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design and is
Yet within this limitation there is an astonishing variety: design as intricate as that in the carpet or miniature, with the melodic line like the painted or woven line often flowing into an arabesque.
The design is determined emotionally: `` I must reach into myself for the spring that will send me catapulting recklessly into the chaos of event with which the dance confronts me ''.
The answers derived by these means may determine not only the temporal organization of the dance but also its spatial design, special slips designating the location on the stage where the movement is to be performed.
The mystique of sex, combined with marijuana and jazz, is intended to provide a design for living.
I refer to the notion that the structure of society is a microcosm of the cosmic design and that history conforms to patterns of justice and chastisement as if it were a morality play set in motion by the gods for our instruction.
The work is executed in England ( by hand ) and can be worked in any desired design and color.
American technology in engine and hull design is largely responsible for the plentiful interest in American boating.
The design of a mechanical interlocking frame is much like a mechanical puzzle, but once understood, the principles can be applied to any track and signal arrangement.
Previously known as Jefferson Arms, Kodiak has given this 11-shot hammerless job an exceptionally fine stock design, and the 260 is the first autoloader to handle
This design is hard to beat for timber hunting or for packing in a saddle scabbard.
Stock design is excellent, and this model is a good first gun.
If the background of design is too smooth, or you wish to create a wood-grained effect, it may be added at this time with a dull tool such as the handle of a fine paintbrush.
While assembled lid is still on design head, gently but firmly press it on plaster board.
The idea behind our design is modular units, or panelization.
What I have observed time and time again is a process of integration, integration that begins as abstract design and gradually takes on recognizable form ; ;
Just because a tree or other object appears in a certain spot is absolutely no reason to place it in the same position in the painting, unless the position serves the design of the whole composition.
`` Speed in painting a picture is valid only when it imparts spontaneity and crispness, but unless the artist has lots of experience so that he can control rapid execution, he would do well to take these first sketches and soberly reorder their design to achieve a unified composition.
It is possible, of course, to work on extant or projected buildings where either architect or owner will explain their necessities so that the student may get `` the feel '' of real interior design demands.
Considerable specialization in teaching subjects such as architecture, furniture design, textiles and color is also desirable.
It is only fair to demand that teachers of courses in English, history, psychology and so on be as well informed in matters of art, especially interior design, as are the art teachers educated in the academic subjects.
Harold E. Strang, expert in switchgear design, for a long period vp & gm of the Measurements & Industrial Products Division, and who currently, approaching retirement, is vice-president and consulting engineer in the Switchgear & Control Division.
One of the most significant advancements in design of plastics signs is the so-called trans-illuminated billboard, now being produced by several large sign manufacturers such as Advance Neon Sign Co., Los Angeles, and Industrial Electric Inc., New Orleans, La..
Perhaps the best way to indicate the versatility of design that characterizes the use of plastics in signs and displays would be to look at what is happening in only one of the areas in this complex field -- changeable signs.
In this design the anode holder is water cooled and the heat losses by conduction from the anode were determined by measuring the temperature rise of the coolant.

design and also
It also maintains shops for the design and fabrication of exhibits, training aids and instruments and libraries for the loan of films and teaching lantern slide sets.
In this case also the design of the thermometer can be modified to reduce the helium film flow.
At the end of its letter was the information that applicants for this position `` must also be prepared to teach costume design and advertising art ''.
They also give information which will aid in the design of a more satisfactory instrument for the measurement of the normal pressures.
The process in which the outcome of any one stage is known only statistically is also of interest, although for chemical reactor design it is not as important as the deterministic process.
these films and these sequences are also seeking out -- instinctively or by design -- the peculiarly cinematic elements of narrative.
Then, sculptor George Stanley ( who also did the Muse Fountain at the Hollywood Bowl ) sculpted Gibbons's design in clay and Sachin Smith cast the statuette in 92. 5 percent tin and 7. 5 percent copper and then gold-plated it.
It is also looking at different factors incorporated within the design.
It was a controversial design at the time for the bold forms of the undulating stone facade and wrought iron decoration of the balconies and windows, designed largely by Josep Maria Jujol, who also created some of the plaster ceilings.
Free exhibitions often are held on the first floor, which also provides some opportunity to see the interior design.
Alfred also tried his hand at naval design.
It was Maire Gullichsen who acted as the main client, and she worked closely not only with Alvar but also Aino Aalto on the design, inspiring them to be more daring in their work.
While the house is clearly intended for a wealthy family, Aalto nevertheless argued that it was also an experiment that would prove useful in the design of mass housing.
It can also be used in topics as diverse as mathematics, gastronomy, fashion and website design.
Still, the expansion interface was expensive and due to its design it was also unreliable.
The increased space and reduced weight of the turretless design also allowed for the mounting of a larger weapon and heavier frontal armour on any given chassis.
Analytical chemistry is also focused on improvements in experimental design, chemometrics, and the creation of new measurement tools to provide better chemical information.
Advances in design of diode lasers and optical parametric oscillators promote developments in fluorescence and ionization spectrometry and also in absorption techniques where uses of optical cavities for increased effective absorption pathlength are expected to expand.
They also have design, fabrication, artistic, and other special skills necessary for the practical application of that knowledge.
Artillery may also refer to a system of applied scientific research relating to the design, manufacture and employment of artillery weapon systems although, in general, the terms ballistics and ordnance are more commonly employed in this sense.
Likewise, " architecture " refers not only to the design of safe, functional buildings, but also to elements of creation and innovation which aim at elegant solutions to construction problems, to the use of space, and to the attempt to evoke an emotional response in the builders, owners, viewers and users of the building.
Passive solar techniques, alternative toilet and sewage systems, thermal massing designs, basement battery systems, efficient windowing, and the array of other design tactics require some degree of non-standard construction, added expense, ongoing experimentation and maintenance, and also have an effect on the psychology of the space.
In commercial terms, the Athlon " Classic " was an enormous success — not just because of its own merits, but also because Intel endured a series of major production, design, and quality control issues at this time.

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