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from Brown Corpus
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easiest and thing
`` A lot of people are so peculiar that they don't like cats, it's not the easiest thing in the world to find good homes for kittens -- and, damn it, you know very well if I have them around long, impossible to give them away!!
She remarked that hosting the dinners is " the easiest thing in the world.
It's the easiest thing I've ever done.
" Making something unique, yet approachable to an audience isn't necessarily the easiest thing to get right, but what we do is organic and it works .”
Rochefort and Drumont proclaimed the existence of a syndicate to free him, published some false information about the rules that the condemned man had to obey, and affirmed that with a little money it was the easiest thing imaginable to accomplish his rescue.
However, some among the Mohawks regarded Jogues as a practitioner of magic, and when the double-calamity of sickness and crop failure hit the Mohawks, Jogues was the easiest thing to blame their now prevalent problems on.
Vedder explained that he was " in the midst of a pretty intense stalker problem ," adding that " leaving the house wasn't the easiest thing to do.
X-23 believes the easiest thing to do would be to kill Josh, but she knows that would not be allowed.
" Leaving Anorexia Nervosa was definitely not the easiest thing to do as we've shared so much during our time together as this band had become a vivid part of my daily life.
" The secret of no-luggage travel is that it ’ s the easiest thing in the world ," said Yevin in an interview.

easiest and would
Since tone systems typically comprise fewer units than either consonant or vowel systems, we might expect that they would be the easiest part of a phonologic analysis.
The easiest way to see this is to consider that these people were the examples sent for humanity to follow, and so if they committed errors, people would be obliged to follow their errors, thereby making the prophets and messengers untrustable.
The easiest route would take them through the Rhône valley, and thus through the Roman Provincia Narbonensis.
The easiest way to understand the resulting stability is to say,, and positions are as stable as a ball balanced on the tip of a wedge would be stable: any disturbance will toss it out of equilibrium.
The easiest way to determine the platform that a version of HP-UX 9. x would run on was by the last digit.
" Taking a swipe at many of the negative reviews circulating at the time, Evans writes: " The easiest way to deal with the book would be [...] to write off Mr. Joyce's latest volume as the work of a charlatan.
The easiest public access is from the main road running from Yardea to Kingoonya, at The Brothers Well, a concrete catchment at the side of the road at the Southern end of Moonarie station ( though the road signs would have you believe that you were on Yardea Station ).
It would be easiest to pull electrons from a pointed electrode but a pointed electrode would erode after only a few seconds.
And, if it is possible to reach the point where good ( al-ma ` ruf ) occurs in the easiest of circumstances, then preferring the difficult circumstances would be impermissible.
But the part that would be easiest for me would be singing on behalf of all of us.
Siberian Governor-General Lavinsky argued that it would be easiest to control a large, concentrated group of convicts, and Emperor Nicholas I pursued this policy in order to maximize surveillance and to limit revolutionaries ’ contact with local populations.
Although there are several alternatives to hedge both the exposures effectively without introducing new risks, the easiest and the most cost effective alternative would be to use a floating-for-floating swap in different currencies.
Religious writing was the easiest avenue — women who would later be canonized as saints frequently published their reflections, revelations, and prayers.
Some conservatives argued this would be the easiest model to defeat in a referendum and therefore should be supported at the Convention.
They decided that befriending the Iroquois would be the easiest way to ensure their monopoly on the northern fur trade and help stop English expansion.
Those treatments with lowest cost per quality-adjusted life year gained would appear at the top of the table and deliver the most benefit per value spent and would be easiest to justify funding for.
Deciding that it would be easiest to transport the cannon by boat down the Brazos River to the Gulf of Mexico, the men loaded the cannon onto the schooner Brazoria.
" Very often, to remain in power the easiest option for them would be to play the racist card, drum up fears of marginalisation and extinction of other ethnic groups ," he said.
The easiest way to spot a fourrée is by weight, since a fourrée with a copper core would weigh noticeably less than a solid silver coin due to the lower density of copper.
If an index file of a download states that 4 blocks are missing, the easiest way to repair the files would be by downloading filename. vol003 + 04. PAR2.
The sequential consistency is weaker than strict consistency ( which would demand that operations are seen in order in which they were actually issued, which is essentially impossible to secure in distributed system as deciding global time is impossible ) and is the easiest consistency model to understand, since a system preserving that model is behaving in a way expected by an instantaneous system.

easiest and be
Tire size can be determined in several ways but the one that is the easiest and as accurate as any is by measuring the effective radius of a wheel and tire assembly.
The easiest way to conceptualize this is to consider the lever arm distance to be the distance from the origin to the line that p travels along.
Measurement of the weight is the easiest, and bullets that are out of round can be detected by rotating the bullet while measuring with a micrometer.
River and sea travel proved to be the easiest ways to transport supplies.
Water-based paints tend to be the easiest to clean up after use ; the brushes and rollers can be cleaned with soap and water.
It is one of the easiest forms of part singing, as only one line of melody need be learned by all parts, and is part of a popular musical tradition.
His chosen topic was economics, as it seemed to be " the shortest and easiest study " available at the university, and passed his degree in 1919.
This can be accomplished by adjusting the physical dimensions of the patch ... For a square patch element, the easiest way to excite ideally circular polarization is to feed the element at two adjacent edges ...
Because of the similarities to lightning-caused pulses and the widespread use of lightning protection technology, the E2 pulse is generally considered to be the easiest to protect against.
According to Confucius, wisdom can be learned by three methods: Reflection ( the noblest ), imitation ( the easiest ) and experience ( the bitterest ).
" In other words, the corners are the easiest places to take territory, because two sides of the board can be used as boundaries.
The final " giveaway " clue, given after the phrase " for ten points ", is often the easiest, such that most teams will be able to answer by this point.
Travel permits may take at least 24 hours to be issued and are easiest to obtain through a travel agent.
Plates and cutlery tend to be the easiest to clean because of their fairly flat and open shape.
These types of sails are the easiest to manage, because they often do not need to be relaid when the ship changes course.
Guy de la Bédoyère also warns against reading too much in to size differences or natures in the figures, which have been used to promote theories of different roles for the three figures, arguing that at the skill level of most of the carvings, small differences in size are more likely to be hit-and-miss consequences, and pointing out that experimental archaeology has shown hooded figures one of the easiest sets of figures to carve.
Otherwise the most marketable fabric in monastic buildings was likely to be the lead on roofs, gutters and plumbing, and buildings were burned down as the easiest way to extract this.
It is one of the few acoustic instruments to be developed in the United States and one of the easiest melodic instruments to play well, requiring only the ability to vocalize in tune.

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