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development and new
Our proper objective, then, is the development of a new spirit, the realization of a potential community.
It includes a raise in the county minimum wage, creation of several new jobs at the executive level, financing of beefed-up industrial development efforts, and increased expenditures for essential services such as health and welfare, fire protection, sanitation and road maintenance.
This would seem to indicate that we are trying neither `` to halt an influx of migrants '' nor are we `` setting up such standards for development that only the well-to-do could afford to buy land and build in the new sites ''.
Guidance and advice are available on new product research and development ; ;
It is vitally important that the new U.S. aid program should encourage all of them, since the main thrust for development must come from the less developed countries themselves.
The most fundamental concept of the new approach to economic aid is the focusing of our attention, our resources, and our energies on the effort to promote the economic and social development of the less developed countries.
In view of the increasing shortage of usable surface and ground water in many parts of the Nation and the importance of finding new sources of supply to meet its present and future water needs, it is the policy of the Congress to provide for the development of practicable low-cost means for the large-scale production of water of a quality suitable for municipal, industrial, agricultural, and other beneficial consumptive uses from saline water, and for studies and research related thereto.
The development and testing of new apparatus to measure other properties is nearing completion.
The Peace Corps, therefore, offers an opportunity to add a new dimension to our approach to the world -- an opportunity for the American people to think anew and start afresh in their participation in world development.
The growing communications needs of this new State can best be met, as they have in other States, through the operation and development of such facilities by private enterprise.
These examples underscore the importance of even more searching evaluations of new major development programs and even more penetrating and far-ranging analyses of the potentialities of future technology.
The cost of developing a major weapon system is now so enormous that the greatest care must be exercised in selecting new systems for development, in determining the most satisfactory rate of development, and in deciding the proper time at which either to place a system into production or to abandon it.
Since then, there has been a notable increase in the number of stations and also the accumulation of additional data and the development of new techniques for using it, leading to a better understanding of propagation phenomena.
the company became `` J. R. Brown & Sharpe '', and entered into a new and important period of its development.
Recently added is the Brown & Sharpe turret drilling machine which introduces the company to an entirely new field of tool development.
In connection with our continuing development of new and more efficient mill machinery, a sounder U. S. income tax policy on depreciation of production equipment, enabling the mills to charge off the cost of new machines on a more realistic basis, could, if adopted, have favorable effects on Leesona's business in the next few years.
But more important, we believe, it must concentrate on the development of entirely new concepts in textile processing as do the Unifil loom winder and our more recent Uniconer automatic coning machine.
Much of this necessary increase in research and development, though properly chargeable to current expenses, is not reflected in earnings until projects are completed and the new machines sold in quantity, usually over a period of several years.
The second really new development this year was a revolver handling a different sort of varmint load -- the
Rich in Christian and Moslem art, Istanbul is today a fascinating museum of East and West that recently became a seaside resort as well with the development of new beaches on the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara only a short distance from the center of town.
Companies of all types have made great advances in production capabilities and efficiencies -- in modern equipment and new processes, enlarged R & D facilities, faster new product development.
Increasing tempo of new product development.

development and antipsychotics
Efficacy of antipsychotics may likewise be reduced over time, due to this development of drug tolerance.
* Metabotropic glutamate receptor 2 agonism has been seen as a promising strategy in the development of novel antipsychotics.
Then with the 1950s came the establishment of chlorpromazine for psychoses, lithium carbonate for mania, and then in rapid succession, the development of tricyclic antidepressants, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, benzodiazepines, among other antipsychotics and antidepressants.
Generally speaking, atypical antipsychotics are hoped to have a lower likelihood for the development of tardive dyskinesia than the typical antipsychotics.

development and with
His repeated experimentation with the techniques of fiction testifies to an independence of mind and an originality of approach, but it also shows him touching at many points the stream of literary development back of him.
New Nations, and others struggling with the problems of development, will progress only -- regardless of any outside help -- if they demonstrate faith in their own destiny and use their own resources to fulfill it.
both Flugel and Ranyard West deal with the development and nature of conscience, as do such theologians as Niebuhr and Buber.
Perhaps it is only an analogy, but one of the most obvious differences between cheap fiction and fiction of an enduring quality is the development of a theme or story with leisure and anticipation.
but the possibility of this effort is bound up with that development of historical thought which is the greatest achievement of our civilization in the last two centuries, and it is utterly impossible to people in whom this development has not taken place.
Living pictures of the early boroughs, country life in Tudor and Stuart times, the impact of the industrial revolution compete with sensitive surveys of language and literature, the common law, parliamentary development.
the mere fact that he was selected, though as a substitute, to act as interlocutor or moderator for it, or perhaps we should say with Buck as ' father of the act ', is in itself a difficult phase of his development to grasp.
Childhood's End -- apparently indebted to Kurd Lasswitz's Utopian romance, Auf Zwei Planeten ( 1897 ), and also to Wells's Histories Of The Future, especially, The World Set Free ( 1914 ) and The Shape Of Things To Come ( 1933 ) -- describes the bloodless conquest of earth by the Overlords, vastly superior creatures who come to our world in order to prepare the human race for its next stage of development, an eventual merging with the composite mind of the universe.
Indeed it might be a more appropriate vehicle than NATO for the development of a parliamentary organ of the Atlantic nations, because it could encompass all of the members of the Atlantic community including those, like Sweden and Switzerland, who are unwilling to be associated with an essentially military alliance like Aj.
Then a full-time planning office will be established in Rome to work with a five-member Georgia Tech research staff for development of an area planning and industrial development program.
He says the state, in order to proceed with economic development, must develop an understanding of how the various parts of its economy fit together and dovetail into the national economy.
It is in fact entirely consistent with your suggestion of modest industrial development to help pay governmental costs.
In such a case, however, we would encourage the recipient country to get on with its programing task, supply it with substantial technical assistance in performing that task, and make it plain that an expansion or even a continuation of our assistance to the country's development was conditional upon programing progress being made.
At the other end of the spectrum, where the more advanced countries can be relied upon to make well thought through decisions as to project priorities within a consistent program, we should be prepared to depart substantially from detailed project approval as the basis for granting assistance and to move toward long-term support, in cooperation with other developed countries, of the essential foreign exchange requirements of the country's development program.
Once we have made clear that we are genuinely concerned with a country's development potential, we can be blunt in suggesting the technical conditions that must be met for development to occur.
If they feel that we are taking a long-term view of their problems and are prepared to enter into reasonably long-term association with them in their development activities, they will be much more likely to undertake the difficult tasks required.
coordinate, correlate, and publish information with a view to advancing the development of low-cost saline water conversion projects ; ;
Research and development activities undertaken by the Secretary shall be coordinated or conducted jointly with the Department of Defense to the end that developments under this Act which are primarily of a civil nature will contribute to the defense of the Nation and that developments which are primarily of a military nature will, to the greatest practicable extent compatible with military and security requirements, be available to advance the purposes of this Act and to strengthen the civil economy of the Nation.
and ( C ) to finance, for not more than three years beyond the end of said period, such activities as are required to correlate, coordinate, and round out the results of studies and research undertaken pursuant to this Act: Provided, That funds available in any one year for research and development may, subject to the approval of the Secretary of State to assure that such activities are consistent with the foreign policy objectives of the United States, be expended in cooperation with public or private agencies in foreign countries in the development of processes useful to the program in the United States: And provided further, That every such contract or agreement made with any public or private agency in a foreign country shall contain provisions effective to insure that the results or information developed in connection therewith shall be available without cost to the United States for the use of the United States throughout the world and for the use of the general public within the United States.

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