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equally and ardent
By this time, the affairs of the expedition had become almost desperate, largely because the officers were ardent royalists and the crews equally ardent revolutionaries.
A number of traditional Labour supporters considered Leslie to be an ardent Blairite, though he was in fact equally close to Gordon Brown, one of whose staff he married, and whose campaign for election as Labour leader he helped run.
All of these novels featured Kirst's unique blend of deadpan humor and devastating satire, with leading characters often shown positioning themselves as outspoken, ardent Nazis during the Third Reich era before effortlessly flipping to become equally ardent in their claims to have been anti-Nazi and 100 % pro-democracy or pro-communist, whichever was to their advantage, after the tide turned.

equally and proponent
The first proponent of such a view, Henri Poincaré, reacting to the creation of the new non-euclidean geometry, argued that which geometry applied to a space was decided by convention, since different geometries will describe a set of objects equally well, based on considerations from his sphere-world.
Pamela Frank ( born June 20, 1967 ) is an American violinist, equally well known as a soloist and as a proponent of chamber music.
" Brian Martin, a proponent of the OPV AIDS hypothesis, argued at the conclusion of the conference that if other AIDS-origin hypotheses were scrutinized in such detail, they would prove equally unsatisfying.
André Bjerke was, together with his equally famous cousin Jens Bjørneboe, also known as a prominent proponent of the Riksmål language during the Norwegian language struggle, and of anthroposophy, especially in the 1950s.

equally and freedom
In this work he depicted a land where there would be freedom of religion-showing a Jew treated fairly and equally in an island of Christians, but it has been debated whether this work had influenced others reforms, such as greater rights for women, the abolition of slavery, elimination of debtors ' prisons, separation of church and state, and freedom of political expression, although there is no hint of these reforms in The New Atlantis itself.
Whereas capitalist ( and right-libertarian ) principles concentrate economic power in the hands of those who own the most capital, libertarian socialism aims to distribute power, and thus freedom, more equally amongst members of society.
Hence, love, deserved respect, and forgiveness all seem to be equally important to the freedom from the pressure to obey the rules just because they are commonly accepted.
# Belief in God, whereby all religions are treated equally and have religious freedom.
" protections against " cruel and unusual punishments ", baseless search and seizure, and the guarantees of a trial by jury, freedom of the press, freedom of religion (" all men are equally entitled to the free exercise of religion "), and " the proper, natural, and safe defence of a free state " rested in a well regulated militia composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, that standing armies in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty ; Article 8 protects a person against " being deprived of his liberty except by the law of the land " which later evolved into the due process clause in the federal Bill of Rights.
Consultation of the chi-squared distribution for 1 degree of freedom shows that the probability of observing this difference ( or a more extreme difference than this ) if men and women are equally numerous in the population is approximately 0. 23.
But equally, Thomas and Znaniecki ( 1918 ) stress that the sudden freedom of immigrants released from the controls of Europe to the unrestrained competition of the new city was a dynamic for growth.
Thermal energy is thus equally partitioned between all available quadratic degrees of freedom of the particles.
The original idea of equipartition was that, in thermal equilibrium, energy is shared equally among all of its various forms ; for example, the average kinetic energy per degree of freedom in the translational motion of a molecule should equal that of its rotational motions.
The excitement is due to the knowledge that here is an addition to the oeuvre of an artist who is the rare to find, possessor of freedom derived equally from intellect and soul .”
: Our vision is a vibrantly diverse democratic society in which everyone is treated equally under the law, given the freedom and opportunity to pursue their dreams, and encouraged to participate in our nation ’ s civic and political life.
While Hayek is opposed to regulations which restrict the freedom to enter a trade, or to buy and sell at any price, or to control quantities, he acknowledges the utility of regulations which restrict allowed methods of production, so long as these are applied equally to everyone and not used as an indirect way of controlling prices or quantities, and without forgetting the cost of such restrictions:
According to the Supreme Court of Canada's Section 15 jurisprudence, the equality guarantees of section 15 are aimed at preventing the " violation of essential human dignity and freedom through the imposition of disadvantage, stereotyping, or political and social prejudices, and to promote a society in which all persons enjoy equal recognition at law as human beings or as members of Canadian society, equally capable and equally deserving of concern, respect and consideration.
At the end of Shin Megami Tensei, the protagonist decided to create a world where both Law and Chaos would exist equally, and people would have the freedom to choose and believe whatever they wished.
" She then said " conscientious beliefs which are not religiously motivated are equally protected by freedom of conscience in s.
It wants itself to live in freedom, and in the confidence that the people of every other nation enjoy equally the right of choosing their own way of life.
The Wells sentimental romanticism, traditional form, and lofty style – using words like withal, betoken and hath – did not appeal to Modernist aesthetics ; not all those willing to defend it on grounds of literary freedom were equally willing to praise its artistry.
The Kingdom of Italy inherited in effect the Piedmontese-Sardinian constitution and on 18 March 1871 a major advance in religious freedom in the country was made by an order of the day introduced by the liberal reformist Pasquale Stanislao Mancini which established that all religions should be treated equally.
Left-libertarianism names several related but distinct approaches to politics, society, culture, and political and social theory, which stress equally both individual freedom and social justice.
And work, properly conducted in conditions of human dignity and freedom, blesses those who do it and equally their products.
* An Arrow Against All Tyrants ( 1646 ) is best known for the line written by Overton which was paraphrased by others, including Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence: " by natural birth, all men are equally and alike born to like propriety, liberty and freedom "

equally and from
For the oyabun to make such a trip was either a sign of great weakness or an indication of equally great confidence, and from all the available information it was probably the latter.
And the solutions to the problems of the commuter lines have been equally varied, ranging all the way from Government ownership to complete discontinuance of this important service.
The manager of a movie theater received a telephone call from a woman who was equally indefinite.
In the morning she found rooms directly across from the Excelsior at the equally luxurious Hotel Ambassador.
Love and compassion are components of all forms of Buddhism, and are focused on all beings equally: love is the wish that all beings be happy, and compassion is the wish that all beings be free from suffering.
Much of its shock value derives from the fact that the first portion of the essay describes the plight of starving beggars in Ireland, so that the reader is unprepared for the surprise of Swift's solution when he states, " A young healthy child well nursed, is, at a year old, a most delicious nourishing and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled ; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricassee, or a ragoust.
* Linear, when a number of firing units are equally distant from the linear kill zone.
In this system, sons are preferred from eldest to youngest, the heirs of a son over the next son, and any son over daughters, but there is no preference among daughters: they or their heirs inherit equally.
:" In pity of their errors, our archbishop ordained as their diocesan capital Birka, which is in the middle of Sweden ( Sueoniae ) facing Jumne ( Iumnem ), the capital of the Slavs, and equally distant from all the coasts of the surrounding sea.
Finding similar conclusions from multiple independent methods is also evidence for the reliability of the methods themselves, because consilience eliminates the possibility of all potential errors that do not affect all the methods equally.
The design as a whole is aimed at the die providing a randomly determined integer from one to six, each of those values being equally likely.
From a theoretical perspective, both tao and dao transliterations if pronounced according to English spelling conventions are equally close to, or far from, the Standard Chinese pronunciation of.
It is equally unclear whether Tatian took the Syriac Gospel texts composited into his Diatessaron from a previous translation, or whether the translation was his own.
The Etruscans ' objets d ' art are of incalculable value, causing a brisk black market and equally brisk law enforcement effort, as it is against the law to remove objects from Etruscan tombs unless authorized by the Italian government.
In Southwold he had the best cloth from the local tailor, but was equally happy in his tramping outfit.
Accordingly, there are strict limits to what can be expected from any a priori deduction of experience, and this limitation, for Fichte, equally applies to Kant's transcendental philosophy.
Besides using Gothic architecture as a setting, with the aim of eliciting certain associations from the reader, there was an equally close association between the use of Gothic architecture and the storylines of Gothic novels, with the architecture often serving as a mirror for the characters and the plot lines of the story.
In fact, Bayesian inference can be used to show that when the long-run proportion of different outcomes are unknown but exchangeable ( meaning that the random process from which they are generated may be biased but is equally likely to be biased in any direction ) previous observations demonstrate the likely direction of the bias, such that the outcome which has occurred the most in the observed data is the most likely to occur again.
For example, specifying the outcome of a fair coin flip ( two equally likely outcomes ) provides less information ( lower entropy ) than specifying the outcome from a roll of a ( six equally likely outcomes ).
The interwiki concept can equally be applied to links from non-wiki websites.
The critical frames from the Arkansas video that were used to identify the bird as an Ivory-billed Woodpecker are shown to be equally, or more, compatible with the Pileated Woodpecker .… The identification of the bird filmed in Arkansas in April 2004 as an Ivory-billed Woodpecker is best regarded as unsafe.
* ambiguity-when two or more different meanings can be interpreted equally well from a certain word or phrase
Which condition, if it is not an assumed or imperfect, but a genuine and thorough insanity, and is proved by the testimony of intelligent witnesses, makes the act like that of an infant, and equally bestows the privilege of an entire exemption from any manner of pain ; Cum alterum innocentia concilii tuetur, alterum fati infelicitas excusat.

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