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diaries and edited
Nin left Paris in the late summer of 1939, when residents from overseas were urged to leave France due to the upcoming war and returned to New York City with Guiler ( who was, on his own wish, all but edited out of her diaries published in her lifetime and whose role in her life is therefore difficult to gauge ).
Posthumous publication of his diaries and letters, edited by Russell Davies, caused controversy — particularly Williams's caustic remarks about fellow professionals — and revealed bouts of despair, often primed by feelings of personal isolation and professional failure.
This drew for the first time on the full Williams archive of diaries and letters, which had been stored in a London bank for 15 years following publication of edited extracts.
Following charges that Irving had selectively " edited " a recently discovered complete edition of Goebbels's diaries in Moscow, Macmillan cancelled the book deal.
The scripts were edited and transformed into prose, and published by BBC Books in the form of diaries.
In the 1950s she contributed diaries to Tatler and edited the magazine, The European.
He edited volumes of the letters of the playwright Oscar Wilde, the writer and caricaturist Max Beerbohm, and the writer George Moore, as well as the diaries of the poet Siegfried Sassoon and the autobiography of Arthur Ransome.
Two biographical volumes appeared shortly after his death: Only the Wind Will Listen by Andrew Boyle ( 1972 ), and an edited volume of his diaries ( 1975 ).
Caresse Crosby edited and published Harry's diaries and papers.
The diaries on which the book is partly based, Chronicle of Youth, edited by Alan Bishope, were published in 1981.
Day's diaries, The Duty of Delight: The Diaries of Dorothy Day, edited by Robert Ellsberg, were published by the Marquette University Press in 2008.
His diaries were published in 1981 by Torsten Burgman, and edited by Victor Lal in 2005.
Diaries is an edited collection of the diaries he kept between the ages of twelve and sixteen, detailing his sexual experiences, high school basketball career, and his addiction to heroin, which began when he was 13.
Alice's personal diaries were edited by Diana Crook and published in 1998 under the title A Lewes Diary: 1916 – 1944.
It is an edited collection of the diaries he kept between the ages of twelve and sixteen.
He edited Kenneth Williams's diaries for publication, despite being the target of Williams's acid pen in those same diaries.
He edited the diaries of his maternal uncle John William Polidori ( author of The Vampyre and physician to Lord Byron ), a comprehensive biography of D. G. Rossetti, and edited the collected works of D. G. Rossetti and Christina Rossetti.
* Leaves in the Storm ( 1947 ) ( book of diaries ) ( edited with Stefan K. Schimanski and with a running commentary )
He published an edited edition of Lady Gregory's diaries in 1947.
In the years since her death, Ackland has read and edited the diaries and published them in 2009 under the title My Better Half and Me: A love affair that lasted fifty years.
After his death from peritonitis, his diaries were edited and censored, possibly by his widow.
Later they were passed on to William Plomer who transcribed the remaining diaries and edited and published a three-volume selection and later a one-volume selection Kilvert's Diary, 1870-1879 ( Jonathan Cape, 1938 — corrected in 1960, and with an abridged and illustrated version for children published as Ardizzone's Kilvert in 1976 ).

diaries and by
The episode was reported by Darwin in his diaries of the Voyage of the Beagle as occurring in March 1835 to the east of the Andes near Mendoza.
Annotated edition of 11 diaries kept by the English writer, beginning in late August 1931 and ending in September 1949, a few months before his death.
The campaign is the subject of the 2005 documentary Gallipoli by Turkish filmmaker Tolga Örnek showing the bravery and the suffering on both sides through the use of surviving diaries and soldier's letters.
In Search of the Pharaohs is a 30-minute cantata for narrator, junior choir and piano by composer Robert Steadman, commissioned by the City of London Freemen's School, which uses extracts from Carter's diaries as its text.
Cannonball and Bobby, telepathically prompted by Emma Frost, attempt to recover the diaries which are hidden in a dilapidated brewery.
An exhaustive analysis of diaries, letters, and travelers ' journals from colonial times up to the Civil War, undertaken by Dena J. Epstein and detailed in her book Sinful Tunes and Spirituals, yielded a surprising number of references to slave music that was primarily percussive.
But after the war, Prufer rewrote his entire diaries in order to remake himself from an anti-Semitic German ultra-nationalist into a Nazi opponent who was utterly disgusted by Nazi anti-Semitism ; his deception was not exposed until the 1980s by American historian Donald McKale.
* 1983 – The Hitler diaries are revealed as a hoax after examination by experts.
The measurement in U. S. markets has historically been by Arbitron, a commercial statistical service that uses listener diaries.
General Franz Halder noted in his diaries that, by destroying the Soviet Union, Germany would destroy Britain's hope of victory.
There has been controversy over a set of " black " diaries, copies of which were circulated selectively by the British authorities following Casement's conviction, which, if accepted as genuine, would portray Casement as a promiscuous homosexual with a fondness for young men.
The next landmark publication by Koolhaas was S, M, L, XL, together with Bruce Mau, Jennifer Sigler, and Hans Werlemann ( 1995 ), a 1376-page tome combining essays, manifestos, diaries, fiction, travelogues, and meditations on the contemporary city.
Subsequently hospitalised for a mortar wound to the right leg and shell shock, he was demoted by an unsympathetic commanding officer ( identified in his war diaries as Major Evan ' Jumbo ' Jenkins ) back to Gunner.
In writing the script, Paul Schrader was inspired by the diaries of Arthur Bremer ( who shot presidential candidate George Wallace in 1972 )< ref name =" PBS ">
His heirs restricted access to his diaries and later an " authorized " biography by Juhani Suomi was commissioned, the author subsequently defending the interpretation of the history therein and denigrating most other interpretations.
It is recorded in the diaries of Samuel Pepys that whilst surveying the damage to London caused by the Great Fire in the company of the Royal Family they were heard to discuss Mother Shipton's prophecy of the event.
The papers of Vivien Leigh, including letters, photographs, contracts and diaries, are owned by her daughter, Mrs. Suzanne Farrington.
Following the publication of King's diaries in the 1970s, several fictional works about him were published by Canadian writers.
The first documentation of the Sutter's Mill discovery were by Henry Bigler and Azariah Smith, in their respective diaries.
As the film was made without access to General Patton's diaries or any information from his family, it largely relied upon observations by Bradley and other military contemporaries when attempting to reconstruct Patton's thoughts and motives.

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