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details and setting
For example, each record in a " Faculty and Their Courses " table might contain a Faculty ID, Faculty Name, Faculty Hire Date, and Course Code — thus we can record the details of any faculty member who teaches at least one course, but we cannot record the details of a newly hired faculty member who has not yet been assigned to teach any courses except by setting the Course Code to null.
Published in PDF and HTML versions and including most of Weinbaum's SF, three long adventures, and details of the worlds and technology of the setting.
The role-playing game contains a great deal of technical details about the setting, more than the fiction the setting is based on.
The game setting details are complete enough that some Ringworld fans not interested in role-playing buy the game just for the background material.
At the COP 7 meeting in Marrakech, Morocco from October 29 to November 10, 2001, negotiators wrapped up the work on the Buenos Aires Plan of Action, finalizing most of the operational details and setting the stage for nations to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. deadlink deadlink The completed package of decisions is known as the Marrakech Accords.
The D & D Gazetteer series details the game's Known World setting.
The 3rd Edition Manual of the Planes, the 3. 5 Edition Dungeon Master's Guide, and the 2004 Planar Handbook also used the general layout of the planes and some of the details from the setting, including Sigil, but these are not part of the Planescape line.
Further several details in the setting of the story such as the mosque, the sajda do not belong to the Meccan phase of Muhammad's career.
Human members in the Culture setting vary in size, colour and shape as in reality, and with possibly even further natural differences: in the novella The State of the Art, it is mentioned that a character " looks like a Yeti ", and that there is variance among the Culture in minor details such as the number of toes or of joints on each finger.
According to Wells, the Gospel tradition was a later stage of the development of the Jesus myth, which was given a concrete historical setting and subsequently embellished with more and more details.
Only Holinshed contains information about the Peasants ' Revolt of 1381, which Shakespeare used for the scenes of Cade's rebellion throughout Act 4 ( for example, details such as having people killed because they could read, and promises of setting up a state with no money ).
They worked on setting language teaching principles and approaches based on linguistic and psychological theories, but they left many of the specific practical details for others to devise.
An approach is a set of assumptions about the nature of language and language learning, but does not involve procedure or provide any details about how such assumptions should translate into the classroom setting.
Holyman was not willing to sell, nor to work for a government-owned body, but was interested in setting up a " composite company ", the details of which proposal remained unclear.
In the Slow Learner introduction, Pynchon admits he took the details of the setting (" right down the names of the diplomatic corps ") from Karl Baedeker's 1899 travel guide for Egypt.
The film combines straightforward storytelling with periodic interruptions of the soundtrack, during which the action continues, but a narrator provides additional details and context about the characters, events, or setting depicted.
William L. Shirer's The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich details how at Nuremberg, General Franz Halder stated in an affidavit that Hermann Göring joked about setting the fire:
Science fiction is defined more by setting details than by other story elements.
Within these setting details, however, the conventions of almost any other genre may be used, including comedy, action-adventure and mystery.
The value of the story lies in the picturesque setting, and the skill with which its details are carried out.
Often characterised by concern for the minutiae of physical interaction and details of setting, Simulationism shares with Narrativism a concern for character backgrounds, personality traits and motives, in an effort to model cause and effect within the intellectual realm as well as the physical.
Integration with the setting extends even to small details.

details and Neutral
The details of the Tomed Incident are never revealed canonically, but it is referred to by Enterprise-D crew members in the Next Generation episode " The Neutral Zone " as " disastrous "; it resulted in the signing of the Treaty of Algeron, which reaffirmed the Neutral Zone as a no fly zone and prohibited the Federation from developing cloaking technology.

details and are
Often it is recognized that all the details of the pattern may not be essential to the outcome but, because the pattern was empirically determined and not developed through theoretical understanding, one is never quite certain which behavior elements are effective, and the whole pattern becomes ritualized.
Only by means of an intensive preoccupation with the detailed considerations following from any decision can he ensure attention to the practical details to be dealt with if the implications of immorality in the major decision are effectively to be checked.
those of 1788 were going to prove decisive, though many of their details are obscure.
For a few details of the system the lines are 1-1/4'' '' X-Tru-Coat, a product of Republic Steel Corp., and all lines are welded.
Even beginning students in linguistics are made familiar with an appreciable variety of consonant systems, both in their general outlines and in many specific details.
The details of the removal process are shown schematically in Fig. 6.
While details are still to be worked out, Ratcliff said he expects to tell home folks in Dallas why he thinks Berry's proposed constitutional amendment should be rejected.
Some details were changed slightly to allow more player choice-for example, players can be full Trump Artists without having walked the Pattern or the Logrus, which Merlin says is impossible ; and players ' psychic abilities are far greater than those shown in the books.
Among the more memorable details are the Valkyries, the battle maidens whom Odin sends to allot death or victory to soldiers.
Many of Alan ’ s writings are unable to be exactly dated, and the circumstances and details surrounding his writing are often unknown as well.
Although details of the negotiations are lacking, Gruffydd ap Llywelyn swore loyalty to King Edward, but the oath may not have had any obligations on Gruffydd's part to Edward.
This has led to some debate over how real, and how universal, phonemes really are ( see phoneme for details ).
Although few details of his life are known, he is regarded as one of the leading scientists in classical antiquity.
Firm details of specific rites are sparse, as members were sworn under the penalty of death not to reveal anything about the Mysteries to non-initiates.
Heinz-Günther Nesselrath has argued that these and other details of Silenus ' story are meant as imitation and exaggeration of the Atlantis story, for the purpose of exposing Plato's ideas to ridicule.
The prints produced by Giacometti are often overlooked but the catalogue raisonné, Giacometti-The Complete Graphics and 15 Drawings by Herbert Lust ( Tudor 1970 ), comments on their impact and gives details of the number of copies of each print.
This is acknowledged by the American Institute for Conservation who advise " Specific admission requirements differ and potential candidates are encouraged to contact the programs directly for details on prerequisites, application procedures, and program curriculum ".
# It is only for two years ( 490 and 491 ) out of the twenty-five that any details are given.
The details of the agreement are not known ; however, it is known that Gediminas released all Polish prisoners, numbering some 25, 000.
Following are details concerning some of the side effects of antipsychotics:
Abstraction uses a strategy of simplification, wherein formerly concrete details are left ambiguous, vague, or undefined ; thus effective communication about things in the abstract requires an intuitive or common experience between the communicator and the communication recipient.
The set of agreements used by a partnership about the meaning of each call is referred to as a bidding system, full details of which must be made available to the opponents ; ' secret ' systems are not allowed.

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