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decreases and which
( Expressed more technically, in each case the pair ( m, n ) decreases in the lexicographic order on pairs, which is a well-ordering, just like the ordering of single non-negative integers ; this means one cannot go down in the ordering infinitely many times in succession.
Wing-beat frequency normally increases as size decreases, but as the bee's wing beat covers such a small arc, it flaps approximately 230 times per second, faster than a fruitfly ( 200 times per second ) which is 80 times smaller.
Opposing the terrain to a front of warm, moist air mass, it forces to increase the height above sea level of that body wet and warm air mass, which cools and decreases the dew point, causing it to condense part of the moisture that falls as rain or fog, creating an habitat especially cool, saturated with moisture in the air and soil.
* Dividing a polynomial by a linear factor which decreases its degree by one.
Increases and decreases in prices inform entrepreneurs about the general economic situation, to which they must adjust their own plans.
This is accomplished by containing the rotors in large ' ducts ' which make up most of the body of the craft ; the requisite decrease in rotor size also decreases fuel efficiency.
Rail fins are typically " toed-in ," that is, the leading edge of the fins are oriented toward the centerline of the surfboard, which decreases the angle of attack in trim, which makes it easier to initiate turns.
Which integral is bigger depends on how fast N ( r ) decreases, which is completely unknown.
All of this constitutes an economy which is operating in an “ abnormal ” way, which may lead to decreases in real production.
Combining certain increases, which can create small eyelet holes in the resulting fabric, with assorted decreases is key to creating knitted lace, a very open fabric resembling lace.
In the Netherlands only 10 knightly families are still alive, a number which steadily decreases because in this country ennoblement or incorporation into the nobility is not possible anymore.
Ketoprofen is used for its antipyretic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties by inhibiting cyclooxygenase-1 and-2 ( COX-1 and COX-2 ) enzymes reversibly, which decreases production of proinflammatory prostaglandin precursors.
Briefly, a behavior may result either in reinforcement, which increases the likelihood of the behavior recurring, or punishment, which decreases the likelihood of the behavior recurring.
All lanthanide elements form trivalent cations, Ln < sup > 3 +</ sup >, whose chemistry is largely determined by the ionic radius, which decreases steadily from lanthanum to lutetium.
The effectiveness of mu-metal shielding decreases with the alloy's permeability, which drops off at both low field strengths and, due to saturation, at high field strengths.
Acting as an NMDA antagonist may be one mechanism by which methadone decreases craving for opioids and tolerance, and has been proposed as a possible mechanism for its distinguished efficacy regarding the treatment of neuropathic pain.
An unusual feature of the river is the Inner Niger Delta, which forms where its gradient suddenly decreases.
There is both an analgesia system in the central nervous system and peripheral receptors that decreases the grade in which nociception reaches the higher brain areas.
As the sufferer approaches a phobic stimulus, anxiety levels increase ( e. g. as one gets closer to a snake, fear increases in ophidiophobia ), and the degree to which escape of the phobic stimulus is limited and has the effect of varying the intensity of fear in instances such as riding an elevator ( e. g. anxiety increases at the midway point between floors and decreases when the floor is reached and the doors open ).
Health ( determined by strength and vitality ) determines the hit points of the character, which decreases when the player is attacked or harms himself.
In cold fusion reactions, the produced fused nuclei have a relatively low excitation energy (~ 10 – 20 MeV ), which decreases the probability that these products will undergo fission reactions.

decreases and are
Elements heavier than iron are made in energy-absorbing processes in large stars, and their abundance in the universe ( and on Earth ) generally decreases with their atomic number.
Increasing the temperature generally decreases the density, but there are notable exceptions to this generalization.
The frequency spectrum of an actual FM signal has components extending infinitely, although their amplitude decreases and higher-order components are often neglected in practical design problems.
This decreases intermolecular forces between the fat molecules, making it more difficult for unsaturated cis-fats to freeze ; they are typically liquid at room temperature.
If a set of non-identical numbers is subjected to a mean-preserving spread — that is, two or more elements of the set are " spread apart " from each other while leaving the arithmetic mean unchanged — then the geometric mean always decreases.
As absence of iron decreases heme synthesis, red blood cells in iron deficiency anemia are hypochromic ( lacking the red hemoglobin pigment ) and microcytic ( smaller than normal ).
The value of an investment in a hedge fund is calculated as a share of the fund's net asset value, meaning that increases and decreases in the value of the fund's investment assets ( and fund expenses ) are directly reflected in the amount an investor can later withdraw.
If a set of non-identical numbers is subjected to a mean-preserving spread — that is, two or more elements of the set are " spread apart " from each other while leaving the arithmetic mean unchanged — then the harmonic mean always decreases.
The mathematical probability that resemblances are accidental decreases sharply with the number of languages concerned ( 1957: 39 ).
Companies know that consumer ’ s willingness to buy decreases as more units are purchased.
Accurate population estimates of the Florida manatee ( T. manatus ) are notoriously difficult and have been called scientifically weak ; with widely varying counts from year to year, some areas show increases and others decreases, with very little strong evidence of increases except in two areas.
There are a number of other receptor types that are called quickly-adapting or phasic receptors, where firing decreases or stops with steady stimulus ; examples include: skin when touched by an object causes the neurons to fire, but if the object maintains even pressure against the skin, the neurons stop firing.
s ⊕ x < sub > k </ sub >, we claim that y < sub > k </ sub > < x < sub > k </ sub >: all bits to the left of d are the same in x < sub > k </ sub > and y < sub > k </ sub >, bit d decreases from 1 to 0 ( decreasing the value by 2 < sup > d </ sup >), and any change in the remaining bits will amount to at most 2 < sup > d </ sup >− 1.
Since work is required to separate two bodies against the pull of gravity, their gravitational potential energy increases as they are separated, and decreases as they approach one another.
For point masses the gravitational energy decreases without limit as they approach zero separation, and it is convenient and conventional to take the potential energy as zero when they are an infinite distance apart, and then negative ( since it decreases from zero ) for smaller finite distances.
The bonus numerically decreases as the number of cards increases ( and vice-versa ), meaning that when there are more tricks available in a round ( and thereby a greater chance of successfully achieving the bid ), there are less bonus points on offer.
As size difference decreases, or the females are larger than males, a species is more likely to practice monogamy or polyandry.

decreases and largely
Over the first 5-7 days following birth, the body weight of a term neonate decreases by 3 %- 7 %, and is largely a result resorption and urination of the fluid that initially fills the lungs, in addition to a delay of often a few days before breastfeeding becomes effective.

decreases and construction
) After nearly 30 years of decline, Springfield has since about 2006 experienced a cultural and economic resurgence, catalyzed by billions of dollars in private and public investment, including the funded construction of the United States's first high-speed bullet-train, known as the Knowledge Corridor intercity rail line as well as a sharp decreases in crime and new festivals that have renewed the city's traditionally robust civic pride.
This construction is similar to the passive voice, in that it decreases the verb's valency by one-the passive by deleting the subject ( and " promoting " the accusative object to a nominative subject ), the antipassive by deleting the object ( and " promoting " the ergative agent to an absolutive subject ).
No matter what shape it takes, the minimum mass of a pressure vessel scales with the pressure and volume it contains and is inversely proportional to the strength to weight ratio of the construction material ( minimum mass decreases as strength increases ).

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