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defunct and channel
* Cinema ( TV channel ), a defunct Scandinavian movie channel
Part of its programming was translated into Italian and broadcast on the defunct Italian news channel Stream News.
* PRISM ( TV network ), a defunct cable television channel in Philadelphia, United States
* The Tube Music Network, a US defunct music video channel
* Colours TV, a defunct American television channel
* MediaCorp TV12 Central, a defunct TV channel in Singapore
* Varsity TV ( similarly-formatted channel in the US, also defunct )
During the period that Wallace was not coaching he became a prominent media personality, with roles on the now defunct Fox Footy channel and as a columnist in Melbourne newspaper the Herald Sun, which he still maintains.
It was resurrected in 2006 as an advertising jingle for the American retailer Kmart, an image campaign for CBS News, and was used in promotional advertisements for the now defunct television channel, TechTV.
* Tele Monte Carlo, defunct Italian language television channel ( Telemontecarlo )
* Showcase TV, a defunct satellite channel in the United Kingdom
In recent years, the series has been repeated on the ( now defunct ) British satellite television channel Plus, and can now be bought, on DVD, having been released by Network.
* Cable Music Channel, a defunct music television channel from Turner Broadcasting System, U. S.
SABC 1 carried much of its programming over from the defunct CCV ( Contemporary Community Values ) channel, which was itself made up of the old TV2, TV3 and TV4 channels created in the 1980s.
Between 2005 and 2008 the show was frequently shown on the now defunct channel ABC1.
Until August 2005, The National was also seen in the United States on the defunct Newsworld International channel ; the program continues to air occasionally on C-SPAN when that network wants to provide coverage of a major Canadian news story, or a Canadian angle for a world or American event.
AccuWeather operates a 24-hour commercially sponsored weather channel known as The Local AccuWeather Channel, which is similar to the now defunct NBC Weather Plus.
For the unrelated, defunct television channel in the United Kingdom, see The Movie Channel ( UK ).
It is the replacement for the defunct Setanta Sports 1 channel which went into administration and was closed.
* MOR Music TV ( Cable TV ), a defunct cable music video, shopping channel.
* TVS ( Russia ), a defunct Russian television channel
* WHDH-TV ( defunct ) channel 5: a television station in Boston that existed from 1957 to 1972 ; replaced by WCVB-TV
The programme was shown on the now defunct channel UK Play.

defunct and Play
* Virgin Playa Spanish publisher of video games, once part of the now defunct Virgin Interactive.
* Commodore Power Play, a defunct video game magazine
His productions of John Osborne's The Entertainer, The World-My Canvas by Ruth Dixon and A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller, for the now defunct amateur theatre group The Characters, won Best Play at the Woking Drama Festival in 1966, 1968 and 1969 respectively.
In 2001 the two were commissioned for a sketch show of their own, entitled The Mitchell and Webb Situation, which ran for six episodes on the now defunct channel Play UK.
As of 2009, Incognito is considered defunct as most of its team members have already left the company forming mainly Eat Sleep Play and LightBox Interactive.
The film subsequently made its internet debut on 26 July 2008 at the ( now defunct ) site ZDD Visual Explosion, in 2010 Sex is My Business is set to be included as a special feature on the DVD re-release of Come Play With Me.
In December 2005, three months before the now defunct ITV Play began transmitting, a quiz show entitled Quizmania began broadcasting in the early hours on ITV.

defunct and UK
* Index ( retailer ), a defunct UK catalogue retailer formerly owned by the Littlewoods group and known as Littlewoods Index
* Mastertronic's Added Dimension ( or " Mastertronic Added Dimension "), a sub-label owned by defunct UK software publisher Mastertronic
* Resolution plc, a defunct major manager of in-force UK life funds acquired by Pearl Group in 2008
Ed Crawford has also been involved in a handful of musical projects including fronting the North Carolina trio, Grand National ( not to be confused with the UK band ) and playing guitar and touring with the now defunct alt-country band, Whiskeytown.
* Midland Examining Group ( MEG ), defunct examination board in the UK
* GMTV Today, a defunct UK weekday breakfast programme
* Today ( UK newspaper ), a defunct newspaper in the United Kingdom
This article is about the defunct Freedom Party ( UK ).
* Alvarez, Maria ( 1998 ), " Feminist icon in a catsuit ( female lead character Emma Peel in defunct 1960s UK TV series ' The Avengers ')", New Statesman, Aug 14.
** Woodstock ( UK Parliament constituency ), a defunct Parliamentary constituency
* One 2 One, a defunct British mobile telecommunications company, which became T-Mobile UK, now part of Everything Everywhere
During the UK miners ' strike ( 1984-1985 ), the now defunct Wivenhoe Port imported coal and became subject to picketing by miners ( many from Yorkshire ), which led to a very substantial police presence, some of them drafted in from other counties, and violent skirmishes as striking miners tried to prevent vehicles entering and leaving the port.
In the UK there is a burgeoning queercore scene, fuelled by afore mentioned groups such as Queer Mutiny, the now defunct Homocrime, and record labels such as Local Kid arranging shows and releasing records by bands such as The Corey Orbisons, Sleeping States, Drunk Granny, Little Paper Squares, Husbands, Fake Tan and Lianne Hall.
* A defunct UK punk band
* Dial Records ( UK label ) a defunct label founded by William Barrington-Coupe and David Gooch
* Ministry of Supply, defunct UK government ministry that co-ordinated military supplies
* Southern Television, a now defunct UK television company
Between 1929 and 1935, the Member of Parliament ( MP ) for Seaham ( UK Parliament constituency ) ( the defunct constituency which covered the area now renamed Easington ) was Labour Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald.
The Guardian columnist George Monbiot claims that a group influenced by the defunct Marxist LM magazine have pursued entryist tactics amongst scientific and media organisations in the UK, since the late 1990s.
In the UK, this is not related to Metro International, which used the name Morning News for its ( now defunct ) freesheet distributed there.
* Safeway ( UK ), a defunct UK supermarket chain, which was formerly a subsidiary of the American chain, and was taken over by Wm Morrison Supermarkets in 2004.
* Democratic Labour, a defunct UK political party.
** XL Airways UK, a defunct British airline which was part of XL Leisure Group

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