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estate and was
The family estate was situated near Vadstena on Lake Vattern in south central Sweden.
Miriam was stopped at the Taliesin gate, and William Weston, now the estate foreman, came out to parley.
The lyricist's father was a lawyer who had branched out into real estate.
So what Fred and Ralph did was to attempt to prorate the money fairly by taking into account what each of the five had received, if anything, from the estate before Papa's death.
And that's how Papa's estate was divided.
The bank which held the mortgage on the old church declared that the interest was considerably in arrears, and the real estate people said flatly that the land across the river was being held for an eventual development for white working people who were coming in, and that none would be sold to colored folk.
There was an air of blindness in her gray eyes, the startled-horse look that ultimately comes to some women who are born at the end of an ancestral line long since divorced from money-making and which, besides, has kept its estate intact.
She had quarreled with Lucien, she had resisted his demands for money -- and if she died, by the provisions of her marriage contract, Lucien would inherit legally not only the immediate sum of gold under the floorboards in the office, but later, when the war was over, her father's entire estate.
Two millions were added to what had been set aside for it in Mrs. Meeker's lifetime, and the proviso made that as long as Brian Thayer continued to discharge his duties as administrator of the fund to the satisfaction of the board of trustees ( hereinafter appointed by the bank administering the estate ) he was to be retained in his present capacity at a salary commensurate with the increased responsibilities enlargement of the fund would entail.
He wondered whether Needham was going to swear off gambling and get a steady job or whether he was counting on the income from Betty's estate to subsidize him.
The gift is being presented by `` heirs and descendants of the Rutherford family of New Jersey, whose famous estate, `` Tranquility '', was located near the Duncan Phyfe workshop at Andover, N. J..
They would become tagged as men not interested in being purely real estate `` professionals '' but agitators for some kind of `` cause '' or `` reform '', and this was no longer to be a `` pro ''.
Freddy needed a job, having been detached from a rather dangerous career in real estate and skyscraper financing by Gerry, and it was up to Arthur Willis to provide him with one.
Lincoln was close to the Todds, and he and his family occasionally visited the Todd estate in Lexington.
Lynchehaun had been employed by McDonnell as her land agent, but the two fell out and he was sacked and told to quit his accommodation on her estate.
On May 23, 1845, Abby May was granted a sum from her father's estate which was put into a trust fund, granting minor financial security.
The nucleus of the estate was a small farm of, called Cartleyhole, nicknamed Clarty ( i. e., muddy ) Hole, and was bought by Scott on the lapse of his lease ( 1811 ) of the neighbouring house of Ashestiel.
Towards 57, Agrippina was expelled from the palace and went to live in a riverside estate in Misenum.
A prominent family with this surname is the Cuban noble family that was involved in Cuban real estate prior to the 1959 Cuban Revolution.
In May 2007 the executor of his widow's estate, French foreign minister Roland Dumas, was convicted of illegally selling Giacometti's works to a top auctioneer.
The bulk of the documents relate to the running of a large, private estate is named after Heroninos because he was phrontistes ( Koine Greek: manager ) of the estate which had a complex and standarised system of accounting which was followed by all its local farm managers.

estate and conveniently
Washington's scheme for Potomac River improvement also happened to pass conveniently by his Mount Vernon estate and extend westward toward some of undeveloped land in his possession ).

estate and located
Bletchley Park is an estate located in the town of Bletchley, in Buckinghamshire, England, which currently houses the National Codes Centre and the National Museum of Computing.
Estimates from 2006 showed that only three viable nesting sites were available for this ancient bird, one located 80 miles from Dubai, and two smaller sites in Oman, all of which are in the process of becoming real estate developments.
The University was located on seven sites of which five were in Manchester ( All Saints, Aytoun, Didsbury, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Hollings ) and two were in Cheshire ( Alsager and Crewe ) and has begun to ' rationalise ' its estate with a view to reducing the number of sites to two.
" The family name " Rickover " is derived from the village and the estate of Ryki, located within an hour of Warsaw, as is Maków Mazowiecki.
Welk was the general partner in a commercial real estate development located at 100 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, California.
It is located in Ballyboley Forest Park near the site of the original John Houston estate.
Some sources say that the county was named for Archibald Cary's estate " Buckingham " which was located on Willis Creek.
Once a small château located between the royal residences of Vincennes and Fontainebleau, the estate of Vaux-le-Vicomte was purchased by Nicolas Fouquet in 1641.
The Hall is located in an estate made up of ancient woodlands, lawns, lakes and gardens.
Linstead was located on the Severn River on Round Bay in Anne Arundel County and consisted of ninety acres and was part of the Riggs estate.
Norfolk is perhaps best known as the site of the Yale Summer School of Music Norfolk Chamber Music Festival, which hosts an annual chamber music concert series in " the Music Shed ," a performance hall located on the Ellen Battell Stoeckel estate to the west of the village green.
Henlopen Acres and Greenville ( where the DuPont estate is located ) are the two richest places in Delaware, all but tied for highest personal incomes, averaging over $ 80, 000 per annum.
Perryville is home to the largest linwood tree in Maryland, located at 50 Millcreek Road on an estate known formerly as the Anchorage.
The school is located on at the former Joseph Skinner estate.
The Whitin Community Center, operated by a non-profit organization and commonly called " The Gym ", is located at 60 Main Street on what used to be the John C. Whitin estate.
Purves acquired a land grant in 1870 for a parcel of real estate which was located, at that time, in Marion County, Mississippi.
The Fells Historic Site, located adjacent to the John Hay National Wildlife Refuge, is part of protected of a forest country estate.
The estate, located at Crocker Mansion Drive, Mahwah, is one of New Jersey's historical landmarks.
A portion of Fairleigh Dickinson University's College at Florham is located in Madison on the former Vanderbilt estate.
The John Quincy Adams Elementary School, opened in 1963, is said to be located on the actual Adams estate.
Casey had purchased the Nathanial Conklin estate in 1874 and he wanted a rail depot and post office located closer than the LIRR Deer Park depot that had opened in 1853.
An industrial estate is located to the south of the town.
Taxes include 48. 39 mills real estate tax in 2007 for district properties located in Northumberland County.

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