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effects and extreme
According to the myth, Old Order then vanishes at stage left and reappears at extreme stage right, but Director Shuz skillfully sidesteps the rather gooshey problem of stage effects by simply having Miss Arapacis walk across the stage.
Moderate use of equalization ( often abbreviated as " EQ ") can be used to " fine-tune " the tone quality of a recording ; extreme use of equalization, such as heavily cutting a certain frequency can create more unusual effects.
In a woman, the condition of lactation unrelated to pregnancy can occur as galactorrhea ( spontaneous milk flow ), and because of the adverse effects of drugs ( e. g. antipsychotic medications ), of extreme physical stress, and of endocrine disorders.
Antipsychotics are not recommended for benzodiazepine withdrawal ( or other CNS depressant withdrawal states ) especially clozapine, olanzapine or low potency phenothiazines e. g. chlorpromazine as they lower the seizure threshold and can worsen withdrawal effects ; if used extreme caution is required.
Dieting, especially extreme food-intake reduction and rapid weight loss, can have the following side effects and consequences:
This effect is called ion channelling, and, like all the channelling effects, is highly nonlinear, with small variations from perfect orientation resulting in extreme differences in implantation depth.
Most Lomographic cameras are designed to produce photographic effects such as " oversaturated colors, extreme optical distortions, rainbow-colored subjects, off-kilter exposure, blurring and alternative film processing, all things usually considered bad in photography.
This is an extreme case of laminar flow where viscous ( friction ) effects are much greater than inertial forces.
In many art forms this often meant startling and alienating audiences with bizarre and unpredictable effects, as in the strange and disturbing combinations of motifs in surrealism or the use of extreme dissonance and atonality in modernist music.
These are classified as extreme Yin ( stimulating ) in their effects:
Nonetheless, suicide, heart attacks, strokes, seizures proceeding to status epilepticus, and effects of extreme dehydration do lead to fatal outcomes in a small fraction of cases.
Many patients report that Methadone's sedation effect is often less pronounced than with other opioids and cite this as a major argument for preferring Methadone as an analgesic .< ref > Persons reciveing MMT should not suffer from extreme sedation as a resullt of the treatment, due to the fact that a properly prescribed person will have had their dose titrated up to the optimal level to remove the effects of withdrawl, a point at which sedation should not be evident.
Relativistic effects cease to be negligible when near very massive bodies ( as with the precession of Mercury's orbit about the Sun ), or when extreme precision is needed ( as with calculations of the orbital elements and time signal references for GPS satellites.
* elaborate studio effects, such as backwards tapes, panning, phasing, long delay loops, and extreme reverb ;
The terms psychedelic rock and acid rock are often used interchangeably, but some commentators have distinguished the former, which generally evoked the effects of psychedelic drugs, and acid rock, which can be seen as a more extreme sub-genre that focused more directly on LSD, was often louder, made greater use of distortion and often consisted of long, improvised jams.
" This quote illustrates Orwell ’ s understanding of how the past can influence both ideology and politics, offers a counterpoint as to why protecting the scholarly practice of history is important, and describes the extreme effects of state-sponsored censorship.
< imagemap > File: 1930s decade montage. png | From left, clockwise: Dorothea Lange's photo of the homeless Florence Thompson show the effects of the Great Depression ; Due to the extreme drought conditions, the farms become dry and the Dust Bowl spreads through America ; The Battle of Wuhan during the Second Sino-Japanese War ; Aviator Amelia Earhart becomes an American national icon ; German dictator Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party attempted to establish a New Order of absolute Nazi German hegemony in Europe, which culminated in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland, leading to the outbreak of World War II ; The Hindenburg explodes over a small New Jerseian airfield, effectively ending commercial airship travel ; Mohandas Gandhi walks to the Indian Ocean in the Salt March of 1930 .| 420px | thumb
Although their extreme blast and heat effects are not eliminated, it is the enormous radiation released by ERWs that is meant to be a major source of casualties.
Moderate use of equalization ( often abbreviated as " EQ ") can be used to " fine-tune " the tone quality of a recording ; extreme use of equalization, such as heavily cutting a certain frequency can create more unusual effects.
The specifics of the " Red Curse ", which include mutilation of the body and extreme degeneration of physical and mental health, also tend to keep the inhabitants of the Savage Coast within the region, as debilitating effects result if they leave the cursed area.
Visitors are often surprised by these potentially extreme conditions, and this, along with the high altitude of the canyon's rims, can lead to unpleasant side effects such as dehydration, sunburn, and hypothermia.
This rule has been challenged, however, by military development of thermobaric weapons, which employ a combination of negative shock wave effects and extreme temperature to incinerate objects within the blast radius.
Effects that are due to low estrogen levels ( for example vaginal atrophy and skin drying ) will continue after the menopause transition years are over ; however, many effects that are caused by the extreme fluctuations in hormone levels ( for example hot flashes and mood changes ) usually disappear or improve significantly once the perimenopause transition is completely over.
However, rifts within Australian society, right through history, whether by denial of rights to the indigenous people or, on the contrary, by way of feelings of victimisation by the settling communities, and in recent times, the effects of cultural identity and assimilation taken to the extreme in the form of riots, street violence and ethnic gangs on both, the settled and the migrant communities, pose major challenges to multiculturalism in the country.
The other option is extreme shock ; in the TOS episode " Amok Time ", Spock believed he had killed James T. Kirk, his " best friend ", thus providing sufficient shock to nullify the effects of pon farr.

effects and cold
Temperatures within a given winter are highly variable as well ; extended cold snaps of forty below zero can be followed by unseasonable warmth with temperatures above freezing due to chinook wind effects.
The gravitational effects of dark matter are well understood, as it behaves like a cold, non-radiative fluid that forms haloes around galaxies.
Dextromethorphan ( DXM ), a common active ingredient found in many over-the-counter cough suppressant cold medicines, is used as a recreational drug for its often euphoric dissociative effects.
Although those ‘ cold ’ emotions might be enough to show effects, they are qualitatively different from the ‘ hot ’ emotions often experienced during negotiations.
Some astronomers explain this by presence of small temperature fluctuations within planetary nebulae ; others claim that the discrepancies are too large to be explained by temperature effects, and hypothesize the existence of cold knots containing very little hydrogen to explain the observations.
Because of conservation of potential vorticity caused by the poleward-moving winds on the subtropical ridge's western periphery and the increased relative vorticity of poleward moving water, transport is balanced by a narrow, accelerating poleward current, which flows along the western boundary of the ocean basin, outweighing the effects of friction with the cold western boundary current which originates from high latitudes.
After this, their marriage grew cold, probably due at least in part to the harsh effects of such a petty argument and her subsequent discomfort with his health problems.
Mean daily maximum temperatures range from, except at higher elevations and along the eastern seaboard, where the effects of a cold offshore current can be felt.
The Rocky Mountains shield Spokane from the winter season's cold air masses traveling southward across Canada, sparing the city from the worst effects of Arctic air in winter.
The cold and its effects extended across Europe, and it is now seen to be the last serious cold period at the end of the Little Ice Age of about 1400 – 1800.
Various types of Nettle have been studied for their effects on prostate hypertrophy, diabetes mellitus, rheumatic disease, hypertension, gastrointestinal symptoms, osteoarthritis, diarrhea, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, pain, constipation, gastrointestinal disease, headache, nausea, common cold, arthritis, asthma, bleeding, respiratory tract disease, allergic rhinitis, kidney disease, prostate cancer, skin disease and urinary tract disease.
Some astronomers put this down to the presence of small temperature fluctuations within H II regions ; others claim that the discrepancies are too large to be explained by temperature effects, and hypothesise the existence of cold knots containing very little hydrogen to explain the observations.
In severe cardiomyopathy, the effects of decreased cardiac output and poor perfusion become more apparent, and patients will manifest with cold and clammy extremities, cyanosis, claudication, generalized weakness, dizziness, and syncope.
Abscisic acid's effects are degraded within plant tissues during cold temperatures or by its removal by water washing in out of the tissues, releasing the seeds and buds from dormancy.
This is because: there is no land bridge between Southern Hemisphere countries and the Antarctic zone capable of bringing in cold air without the temperature-mitigating effects of extensive tracts of water ; the vastly greater amount of ocean in the Southern Hemisphere at all latitudes ; at this time in Earth's geologic history the Earth has an orbit which brings it in closer to the Southern Hemisphere for its warmer seasons ; there is a circumpolar flow of air ( the roaring 40s and 50s ) uninterrupted by large land masses ; no equivalent jet streams ; and the peculiarities of the reversing ocean currents in the Pacific.
In addition to the effects on nutrients, the mixing of the cold and warm currents often causes fog in the area.
This was then used by soldiers in the Thirty Years ' War by English troops and was an instant success for its believed warming properties on the body in cold weather and its calming effects before battle.
In a typical example: Barthes describes the image that has been built up around Red Wine and how it has been adopted as a French national drink, how it is seen as a social equaliser and the drink of the proletariat, partly because it is seen as blood-like ( as in Holy Communion ) and points out that very little attention is paid to red wine's harmful effects to health, but that it is instead viewed as life-giving and refreshing-' in cold weather, it is associated with all the myths of becoming warm, and at the height of summer, with all the images of shade, with all things cool and sparkling.
The report found evidence that NASA managers did not know of Thiokol's initial concerns about the effects of the cold on the O-rings, and did not understand that Rockwell viewed the large amount of ice present on the pad as a constraint to launch.
This is in part because it is intermediary between the Hadley and Polar cells, with neither a strong heat source nor a strong cold sink to drive convection and, in part, because of the effects on the upper atmosphere of surface eddies, which act as destabilizing influences.
The more intelligent and noble people are by nature, the more adaptable, sensitive, delicate and soft is their body ; on the other hand, the less they possess the capacity and disposition towards virtue, the more they lack adaptability ; and not only that, but the less sensitive are their bodies, the more can they tolerate extreme pain or the rapid alteration of heat and cold ; the they are exposed to illnesses, the more rapidly, their recovery from wounds that would be fatal for more sensitive peoples, and the more they can partake of the worst and most indigestible foods ... without noticeable ill effects.
Winters are cold, and subject to the effects of a blizzard wind, known as " crivăţ " ( this feature also gives the plain its name, derived from the Cuman language for " place where the blizzard is raging ").
Her work included research on the productivity of the algal component of cold desert soil crusts in the Great Basin Desert south of Snowville, Utah ; algal removal with intermittent sand filtration and prediction of minimum river flow necessary to maintain certain game fish ; the effects of increased salinity and oil shale leachates on freshwater phytoplankton productivity ; development of the Surface Impoundment Assessment document and computer program ( FORTRAN ) for current and future processing of data from surface impoundments in Utah ; and design and implementation of an algal bioassay center and a workshop for bioassay techniques for the Intermountain West.
They observed the effects of the removal of cuckoo eggs on the reproductive success of the magpie, and measured the magpie's reaction ; the egg was considered accepted if it remained in the nest, ejected if gone in between visits, or abandoned if the eggs were present but cold.

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