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earliest and significant
Such an analysis speedily reveals why the middle number of the Lo Shu, 5, was so vitally significant for the Chinese ever since the earliest hints that they had a knowledge of this diagram.
The earliest " year names ", whereby each year of a king's reign was named after a significant event performed by that king, date from the reign of Sargon the Great.
It is also the earliest recorded and earliest written language of the Mon – Khmer family, predating Mon and by a significant margin Vietnamese.
As one of the earliest of the Church fathers whose works have survived, he is the subject of a significant amount of recent academic work, mainly focusing on the relationship between his thought and non-Christian philosophy and his influence on Origen.
Apart from jewelry, from earliest antiquity until the 19th century engraved gems and hardstone carvings such as cups were major luxury art forms ; the carvings of Carl Fabergé were the last significant works in this tradition.
The earliest comprehensive work in hadith studies was Abu Muhammad al-Ramahurmuzi's al-Muhaddith al-Fasil, while another significant work was al-Hakim al-Naysaburi's Ma ‘ rifat ‘ ulum al-hadith.
Legumes have been significant crops in Korean history and cuisine according to earliest preserved legumes found in archaeological sites in Korea.
Cryptography historian David Kahn titles him the " Father of Western Cryptography ", pointing to three significant advances in the field which can be attributed to Alberti: " the earliest Western exposition of cryptanalysis, the invention of polyalphabetic substitution, and the invention of enciphered code " ().
Although worker's councils were politically significant in the earliest stages of the Soviet Union, they soon lost their power and significance as political power was concentrated in the hands of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union ( CPSU ).
The earliest term by which these narratives were known, “ urban belief tales ,” highlights what was then thought to be a key property: they were held, by their tellers, to be true accounts, and the device of the FOAF was a spurious but significant effort at authentication.
" The earliest drafts contain significant personal references, but these were later excised.
The date of Friday December 13 20: 45: 52 1901 is significant for modern computers because it is the earliest date representable with a signed 32-bit integer on systems that reference time in seconds since the Unix epoch.
* July 19, 64: Great Fire of Rome, first Roman mass Persecution of Christians, earliest significant recognition of Christians in Rome.
In the earliest significant source on van Eyck, a 1454 biography in Genoese humanist Bartolomeo Facio's De viris illustribus, Jan van Eyck is named " the leading painter " of his day.
The oldest significant astronomical text that we possess is Tablet 63 of ' Enūma Anu Enlil ', the Venus tablet of Ammi-saduqa, which lists the first and last visible risings of Venus over a period of about 21 years and is the earliest evidence that the phenomena of a planet were recognized as periodic.
The earliest cameras produced in significant numbers used sensitised glass plates and are now termed plate cameras.
The site is significant because the inhabitants of Abu Hureyra started out as hunter-gatherers but gradually transitioned to farming, making them the earliest known farmers in the world.
A few varieties of the earliest " kit cars " have been vehicles that use the dune buggy philosophy of substituting significant amounts of a car with custom parts to resemble production, modified, or prototype cars.
He was also the first important bass clarinet soloist in jazz, and among the earliest significant flute soloists.
However, the extent of the finds was not particularly significant and was insufficient to draw any certain conclusions about the precise nature or scale of this earliest known phase of occupation.
It is historically significant as the first Kinetoscope film shown in public exhibition on May 9, 1893 and is the earliest known example of actors performing a role in a film.
The autobiographies of Frederick Douglass can be considered among the earliest significant English-language works in this genre.
It is the most complete Assyrian obelisk yet discovered, and is historically significant because it displays the earliest ancient depiction of an Israelite.

earliest and usage
Modern usage uses a ' ten-foot ' pole, but the earliest instances in print involve a forty-foot pole, which is improbably long for operating a barge.
( In Hubbard's earliest publications on the subject, engrams were variously referred to as " Norns ", " Impediments ," and " comanomes " before " engram " was adapted from its existing usage at the suggestion of Joseph Winter.
The earliest known usage in print of the English term deist is 1621,
The earliest known usage of huanghou was in the Han Dynasty.
The grammatical description in the earliest books was somewhat vague, so a consensus on usage ( influenced by Zamenhof's answers to some questions ) developed over time within boundaries set by the initial outline ( Auld 1988 ).
The earliest cited English usage in connection with marital status is from a manuscript of c. 1200, when Mary ( mother of Jesus ) is described as “ handfast ( to ) a good man called Joseph ”.
The earliest known usage of nixtamalization was in what is present-day southern Mexico and Guatemala around 1500 – 1200 BC.
The coining of the term " joystick " may actually be credited to Loraine, as his is the earliest known usage of the term, although he most certainly did not invent the device.
The Oxford English Dictionary ( 2nd ed., 1989 ) kludge entry cites one source for this word's earliest recorded usage, definition, and etymology: Jackson W. Granholm's 1962 " How to Design a Kludge " article, which appeared in the American computer magazine Datamation.
The Oxford English Dictionary records its earliest known English-language usage of brainwashing in an article by Edward Hunter in New Leader published on 7 October 1950.
The earliest extant usage of Prakrit is the corpus of inscriptions of Emperor Asoka.
The earliest recorded usage of the phrase is dated 1660.
Along with McCartney's usage, some of the earliest Rickenbacker bass players were Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, John Entwistle of The Who, and Peter Quaife of The Kinks.
Modern usage derives primarily from one of the earliest computer games, Colossal Cave Adventure, in which the idea is to explore an underground cave with many rooms, collecting the treasures found there.
A variety of injection systems have existed since the earliest usage of the internal combustion engine.
Seth Wheeler of Albany, New York, obtained the earliest United States patents for toilet paper and dispensers, the types of which eventually were in common usage in that country, in 1883.
In fact, the name " Al-Urdun " ( Jordan ) was used on Umayyad post-reform copper coins beginning in the early 8th century and represent the earliest official usage of the name for the modern state.
Deep-fried chips ( slices or pieces of potato ) as a dish may have first appeared in Britain in about the same period: the Oxford English Dictionary notes as its earliest usage of " chips " in this sense the mention in Dickens ' A Tale of Two Cities ( published in 1859 ): " Husky chips of potatoes, fried with some reluctant drops of oil ".
The earliest citation of this usage in the 1972 Oxford English Dictionary, c 1230, refers to the London street known as Gropecunt Lane.
The earliest recorded usage in English of the word edamame is in 1951 in the journal Folklore Studies.
An early example of the usage of hydraulic wheel, probably the earliest in Europe, is the Perachora wheel ( 3rd c. BC ).
The earliest known such usage in English was John Gower's in Confessio amantis ( 1390 ):
The earliest known recorded usage of the term dates to an 1808 short story describing a spread of " fire-cakes and dough-nuts.
Its earliest known usage on the Internet may have been on the Usenet newsgroup talk. bizarre.

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