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entire and electron
Brenner's team sliced worms into thousands of ultrathin sections and photographed every section under an electron microscope, then visually matched fibers from section to section, to map out every neuron and synapse in the entire body.
In this " condensed " state, the breaking of one pair will change the energy of the entire condensate-not just a single electron, or a single pair.
The diamagnetism in this configuration arises from the single unpaired electron on superoxide aligning antiferromagnetically from the single unpaired electron on iron, to give no net spin to the entire configuration, in accordance with diamagnetic oxyhemoglobin from experiment.
The key limitation of electron beam lithography is throughput, i. e., the very long time it takes to expose an entire silicon wafer or glass substrate.
Thus the magnitude of the shift is related not to the Compton wavelength of the electron, but to the Compton wavelength of the entire atom, which can be upwards of 10 000 times smaller.
The primary advantages to the electron microscope based technique is the ability to resolve features down to 1 nanometer, the ability to measure an entire spectrum at each point ( hyperspectral imaging ) if the photomultiplier tube is replaced with a CCD camera, and the ability to perform nanosecond-to picosecond-level time-resolved measurements if the electron beam can be " chopped " into nano-or pico-second pulses.
In intrinsic devices the only available electrons are in the valence band, and hence the photon must have enough energy to excite the electron across the entire bandgap.
With a framebuffer, the electron beam ( if the display technology uses one ) is commanded to trace a left-to-right, top-to-bottom path across the entire screen, the way a television renders a broadcast signal.
When ionizing radiation is emitted by or absorbed by an atom, it can liberate a particle ( usually an electron, but sometimes an entire nucleus ) from the atom.
In de-localized or conjugated systems, such as phenol, benzene and compounds such as hemoglobin and chlorophyll, the electron density covers an entire region, i. e., in benzene they are found above and below the planar ring.
Einstein believed that there might be an asymmetry between the charges of the electron and proton so that the Earth's magnetic field would be produced by the entire Earth.
Brenner's team sliced worms into thousands of ultrathin sections and photographed every section under an electron microscope, then visually matched fibers from section to section, to map out every neuron and synapse in the entire body.
The electron image is periodically deflected horizontally and vertically (" raster scanning ") such that the entire image is read by the detector many times per second, producing an electrical signal that can be conveyed to a display device, such as a CRT monitor, to reproduce the image.
Valence bond theory now complements molecular orbital ( MO ) theory, which does not adhere to the VB idea that electron pairs are localized between two specific atoms in a molecule but that they are distributed in sets of molecular orbitals which can extend over the entire molecule.
The key limitation of electron beam lithography is throughput, i. e., the very long time it takes to expose an entire silicon wafer or glass substrate.
The systems work either by scanning the entire picture a dot at a time and modulating the laser directly at high frequency, much like the electron beams in a cathode ray tube, or by optically spreading and then modulating the laser and scanning a line at a time, the line itself being modulated in much the same way as with Digital Light Processing ( DLP ).
The simplest conception is that a light quantum transfers its entire energy to a single electron [...]
Ecstasy, says Charon, is the higher level of excitement felt when the electron fills one plane with photon energy, to the threshold at which it jumps to the next quantum level — ignites, until the entire system is fully energized.
* electron correlation, referring to the validity of representing the entire many-body wavefunction using the Hartree-Fock wavefunction, i. e. a single Slater determinant composed of orbitals that are the eigenfunctions of the corresponding self-consistent Fock operator.

entire and image
The most obvious of these is the quadratic complex of tangents to Q, each line of which is transformed into the entire pencil of lines tangent to Q at the image of the point of tangency of the given line.
Clearly, any line, l, of any bundle having one of these points of tangency, T, as vertex will be transformed into the entire pencil having the image of the second intersection of L and Q as vertex and lying in the plane determined by the image point and the generator of Af which is tangent to **zg at T.
The entire concept of cerebral imagery as the physical basis of a mental image can find no logical support.
This image of diatomaceous earth particles in water is at a scale of 6. 236 pixels / micrometer, the entire image covers a region of approximately 1. 13 by 0. 69 millimeter.
In some cases, it may be desirable to have the entire image sharp, and a large DOF is appropriate.
Performing alpha blending is an expensive operation if performed on an entire image or 3D scene.
* Class 3 fax devices are responsible for virtually the entire fax session, given little more than a phone number and the text to send ( including rendering ASCII text as a raster image ).
Many GIF files have a single image that fills the entire logical screen.
( NASA officially credits the image to the entire Apollo 17 crew.
The entire image for the frame must be output when the visual difference between the two frames is so great that representing the new image incrementally from the previous frame would be more complex and would require even more bits than reproducing the whole image.
The facsimile ( fax ) machine took this one step further: an entire letter could be completely transferred electrically from the sender's house to the receiver's house by means of the telephone network as an image.
The effect is that the image is perceived as a whole by the viewer as long as the entire path is completed during the visual persistence time of the human eye.
Tombaugh decided to image the entire zodiac, rather than focus on those regions suggested by Lowell.
There are two approaches to reconstructing data from such a scanner: 1 ) treat each ring as a separate entity, so that only coincidences within a ring are detected, the image from each ring can then be reconstructed individually ( 2D reconstruction ), or 2 ) allow coincidences to be detected between rings as well as within rings, then reconstruct the entire volume together ( 3D ).
Usually the intermediate frequency is lower than the reception frequency f < small >< sub > d </ sub ></ small >, but in some modern receivers ( e. g. scanners and spectrum analyzers ) it is more convenient to first convert an entire band to a much higher intermediate frequency ; this eliminates the problem of image rejection.
This image of diatomaceous earth particles in water is at a scale of 6. 236 pixels / μm, the entire image covers a region of approximately 1. 13 by 0. 69 mm.
Some of the techniques that can be applied in a more limited scope, such as macro compression ( which saves space by collapsing common sequences of instructions ), are more effective when the entire executable task image is available for analysis.
The stone is wetted, with water staying only on the surface not covered in grease-based residue of the drawing ; the stone is then ' rolled up ', meaning oil ink is applied with a roller covering the entire surface ; since water repels the oil in the ink, the ink adheres only to the greasy parts, perfectly inking the image.
Monotypes can also be created by inking an entire surface and then, using brushes or rags, removing ink to create a subtractive image, e. g. creating lights from a field of opaque color.
In shooting VistaVision, the film was run horizontally rather than vertically, and instead of exposing one 4-perf frame twice, the entire eight perforations were used for one image.

entire and is
The true artist is like one of those scientists who, from a single bone can reconstruct an animal's entire body.
To Adams that age in which religion exercised power over the entire culture of the race was one of imagination, and it is largely the admiration he so obviously held for such eras that betrays a peculiar religiosity -- a sentiment he would have probably denied.
He began the dialogue by having his wife announce that one does not invade people's homes without warning them that one is coming, and went on from that with the entire catalogue of his social gaucheries.
The entire exercise, Latin and English, is most suggestive of the kind of person Milton had become at Christ's during his undergraduate career ; ;
The work as it stands is not the entire book that Malraux wrote at that time -- it is only the first section of a three-part novel called La Lutte avec l'Ange ; ;
The entire middle section of The Walnut Trees is taken up with the life of Vincent Berger himself, whose fragmentary notes on his `` encounters with mankind '' are now conveyed by his son.
He mentions the beats only once '', when he refers to their having revived through mere power and abandonment and the unwillingness to, commit death in life some idea of a decent equivalent between verbal expression and actual experience,, but the entire narrative, is written in the tiresome vocabulary `` of '' that lost `` and '' dying cause, `` and in the '' `` sprung syntax that is supposed to supplant, our mother, tongue.
What they have objected to is the attempt of the Russians to make use of the tragedy of Dag Hammarskjold's death to turn the entire U.N. staff from the Secretary down into political agents of the respective countries from which they come.
For the first time in history the entire world is dominated by two large, powerful nations armed with murderous nuclear weapons that make conventional warfare of the past a nullity.
If an atom bomb in 1945 could destroy an entire city surely the atomic arsenal we now have is more than adequate to fulfill any military objective required of it.
This is done by encouraging the entire male student body to participate in either the intercollegiate or intramural sports program and by sponsoring the Carleton cheerleaders.
As you can see, in this Push-Pull Super Set the entire chest-back-shoulder area is vigorously exercised in alternate sectors by alternate exercises so the complete torso remains pumped-up all the time!!
By this time Henri's entire chest-back-lat-shoulder area is pumped-up to almost bursting point, and Claude takes time to do a bit more pectoral-front deltoid shaping work.
We must make certain that the aircraft is finished before we give the entire job to the missile.
The transducer itself moves the beam in a sector scan, just like a radar antenna, while the entire transducer structure is moved over a 90-degree arc in front of the eye to `` look into '' all corners.
The total picture is only seen by the camera which integrates the many sector scans over the entire 90-degree rotation period.
Indeed, the experiment is better viewed as consisting of one binomial trial for the entire family.
The graph of f has at least one component whose support is the entire interval Aj.
We have shown that the graph of F contains at least one component whose inverse is the entire interval {0,T}, and whose multiplicity is odd.
Each generator, **yl, of Af is also exceptional, for each is transformed into the entire congruence of secants of the curve into which that generator is transformed by the point involution on Q.

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