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detailed and word
Finally, dropping prices of home computers like the Commodore 64 had caused many to believe that buying a home computer was a better investment because it provided more detailed gameplay and could be used for other purposes such as word processing.
In a secret detailed letter to the Soviet leadership of July 21, 1967, Sakharov explains the need to " take the Americans at their word " and accept their proposal " for a bilateral rejection by the USA and the Soviet Union of the development of antiballistic missile defense ", because otherwise an arms race in this new technology would increase the likelihood of nuclear war.
This is pointed out, however, simply to make still clearer the meaning and origin of the word ; and section V will furnish a more detailed explanation of the formation of the Breviary.
A detailed comparison between the surviving Italian and Spanish texts shows numerous places where the Spanish reading appears to be secondary, as for example, where a word necessary for the meaning is missing in the Spanish text but present in the Italian.
He became a land surveyor and continued to write increasingly detailed natural history observations about the township in his journal, a two-million word document he kept for 24 years.
Some ballet historians also use the word libretto to refer to the 15 – 40 page books which were on sale to 19th century ballet audiences in Paris and contained a very detailed description of the ballet's story, scene by scene.
Torquemada's successor at The Observer was Ximenes ( Derrick Somerset Macnutt, 1902 – 1971 ), and in his influential work, Ximenes on the Art of the Crossword Puzzle ( 1966 ), he set out more detailed guidelines for setting fair cryptic clues, now known as " Ximenean principles " and sometimes described by the word " square-dealing ".
A detailed account of the trial is presented by Biafra on his second spoken word album, High Priest of Harmful Matter − Tales from the Trial.
Arabic Letter Frequency and a detailed study of letter and word frequency analysis of the entire book of Qur ' an are provided by Intellaren Articles.
The overriding aim of the book, and the import of the word " methods " in its original title, is a detailed specification of validation criteria for linguistic analysis.
Other recurring elements and characters in the Redwall series include Badger Lords and Badger Mothers, " Dibbuns " ( the Redwall name for infant woodlanders ), a Skipper of Otters, Foremoles, hares, helpful birds, one or more Log-a-logs ( a shrew tribe leader ), and mouth-wateringly detailed descriptions of ( almost entirely vegetarian ) food, which are called " vittles ", a play on the word ' victuals '.
A more detailed definition of the adjunct emphasizes its attribute as a modifying form, word, or phrase that depends on another form, word, or phrase, being an element of clause structure with adverbial function.
He has said that one of his guiding principles has been nullius in verba ( take nobody's word, the motto of the Royal Society ), saying that " if scientists as a whole denounce an idea, this should not necessarily be taken as proof that the said idea is absurd ; rather, one should examine carefully the alleged grounds for such opinions and judge how well these stand up to detailed scrutiny.
Gottfried also uses detailed word and sound patterns, playing with such things as rhyme, alliteration, and assonance.
" In contrast, the Uvavai has a more detailed account: The officer in charge of Mahavira's routine, Ajatasatru coming down the throne expressing his feelings and obeisance with utterance of the word Namothhanam, his meeting with Mahavira and his concluding words, " What to speak of the excelling thee, none other Sramana or Brahmana could have given such a brilliant exposition of the Dhamma as thou hast done.
This uses a long word list and detailed study.
The scorebook is so detailed, you even see the word " Unbelievable " scribbled — and misspelled — at the top in Niehaus's handwriting.
Thus, from the view-point of the meaning too, this word can be a suitable title for this Surah, for in it the detailed story of the Prophet Moses has been related.
The word translated as seeth / saw is closer to examine, implying that that Peter is paying detailed attention to the strips of linen.
The word that describes John looking at the grave clothes implies more a short glance than a detailed examination.
In 1976, ten great grandchildren of Emperor Haile Selassie were extracted from Ethiopia in an undertaking later detailed in a book by Jodie Collins titled " Code word: Catherine ".
The book also provided tips on playback equipment and offered detailed commentary on the whole range of recorded music, from classical through experimental music, jazz, folk, and spoken word.
It detailed the PRIME-MODIFIER-CLASS word scheme, which consisted of names like " CUST-ACT-NO " to indicate " customer account number ".

detailed and processor
A much more detailed search of compression possibilities is performed, at the expense of significant further processor time spent searching.
A typical top-down documentation tree is: high-level marketing slides, datasheet for the exact physical chip, a detailed reference manual that describes common peripherals and other aspects of physical chips within the same series, reference manual for the exact ARM core processor within the chip, reference manual for the ARM architecture of the core which includes detailed description of all instruction sets.

detailed and documentation
The application's semantics is usually not explicitly expressed in the model, but rather implicit ( and detailed by documentation external to the model ) and hinted to by data item types ' names ( e. g., " part-number ") and their connections ( as expressed by generic data structure types provided by each specific model ).
* Can increase the risk of scope creep due to the lack of detailed requirements documentation
Additionally, evaluation of compliance can be done only when reviewing the procurement process and documentation used when making a purchase or contracting for development, the changes in technologies and standards themselves, it requires a more detailed understanding of the law and technology than at first seems necessary.
In accounting, it refers to documentation of detailed transactions supporting summary ledger entries.
A functional configuration audit ensures that functional and performance attributes of a configuration item are achieved, while a physical configuration audit ensures that a configuration item is installed in accordance with the requirements of its detailed design documentation.
It will be able to request more detailed documentation and, in the event of a problem, restrict a trust operator's license.
In 1924, Beebe went on another expedition to his Guiana research station of Kartabo, with the goal of continuing the detailed documentation of the tropical ecosystem that he had begun at Kalacoon.
* The FBI raid on the Church's headquarters revealed documentation that detailed Scientology actions against various critics of the organization.
The first detailed documentation shows that in 1511 there were only thirteen resident households in the settlement clustered north of the harbour, most of the property there classifying as " chambers " ( unoccupied, unheated, single-celled structures ) for which rent was paid by non-residents including clergy, officials and landowners from elsewhere on the Island.
This contains the most detailed account of her reign and times, based on a careful examination of all the relevant documentation.
The area was earmarked as one of two Special Natural Features Districts in the City of New York, and between 1972 and 1974 the urbanist Peter Verity ( now of PDRc ) prepared for the New York City Planning Commission the strategic and detailed documentation to support this designation.
Others dispute this, claiming that sufficient photographic documentation of its interior existed when it was converted to a museum following 1918, and that nearly all detailed plans of its interior and exterior construction and decoration have survived.
A link to detailed documentation about this implementation can be found at the bottom.
A GS1 check digit calculator and detailed documentation is online at GS1's website.
Due to a lack of detailed documentation, the exact role Haynes played in the colony's political activities is unclear.
Lady Byron began a detailed documentation of Byron's behavior, moods, and speech.
Through this extensive internal audit, World Vision uncovered the nature and extent of the alleged violations and furnished detailed documentation that assisted the U. S. Government ’ s subsequent investigation.
The NANC maintains detailed documentation of the procedure common among US carriers to port numbers as described here.
Tarikh-i-Sher Shahi ( History of Sher Shah ), written by Abbas Khan Sarwani, a waqia-navis under later Mughal Emperor, Akbar around 1580, provides a detailed documentation about Sher Shah's administration.
The flexibility of private money can allow for a much wider range of deals to be funded, although more detailed and substantive collateral and documentation may be required by a lender.
The higher EALs involve more detailed documentation, analysis, and testing than the lower ones.
I did some detailed editing, but they chose to ignore it — just as they did all the documentation I gave them on my infiltration of Klans all over the South, all by my lonesome. I trust that readers took note of the book's attack upon Head Start, which with all its faults, is a godsend to many.
The first true documentation of a kiosk was the 1995 report by Los Alamos National Laboratory which detailed what the interactive kiosk consisted of.
The documentation includes vendor documentation of the system and, more importantly, the procedures, or detailed instructions that help users handle each process specific to the organization.

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