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dispute and long
The authorship of Proverbs has long been a matter of dispute.
The respective authority of federal and state governments under the Constitution's commerce clause had long been in dispute.
Longtime Wing Sergei Fedorov signed with the Mighty Ducks as a free agent during the offseason after a long contract dispute.
Critics dispute the claim that in practice free markets create perfect competition, or even increase market competition over the long run.
Gelasius finally abolished the Lupercalia after a long dispute.
The identity of Karl Hundason, unknown to Scots and Irish sources, has long been a matter of dispute, and it is far from clear that the matter is settled.
In October 2004, China signed an agreement with Russia on the delimitation of their entire 4, 300-kilometer-long border, which had long been in dispute.
It was long established that municipal law may be considered as a side point to a dispute over international law, but the Loan Cases discussed municipal law without the application of any international points.
King Stephen had died in October 1154, bringing to an end the long dispute with the Empress Matilda which had helped Anarawd, Cadell and Maredudd to extend their rule in Deheubarth.
Hearst had previously been signed with MGM, but ended the association after a dispute with the company's head producer Irving Thalberg over the treatment of Hearst's long standing mistress, actress Marion Davies, who was struggling for box office success.
Not long before this dispute, miners at Cripple Creek had formed the Free Coinage Union.
* Establishment of Wright's Ferry under the authority of the Province of Pennsylvania triggers Cresap's War – a nine year long conflict also known as the Maryland-Pennsylvania boundary dispute – the conflict mainly centered in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and York County, Pennsylvania on either banks of the Susquehanna River.
In contrast to the long dispute over ownership of Tortola, the dispute over St. Thomas was settled readily with a year.
A long running dispute between the City and the Crown over ownership of the river was not settled until 1857, when the Thames Conservancy was formed to manage the river from Staines downstream.
That was the end of the long running dispute between the Split and Nin Bishoprics.
According to the 1997 treaty, a Russian naval base would continue to be located in Sevastopol and the adjoining region on the terms of a 20-year renewable lease, following a long diplomatic and political dispute between Russia and the newly independent Ukraine.
Following a long dispute over whether Sydney or Melbourne should be the national capital, a compromise was reached: the new capital would be built in New South Wales, so long as it was at least from Sydney, with Melbourne to be the temporary seat of government ( but not referred to as the " capital ") while the new capital was built.
The international boundary line was originally drawn through Horseshoe Falls in 1819, but the boundary has long been in dispute due to natural erosion and construction.
But the dispute over The Elusive Pimpernel and Niven's demands for more money led to a long estrangement in the 1950s.
In 2002, the group hit the headlines once more when, following an acrimonius split and legal action, the Rubettes became the latest in a long line of bands ( including the Beach Boys and Spandau Ballet ) to end up in the courts in a dispute over ownership of the band's name.
A long dispute with the Company of Brewers over standard prices and measures of ale was won by Whittington.
This modification engendered a long dispute between the local authorities, who were so confused by the revised description that they started to depict the " babr " as a fabulous animal, half-tiger and half-beaver.
In 1993 Gullit and Netherlands manager Dick Advocaat began what was to be a long running dispute which ultimately ended Gullit's international career.

dispute and administration
Israel has made threats of the use of weapons, including those of a non-conventional character, while the former administration in the U. S. has refused to " take options off the table " ( including the " nuclear option "), in the nuclear dispute with Iran, which is widely viewed as pursuing a clandestine nuclear weapons program, and well known for their desire for the destruction of Israel ( c. f.
He also earned plaudits for resolving territorial disputes with neighboring Chile, and during his administration, over 20 border issues with Chile, including the arbitration of the especially serious Laguna del Desierto dispute, were peacefully solved.
Recently with the rise of Evo Morales in Bolivia and Michelle Bachelet in Chile relations have improved, although the border dispute is still pending .. By year 2011 the relations with the Chile has been deteriorated with the Sebastián Piñera administration.
Rangers financial problems and dispute with HMRC came to a head on 14 February 2012 when the business was placed into administration.
) When Polk moved to terminate the joint occupation agreement, the British finally agreed to divide the region along the 49th parallel in early 1846, keeping the lower Columbia basin as part of the United States, and the dispute was settled by the Oregon Treaty of 1846, which the administration was able to sell to congress because the United States was about to begin the Mexican-American war, and the president and others argued it would be foolish to also fight the British Empire.
Drinkwater got into a dispute with the administration which severely hampered WAL's growth.
Providing a full provision for regulating such insurance coverage in all its aspects, including the establishment and management of a State compensation insurance fund ; full provision for otherwise securing the payment of compensation ; and full provision for vesting power, authority and jurisdiction in an administrative body with all the requisite governmental functions to determine any dispute or matter arising under such legislation, in that the administration of such legislation accomplish substantial justice in all cases expeditiously, inexpensively, and without encumbrance of any character.
Although O ' Neill was confirmed in his title and core estates, he immediately fell into dispute with Chichester's Dublin administration upon his return to Ireland.
It was becoming clear that federal intervention was required to settle the dispute, despite the general policy of the Grant administration to stay out of the affairs of Southern states.
The ASEAN Secretary General has listed dispute resolution as requiring necessary reform for proper administration of AFTA and the AEC.
Yoritomo and the Hōjō Regents were only concerned about controlling their own housemen, consciously limiting themselves to hearing the land dispute cases of their own vassals and rewarding stewardship rights to their followers, letting other disputes from other groups be taken care of by the civil administration.
" Other students praised Hindley's pedagogical approach as encouraging " students to face racist narratives head on " and that any disagreement " is a dispute for students and faculty to solve through rational dialogue, not one for the administration to settle in secret inquisitions.
Portuguese administration protested and it was agreed not to take any actions that might endanger a friendly solution to the dispute.
During his administration he brought focus on the border dispute between New Hampshire and Massachusetts, cultivating power centers in London that eventually led to resolution of that dispute ( albeit in 1740, long after his death ), and establishing the dynasty that would dominate New Hampshire until independence.
McLane was instructed to inform the English that his appointment signaled a break from the John Quincy Adams administration, and that issues of dispute under the Adams Administration would no longer be issues in a Jackson administration.
A key event occurred in 1908, in a dispute between the German colonial administration and the Malo o Samoa, or Samoan Council of Chiefs, over the establishment of a copra business owned and controlled by native Samoans.
A dispute emerged between the administration and the faculty and students involved in the newspaper in 2005, but the paper has evolved into a balanced source of news, opinion, and satire, covering campus sports, politics, and arts, as well as national and global topics.
A dispute broke out between FSF, who owned the new Savannah, and the maintainers of Savannah, including developers of the Savannah software over the levels of administration the FSF should be given.
The direct reason for the eruption of the computer riots at Sir George Williams University was the year-long dispute between students and the university administration over a charge of racism brought against a white professor by a group of eight west Indian students.
The Wood administration also saw an intensification of a dispute over the status of New Mexico.
The Wilson administration wanted to bring about a peaceful resolution of this dispute and put great pressure on the employers to agree to arbitration of the issues in dispute — wages, hours of work, and union recognition — without a strike, even threatening to seize the plants as a wartime measure if necessary.

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