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display and is
The woman eyed the youth with the avidity a coin collector might display toward a rare doubloon which is not yet in his collection.
Even the officer in charge, be it a captain ( for small display ) or a general, is restrained by monitoring.
Advances in equipment and fabrication techniques give the sign or display manufacturer an extremely wide choice of production techniques, ranging from injection molding for intricate, smaller-size, mass-production signs ( generally 5000 units is the minimum ) to vacuum and pressure forming for larger signs of limited runs.
Mrs. Harry K. Cohen is chairman of this phase and she is getting an artistic assist from A. Van Hollander, display director of Gimbel Brothers.
And little Zeme North, a Dora with real spirit and verve, was fascinating whether she was singing of her love for Floyd, the cop who becomes sewer commissioner and then is promoted into garbage, or just dancing to display her exuberant feelings.
Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images to create an illusion of movement.
In addition, the researchers also mention that the shifting robot can even display an individual's hair style and skin color if a photo of their face is projected onto the 3D Mask.
Rather, the object is chosen from the database and arrow markers appear in the display which indicate the direction to move the telescope.
Alpine festivals vary from country to country and often include the display of local costumes such as dirndl and trachten, the playing of Alpenhorns, wrestling matches, some pagan traditions such as Walpurgis Night, and in many areas Carnival is celebrated before Lent.
The Spectrogram produced by such an instrument is a graphical display of the time varying pressure level and frequency profiles which give a specific acoustic signal its defining character.
) Henry Babbage's " Analytical Engine Mill " is on display at the Science Museum in London.
The replica ABC is now on permanent display in the first floor lobby of the Durham Center for Computation and Communication at Iowa State University.
Fleming's Nobel Prize medal was acquired by the National Museums of Scotland in 1989 and is on display after the museum re-opened in 2011.
The Apollo 16 command module Casper is on display at the U. S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.
Amiga intuition. library is limited to display depths of 8-bits but RTG libraries makes is possible to handle higher depths like 24-bits.
This is distinct from technical support and other lines which use ANI so that a computer can automatically display the customer's account on a " screen pop " for the next available customer service representative: the MCI number is intended specifically for ANAC use.
They are used in order for the agent in the call center to confirm the phone the customer is calling from, so that a computer can automatically display the customer's account on a " screen pop " for the next available customer service representative ; they are distinct from purpose-made toll-free ANAC numbers.
With hindsight, the machine lacked the RAM ( a typical program would need to fit in only around 20 kB once display memory is subtracted ) and processing power to take on the prevailing Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.
The disadvantage to this system is that while the SAA5050 would expect to be repeatedly fed the same 40 bytes of data for every display scanline of each character row, the ULA would read a different set of 40 bytes for every display scanline in order to produce a full graphics display.
Exile ( 1988 video game ) | Exile is an example of a game where the developers left non-graphical data visible in the display buffer to gain additional memory space.

display and still
However, to make a working computer, users still had to add a case, power supply transformers, power switch, ASCII keyboard, and composite video display.
Although this produced a mode 7 that barely impacted upon CPU performance and gave the same visual quality as the BBC Micro, it remained compatible only with software that used the ROM routines for outputting text and graphics and still used 10 kB of memory for the display.
It first appeared in Shea Stadium, and the original can still be seen on display at Citi Field, outside the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.
In 1912 Emilio Bacardi travelled to Egypt where he purchased a mummy for the future Emilio Bacardí Moreau Municipal Museum in Santiago de Cuba ,( mummy still on display ).
These bright orange buses still display the name of Transportes Urbanos de Sevilla, S. A. M., their former owner, and Seville's coat of arms as a sign of gratitude.
Sinai still display a letter from Tischendorf promising to return the manuscript to them.
For example, The Shining might be sorted as Shining, The ( see Alphabetical order above ), but it may still be desired to display it as The Shining.
However, also available general-purpose DBMSs can often be used for such purpose, if they provide basic user-interfaces for straightforward database applications ( limited query and data display ; no real programming needed ), while still enjoying the database qualities and protections that these DBMSs can provide.
She gave Louis a wedding present that is still in existence, a rock crystal vase, currently on display at the Louvre.
The display still stands.
Many churches still display holy relics such as the bones of a saint, a scrap of cloth once worn by a holy man, or the skull of a martyr ; the Templars did the same.
" A ten volume account ( The Fifth Thule Expedition 1921-1924 ( 1946 )) of ethnographic, archaeological and biological data was collected, and many artifacts are still on display in museums in Denmark.
" Three of his specimens were stuffed and are still on display in the American Museum of Natural History.
To represent a film wider than 16: 9 ( e. g., a 2. 35: 1 film ) on a 16: 9 display with no cropping, both anamorphic and letterbox techniques ( or letterboxing alone ) are required ; using the anamorphic technique, the mattes will be smaller but still necessary.
When it comes to contrast ratio, AMOLED display still performs best due to its underlying technology, where the black levels are displayed as pitch black and not as dark gray.
Today, Turkey is still home to many mosques that display this Ottoman style of architecture.
It has been suggested that, while in many countries overt and explicit racism has become increasingly taboo, even in those who display egalitarian explicit attitudes, an implicit or aversive racism is still maintained subconsciously.
A new development, called the rotating-wheel braille display, was developed in 2000 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST ) and although a second rotating display was designed at the Leuven University in Belgium both wheels are still in the process of commercialization.
It was offered while still on display in a science institute near Kiev.
Later designs would use a rotating mirror-drum scanner to capture the image and a cathode ray tube ( CRT ) as a display device, but moving images were still not possible, due to the poor sensitivity of the selenium sensors.
In computing teleprinters have been replaced by fully electronic computer terminals which usually use a display screen instead of a printer, though the term " TTY " is still occasionally used to refer to them, such as in Unix systems.
DOS versions of WordStar at least had standardized the screen display, but still had to be customized for different printers.
That model is still on display at the Yale physics department.
Examples of spatial applications include the requirement to display small characters and to resolve fine detail in still video, or in motion video that contains very limited motion.

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