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episode and featured
* He was a featured panelist ( with Lars Ulrich ) on the May 12, 2000 episode of the Charlie Rose show.
He has been featured in an interview segment in a 1997 episode of This Week In Baseball.
The following episode, transmitted Monday 3 November, was videotaped in colour but featured black and white film inserts and title sequence.
* The character of Dr. Hesselius is featured in a Mutual Broadcasting Network radio drama entitled " The Shadow People ", an episode from The Hall of Fantasy series ( 1946 – 1947, 1949 – 1952, 1952, 1953 ).
" The Disease ", an episode of Star Trek: Voyager featured some artificially-engineered silicon-based parasites, and an Enterprise episode, " Observer Effect ", also presented a lethal silicon-based virus.
They were both written by Sylvia Anderson and the first one featured a short text story based on the pilot episode of the TV series.
": A comedic duet featured on the premiere episode and holds firm as one of the series ' most famous and endearing sketches.
The song featured a new verse every episode.
episode " The Most Adequate Christmas Ever ," Heaven is featured.
The case, Chilvers, Hayling, and a replica of Chilvers ' original board were featured on an episode of the BBC's The One Show in 2009.
Portions of her video for " Universal Heartbeat " were featured in an episode of MTV's " Beavis and Butt-Head ".
He was featured in the Friends episode " The One Where Rosita Dies " as a suicidal supply manager named Earl.
He featured in the 2005 Monk episode " Mr. Monk and the Other Detective " as Monk's rival, Marty Eels.
* The song " Christmas Rappin was featured during a Christmas episode of the TV sitcom Martin.
* Freddie Frobisher, the flatulent hermit of Lindisfarne, is featured in Blackadder the second, episode Beer.
* The Discovery Channel's Curiosity TV series featured an episode where Eli Roth recreated the experiment asking the question, " 50 years later, have we changed?
( They are similar to the creatures in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode " Evolution ", which featured " nanites " taking over the Enterprise.
Eichenwald, two prosecutors, an FBI agent, and Mark Whitacre ( during his incarceration ) were featured on a September 15, 2000, episode of the radio program This American Life about the ADM case.
* The 1993 Rugrats episode, " The Blizzard ", featured an attempt by the babies to reach the " North Pole " in their back yard, aided by " Angelinook of the North ".
The music came from an episode of TV show Glee, which recreated several scenes from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, including the opening credits, and featured Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf in cameo roles.
" Dancing on My Own " was also featured at the end of the episode.
On 10 December 2011, Robyn was featured as the musical guest on the episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Katy Perry, where she performed Call Your Girlfriend and Dancing On My Own.
In 2012, Robyn's ( Dancing on My Own ) was featured at the end of episode three ( All Adventurous Women Do ) of the new HBO series " Girls.
* “ Failure to Communicate ,” an episode of Fox ’ s medical television series House, M. D., featured a patient experiencing both receptive aphasia and agraphia.

episode and guest
Campbell made a critically acclaimed dramatic guest role as a grief-stricken detective seeking revenge for his father's murder in a two-part episode of the fourth season of Homicide: Life on the Street.
Also in 1965, he guest starred on an episode of " I Dream of Jeannie " ( Whatever Became Of Baby Custer?
Hartley appears in the memorable double-length episode " Married " ( in which David finds another source of help with whom he falls in love and marries ), and subsequently won an Emmy Award for her guest appearance.
Bixby made his last acting appearance in 1992, guest starring on an episode of Diagnosis: Murder.
In 1999, he guest starred as Dr. John York in an episode of the television series The Outer Limits.
In 2007, he made a guest appearance on the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode " Dependent " as a Mafia lawyer.
Flockhart has announced that she is guest starring in Dexter in the seventh season opening episode.
Later, he guest starred on NBC's medical drama The Eleventh Hour in the role of Hal Kincaid in the 1962 episode " Make Me a Place ", with series co-stars Wendell Corey and Jack Ging.
* 1976: Saturday Night Live ( 1 episode, as host, musical guest and skit player )
In March 2010, Devo appeared as the musical guest for an episode of the children's program Yo Gabba Gabba !, in which they performed an altered version of " Watch Us Work It "
The final single, " Road to Love ," was poorly received. Jones and Maureen McCormick in 1971 during The Brady Bunch episode in which he was a guest star Jones also continued acting after the Monkees, either as himself or another character.
Arden had a very brief guest role in a 1955 I Love Lucy episode entitled " L. A. at Last " in which she played herself.
* Knight Rider episode " Blind Spot ", guest role as blind Julie Robinson ( 1983 )
Brooks also subsequently appeared as Gaines in a television mockumentary for the VH1 series Behind the Music and as the musical guest on an episode of Saturday Night Live which he hosted as himself.
Chapman was also to have played a guest role as a television presenter in the Red Dwarf episode " Timeslides ", but died before filming was to have started.
* " Hee Haw Salutes ...": Two or three times in each episode, Hee Haw would salute a selected town ( or a guest star's hometown ) and announce its population, which was sometimes altered for levity, at which point the entire cast would then ' pop up ' from the cornfield, shouting " SAA-LUTE !!
Despite a fallout from record sales, Brown enjoyed something of a resurgence in this period starting with cameo roles in the feature films The Blues Brothers, Doctor Detroit and Rocky IV, as well as guest starring in the Miami Vice episode " Missing Hours " ( 1988 ).
In 1997, Spader guest starred in an episode of Seinfeld as an angry recovering alcoholic who refuses to apologize to George for making fun of him.
Spader was one of a number of prominent guest stars in " Search Committee ," the final episode of season 7 of The Office.
In 2007, Alexander was a guest star in the third episode of the improv comedy series Thank God You're Here.
In 2011, Alexander was the guest star in an episode of Harry's Law, playing a high school teacher bringing a wrongful dismissal suit.
Spacey hosted Saturday Night Live twice: first in 1997 with musical guest Beck and special guests Michael Palin and John Cleese from Monty Python's Flying Circus ; and again in the last episode of season 31 with musical guest Nelly Furtado.
She made a guest appearance in the episode after Phil Hartman's death.
On February 2, 2009, she returned to the role of Alexx Woods for a guest appearance in the episode " Smoke Gets In Your CSI's ".

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