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earliest and Christian
The earliest known Christian monastic communities ( see Monasticism ) consisted of groups of cells or huts collected about a common center, which was usually the house of some hermit or anchorite famous for holiness or singular asceticism, but without any attempt at orderly arrangement.
In the earliest age of Christian monasticism the ascetics were accustomed to live singly, independent of one another, not far from some village church, supporting themselves by the labour of their own hands, and distributing the surplus after the supply of their own scanty wants to the poor.
The earliest known Christian image of an angel, in the Cubicolo dell ' Annunziazione in the Catacomb of Priscilla, which is dated to the middle of the third century, is without wings.
In the 16th century, Christian missionaries from Spain and Portugal first encountered indigenous peoples using ayahuasca in South America ; their earliest reports described it as the work of the devil.
One of the earliest Christian martyrs in North America was Saint Peter the Aleut.
The combined book Ezra-Nehemiah of the earliest Christian and Jewish period was known as Ezra and was probably attributed to him ; according to a rabbinic tradition, however, Nehemiah was the real author but was forbidden to claim authorship because of his bad habit of disparaging others.
Those who favour the later date appeal to the earliest external testimony, that of the Christian father Irenaeus ( c. 150-202 ), who wrote that he received his information from people who knew John personally.
The second half of is quoted by some of the earliest Christian writers.
Barnabas (), born Joseph, was an early Christian, one of the earliest Christian disciples in Jerusalem.
While there have been many theological disputes over the nature of Jesus over the earliest centuries of Christian history, Christians generally believe that Jesus is God incarnate and " true God and true man " ( or both fully divine and fully human ).
In the 16th and the 17th centuries, the earliest European arrivals in China, the Christian Jesuits, considered Confucianism to be an ethical system, not a religion, and one that was compatible with Christianity.
In essence, the earliest vision of Christendom was a vision of a Christian theocracy, a government founded upon and upholding Christian values, whose institutions are spread through and over with Christian doctrine.
Christian alternative music has its roots in the early 1980s, as the earliest efforts at Christian punk and new wave were recorded by artists like Andy McCarroll and Moral Support, Undercover, The 77s, Adam Again, Quickflight, Daniel Amos, Youth Choir ( later renamed The Choir ), Lifesavers Underground, Michael Knott, The Altar Boys, Breakfast with Amy, Steve Taylor, 4-4-1, David Edwards and Vector.
Due to schisms, only the two earliest councils can be considered to have included bishops of the entire Christian Church, as it existed before those schisms.
While some Celtic Christian practices were changed at the Synod of Whitby, the church in the British Isles was under papal authority from earliest times.
Paul, the earliest known Christian author, wrote several letters ( or epistles ) in Greek to various churches.
In favour of the Synoptic chronology is that in the earliest Christian traditions relating to the Last Supper in the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians, there is a clear link between Passion of Jesus, the Last Supper and the Passover lamb.
There has been discussion by academics whether the " word square " is actually a Christian artefact, but if it is, it is one of the earliest examples of early Christianity in Britain.
Much of the post-Roman development of St Albans was in memorial to Saint Alban, the earliest known British Christian martyr, executed in AD 250 ( the exact date is unknown, with scholars suggesting dates of 209, 254 and 304 ).
The very earliest accounts of belief are contained in these texts, such as early Christian creeds and hymns, as well as accounts of the Passion, the empty tomb, and Resurrection appearances ; some of these are dated to the 30s or 40s CE, originating within the Jerusalem Church.

earliest and interpretations
The Copenhagen interpretation is one of the earliest and most commonly taught interpretations of quantum mechanics.
National history as cultural process: A survey of the interpretations of Ukraine's past in Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian historical writing from the earliest times to 1914.
Some of the earliest interpretations came from censors in three different cities ," adding:
This distinction originates in the earliest interpretations of the Sutta Pitaka, not in the suttas themselve.
One of the earliest interpretations of the Nonintercourse Act comes from a speech by President George Washington to the Seneca Nation of New York in 1790, after the passage of the Act:

earliest and are
Those modern scholars who urge that we must keep in mind the fundamental continuity of Aegean development from earliest times -- granted occasional irruptions of peoples and ideas from outside -- are correct ; ;
My own earliest memories are of exiles: my three brothers and I were taken often to the United States `` to visit relatives '' while my father stayed on to fight the dictator Machado.
The earliest known texts in a Turkic language are the Orkhon inscriptions, of which the earliest dates from around 720 AD and the latest from 735 AD ( Miller 1971: 3 ).
The earliest historical records of Anatolia stem from the south east of the region, and are from the Mesopotamian based Akkadian Empire during the reign of Sargon of Akkad in the 24th century BC.
Beginning with the earliest explorations and excavations, researchers wrote that the Ancient Puebloans are ancestors of contemporary Pueblo peoples.
The earliest records of the study of this phenomenon are attributed to the philosopher Pythagoras in the 6th century BC.
Trees from the earliest fortifications found in Germania Inferior are dated by dendrochronology to 99 / 100.
Alemannic runic inscriptions such as those on the Pforzen buckle are among the earliest testimonies of Old High German.
Hippolytus of Rome ( d. 235 ) is commonly considered to be the earliest antipope, as he headed a separate group within the Church in Rome against Pope Callixtus I. Hippolytus was reconciled to Callixtus's second successor, Pope Pontian, and both he and Pontian are honoured as saints by the Roman Catholic Church with a shared feast day on 13 August.
The earliest remains hitherto found on the site are tombs of the early Iron Age period of Graeco-Phoenician influences ( 1000-600 B. C .).
While there are many competing claims for the earliest powered, heavier-than-air flight, the most widely-accepted date is December 17, 1903 by the Wright brothers.
Like most biblical books, there are differences between the earliest surviving manuscripts of Acts.
The manuscripts from the Western text-type ( as represented by the Codex Bezae ) and the Alexandrian text-type ( as represented by the Codex Sinaiticus ) are the earliest survivors.
While connection with Anatolian names has been suggested, the earliest attested forms of the name Artemis are the Mycenaean Greek a-te-mi-to and a-ti-mi-te, written in Linear B at Pylos.
These are the earliest anemometers and are simply a flat plate suspended from the top so that the wind deflects the plate.
The earliest evidence of settlements in the area of today's Berlin are a wooden beam dated from approximately 1192 and leftovers of wooden houseparts dated to 1174 found in a 2012 digging in Berlin Mitte.
A pair of beads made from Nassarius sea snail shells, approximately 100, 000 years old, are thought to be the earliest known examples of jewellery.
At the earliest stages of brain development, the three areas are roughly equal in size.
The earliest phases of the Big Bang are subject to much speculation.
The earliest and most direct kinds of observational evidence are the Hubble-type expansion seen in the redshifts of galaxies, the detailed measurements of the cosmic microwave background, the relative abundances of light elements produced by Big Bang nucleosynthesis, and today also the large scale distribution and apparent evolution of galaxies predicted to occur due to gravitational growth of structure in the standard theory.
Since the mid-20th century, there has been considerable debate over how the earliest forms of life evolved and how to classify them, especially at the kingdom and domain levels and organisms that are or have been considered bacteria.
The earliest parts of the book are possibly chapters 2 – 11, the story of the conquest ; more certain is that this section was then incorporated into an early form of Joshua that was part of then original Deuteronomistic history, written late in the reign of king Josiah ( reigned 640 – 609 BCE ); it seems clear that the book was not completed until after the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians in 586, and possibly not until after the return from the Babylonian exile late in the 6th century.
Returning boomerangs actually do fly and are examples of the earliest heavier-than-air man-made flight.

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