no disagreement as to the normal range of blood sugar, debate continues as to what degree of hypoglycemia warrants medical evaluation or treatment, or can cause harm.
Which comes first is a matter of debate, and there may be no universal story that applies to all cases.
Everybody has storage needs in the home and by encouraging debate and providing solutions we will show that IKEA is relevant to everybody, no matter what your home is like or how much money you have.
) So far, observations show any rotation of the Universe is very slow ( no faster than once every 60 · 10 < sup > 12 </ sup > years ( 10 < sup >− 13 </ sup > rad / yr )), and debate persists over whether there is any rotation.
* Tax policy and the economy: a debate between Michael Harrington and Representative Jack Kemp, April 25, 1979., ( New York, N. Y.: Institute for Democratic Socialism, 1979, no ISBN )
The term has gained popularity in the English-speaking world since the mid-twentieth century but currently there is no accepted opinion, nor a notable debate if a ' second order philosophy ' is, or could be, something different from ' plain philosophy '.
In the debate on the " tariff of abominations " in 1828, he took no part but voted for the measure in obedience to instructions from the New York legislature, an action which was cited against him as late as during the presidential campaign of 1844.
Even the use of words like " the people ," " democracy ," and " equality " in public debate bothered him, for such words were " metaphysical abstractions that either have no meaning, or at least none that mere mortals can comprehend.
After some debate, the gods agree to this, but place a number of restrictions on the builder, including that he must complete the work within three seasons with the help of no man.
Friedman has challenged SETI specialists to debate the issues, with no takers so far.
" There is considerable academic debate about whether vicarious liability is justified on no better basis than the search for a solvent defendant, or whether it is well founded on the theory of efficient risk allocation.
The book aroused international interest and a widespread debate, with no sharp line between scientific issues and ideological, social and religious implications.
The declaration was approved on March 2 with no debate.
Common Sense introduced no new ideas, and probably had little direct effect on Congress's thinking about independence ; its importance was in stimulating public debate on a topic that few had previously dared to openly discuss.

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