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duo and had
Between 1980-1985 a few Dutch Hip Hop records had already been released, but in 1986 Dutch rap duo MC Miker G & DJ Sven ( Lucien Witteveen and Sven van Veen ) had a major top 10 hit ( often # 1 ) across Europe with their " Holiday Rap ", which sampled Madonna's " Holiday ".
For a compilation album of the Glenmark duo Gemini, Andersson had Björn Ulvaeus write new Swedish lyrics for the re-recording of two old songs ; Ulvaeus also wrote new English lyrics to older Swedish language songs for opera singer Anne Sofie von Otter tribute album " I Let The Music Speak ".
This policy made sense not simply because the unhappy fates of several Emperors previous to this duo had made it clear that one man simply could not rule a state this size ; equally, a ' barbarian ' enemy suing for peace in this time tended to demand that they be allowed to apply to the ' chief ' or ' king ' of the victorious side.
Melcher ( who had worked with The Byrds and The Beach Boys and had rejected producing an unknown singer / songwriter by the name of Charles Manson ) was a member of the successful duo Bruce & Terry, also known as The Rip Chords.
Marcedes Lewis went to his first pro bowl and the Jags had one of the best young defensive tackle duo with Terrance Knighton and rookie Tyson Alualu.
Simon immediately returned to the United States and the duo re-formed to record more tracks in a similar style, though neither approved of what Wilson had done with " The Sound of Silence ".
The LP was originally supposed to feature twelve tracks, but the duo could not agree on the twelfth track: Simon refused to record a Bach chorale track favored by Garfunkel, while Garfunkel refused to record a song Simon had written called " Cuba Si, Nixon No ".
The two had become the NFL's most famous broadcast duo since they were paired together in 1981 on CBS.
The Face had been an early champion of Maxinquaye, but saw Tricky as more a duo than a solo project.
Members Miezitis and Moffatt had attended school together and began playing as an acoustic duo in the early 1990s.
As such, since the first appearance of the duo, the true slave had always been Pozzo.
Its origins are associated with Marc Bolan, who had renamed his folk duo T. Rex and taken up electric instruments by the end of the 1960s.
To premiere the new recordings, Psyche had the honor of performing for nearly 2, 000 psychotic-electro fans as the support of the world's first known synth duo, Suicide.
When he was composing the duo, he had two friends play the four-hands version to aid in the transcription.
Bishops had been involved in the government of the Frankish realm and subsequent Carolingian Empire frequently as the clerical member of a duo of envoys styled Missus dominicus, but that was an individual mandate, not attached to the see.
Later series ( Blackadder II, Blackadder the Third, Blackadder Goes Forth ) moved the duo through history and switched the relationship: the Edmund Blackadder of Blackadder II was a brilliant schemer, whereas Baldrick had devolved into a buffoon whose catchphrase was " I have a cunning plan " ( which he rarely had ).
By the time Zappa had turned the venue into Studio Z the duo had completed some songs.
These works, most in collaboration with the experimental Russian director Georges Pitoëff, were considered promising despite their lack of commercial profits, and the duo continued to work together until they had their first major success in 1937 with Le voyageur sans bagage ( Traveller Without Baggage ).
Hamer was already a legendary Texas Ranger when he was coaxed out of semi-retirement to hunt down the duo ; he had never seen them before he and his posse ambushed and killed them near Gibsland, Louisiana on May 23, 1934.
On the later albums recorded by the remaining duo, the arrangements were sparse and heavily electronic, the singing evolved from abstract screams and mumbles to a very direct, rhythmic vocal style, and their live performances were delivered with such intensity that a 1980 concert in Düsseldorf had to be stormed by the police to bring the crowd under control.

duo and another
" In one episode of the series, when another student threatens to kill them, the duo uses this to their advantage, pretending to be exchange students named " Crevis and Bung-Head ".
Folk / gospel duo Robin and Linda Williams have been regular guests since 1976, and often join Keillor and another female performer, often Jearlyn Steele, to form " The Hopeful Gospel Quartet ".
He decided to instead work with a production duo, Robot Club, in another studio, feeling that he would be more free to develop tracks in the way he wanted.
He formed a double act with Neil Mullarkey, another former Footlights member, and the duo mostly did satirical spoofs of television shows ' title sequences to accompanying music, several times on television.
With Powell reinstated, the group went on to release " Love's Made a Fool of You ," another Crickets cover ( written by Buddy Holly and Bob Montgomery and recorded by Holly as a demo, reportedly intended for the Everly Brothers, though never recorded by that duo ).
By now, song-writing duo Peter Kember and Jason Pierce were formulating new song ideas entirely separate from one another.
It would take them another two years to form a musical duo, and three years after that, they signed to Atlantic Records and released their debut album.
Moyet pursued a solo career while Clarke went on to form Erasure, another synth pop duo.
Sabzi started his career as DJ and producer in another hip hop duo: Blue Scholars.
Scofield also performs as a duo with John Medeski-aptly named The Johns and another groove trio with Scofield, Medeski and drummer Adam Deitch.
It peaked at number 38 on the Billboard 200, number two on the Top Electronic Albums chart, and number four on the Top Independent Albums chart, and also granted the duo another Grammy nomination.
During the same era, there was also another kind of soft music ( ελαφρά μουσική, also called ελαφρό-elafró ' soft ( song )', literally ' light ') which became fashionable ; it was represented by ensembles of singers / musicians such as the Katsamba Brothers duo, the Trio Kitara, the Trio Belcanto, the Trio Atene and others.
Ōtomo has also released duo albums with early experimental turntablist Christian Marclay ( Moving Parts, 2000 ) and another Japanese electronic musician, Nobukazu Takemura ( Turntables + Computers, 2003 ).
The duo do not always " get their man ", with at least one novel ending with the villain getting away and another strongly implying that while Dalziel and Pascoe are unable to convict anyone, a series of unrelated accidents actually included at least one unprovable instance of murder.
MJG heads MJG Muzik which features another Memphis duo, Da Volunteers, known for their 2006 single, " What's Yo Favorite Color?
Along the way, the duo encounter several new locals, including an old musician named Cornelius Mazurka and his companion Therizinosaurus Henriette in the ruins of an old city, a town called Bilgewater made completely out of salvaged ships that the inhabitants believe will carry them into another world, and Jorotongo, a consistently festive and completely nomadic village composed of pilgrims from the Sunflower, sister ship to the Mayflower.
On September 28, 2010, they premiered another track from the album titled " Hypnotize U " on Late Show with David Letterman, the track is produced by electronic music duo Daft Punk.
The duo engaged in yet another conflict, the beef Suge and new signee 2Pac initiated against Bad Boy Entertainment's Puff Daddy and Notorious B. I. G.
The struggling Death Row failed to promote Kurupt's album Against Tha Grain and the duo began to feel remorse for one another.
the duo helped finish the score for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and yet another Tony Scott production: Unstoppable.
Leeway left the band in 1986, and the remaining duo of Bailey and Currie carried on making music for another seven years.
What You Wrote, another format created by the duo, was due to air in Autumn 2008 but was reportedly axed by ITV.
Huggy surprises him by buying him another Torino from the original Starsky and Hutch duo ( David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser ).
After slimming down to a duo consisting of Marsh and Waddington only, The Beloved began to embrace a dance sound more wholeheartedly and, in 1988, after another flop with another double A-side single, " Loving Feeling " / " Acid Love ", the single " The Sun Rising " became a club favourite, and crossed over to the UK Singles Chart, peaking at number 26 in the UK in September 1989.

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