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event and became
In any event, the extraordinary result of this injury was that he became `` psychically blind '', while at the same time, apparently, the sense of touch remained essentially intact.
Ares was acquitted, and this event is supposed to have given rise to the name Areopagus ( or Hill of Ares ), which afterward became famous as a court of justice.
The prize was originally known as the Booker-McConnell Prize, after the company Booker-McConnell began sponsoring the event in 1968 ; it became commonly known as the " Booker Prize " or simply " the Booker.
Although historically inaccurate, the legend of the Greek messenger Pheidippides running to Athens with news of the victory became the inspiration for this athletic event, introduced at the 1896 Athens Olympics, and originally run between Marathon and Athens.
When the idea of a modern Olympics became a reality at the end of the 19th century, the initiators and organizers were looking for a great popularizing event, recalling the ancient glory of Greece.
Numerous groups of organisms became extinct during the K-Pg extinction event, most notably the non-avian dinosaurs.
Non-avian dinosaur fossils are found only below the K – T boundary, indicating that they became extinct during the boundary event .< ref > A very small number of dinosaur fossils have been found above the K – T boundary, but they have been explained as reworked fossils, that is, fossils that have been eroded from their original locations then preserved in later sedimentary layers.
Numerous species of benthic foraminifera became extinct during the K – Pg extinction event, presumably because they depend on organic debris for nutrients, since the biomass in the ocean is thought to have decreased.
Jouve and colleagues suggested in 2008 that juvenile marine crocodyliforms lived in freshwater environments like modern marine crocodile juveniles, which would have helped them survive where other marine reptiles became extinct ; freshwater environments were not as strongly affected by the K – Pg extinction event as marine environments.
This event became known as Von Bredow's Death Ride after the brigade commander Adalbert von Bredow ; it would be used in the following decades to argue that massed cavalry charges still had a place on the modern battlefield.
The majority of non-avian dinosaurs became extinct during that time .< ref > The boundary event was severe with a significant amount of variability in the rate of extinction between and among different clades.
In 1905, Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau became the first national anthem to be sung at the start of a sporting event.
After Morgan began singing, the crowd joined in, and Wales became the first nation to sing a national anthem at the start of a sporting event.
Greenberg was sold to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1947, became the very first baseball player to earn over $ 80, 000 / year in salary ( he was paid $ 100, 000, ($ today ) plus $ 25, 000 that his contract with Detroit called for in the event they sold or traded him ).
Due to its popularity in the region, the Eastern European countries that refined the event became the dominant force in the sport when it was reintroduced.
The event was significant not only for Yugoslavia and Tito, but also for the global development of socialism, since it was the first major split between Communist states, casting doubt on Comintern's claims for socialism to be a unified force that would eventually control the whole world, as Tito became the first ( and the only successful ) socialist leader to defy Stalin's leadership in the COMINFORM.
Many years after Shancai ( Sudhana ) became a disciple of Guanyin, a distressing event happened in the South China Sea.
The Leipzig Trade Fair, started in the Middle Ages, became an event of international importance and is the oldest remaining trade fair in the world.
In the United States, the New York parade became an annual event that year, and in 1894 was adopted by American president Grover Cleveland to compete with International Workers ' Day ( May Day ).
After the conclusion of the New Krypton event, Luthor became the lead character in Action Comics and will remain so until issue # 900.
The lower ( Triassic ) boundary is set by the Permian-Triassic extinction event, during which approximately 90 % to 96 % of marine species and 70 % of terrestrial vertebrates became extinct.
The German title satirizes the German custom of giving a subtitle to the name of dramas in the form of " Ein Drama in ... Akten " ( A Drama of ... acts ), which became dictums in colloquial usage for any event with an unpleasant or dramatic course, e. g. " Bundespräsidentenwahl-Drama in drei Akten " ( Federal presidential Elections-Drama in Three Acts ).
Billy Kidd, part Abenaki from Vermont, became the first American male to medal in alpine skiing in the Olympics, taking silver at age 20 in the slalom in the 1964 Winter Olympics at Innsbruck, Austria. Six years later at the 1970 World Championships, Kidd won the gold medal in the combined event and took the bronze medal in the slalom.
The introduction of Hinduism in itself became the cataclysmic event in the undoing of the Magar empire.

event and subject
As well, as time passes, subjects may exhibit a strong recollection of having the " unsettling " experience of déjà vu itself, but little or no recollection of the specifics of the event ( s ) or circumstance ( s ) which were the subject of the déjà vu experience itself ( the events that were being " remembered ").
The fired rockfall event is mentioned only by Livy ; Polybius is mute on the subject and there is no evidence of carbonized rock at the only two-tier rockfall in the Western Alps, located below the Col de la Traversette ( Mahaney, 2008 ).
Later, on January 3, 1891, Baum reverted to the subject in an editorial response to the event:
In 1956, he edited an important book on the subject, La grève de l ' amiante, which argued that the strike was a seminal event in Quebec's history, marking the beginning of resistance to the conservative, Francophone clerical establishment and Anglophone business class that had long ruled the province.
In computer science, real-time computing ( RTC ), or reactive computing, is the study of hardware and software systems that are subject to a " real-time constraint "— e. g. operational deadlines from event to system response.
Ragnarök is an important event in the Norse canon, and has been the subject of scholarly discourse and theory.
Sometimes, it is the event itself that is the subject of the suit or prosecution ( such as a crime or personal injury ), but it may also be an event such as the discovery of a condition one wishes to redress, such as discovering a defect in a manufactured good, or in the case of controversial " repressed memory " cases where someone discovers memories of childhood sexual abuse long afterwards.
Seizures can occur after a subject witnesses a traumatic event.
This is subject only to a remoteness cap, familiar from negligence when the event is unusual and unpredictable.
He argues that a one-time event is subject to improbability but once under way, natural selection itself is nothing like random chance.
In any event any amounts are subject to normal taxation as ordinary income.
Perhaps the ultimate in anti-reductionism, "' Pataphysics seeks no less than to view each event in the universe as completely unique, subject to no laws but its own.
* The native is the subject of the event ( a birth, for example ) being charted at a particular time and place, and is considered to be at the centre of the celestial sphere.
The wavelets forming a continuous wavelet transform ( CWT ) are subject to the uncertainty principle of Fourier analysis respective sampling theory: Given a signal with some event in it, one cannot assign simultaneously an exact time and frequency response scale to that event.
Therefore, the crossing is subject to major traffic congestion and disruption in the event of accidents or bad weather.
Panoramic paintings are massive artworks that reveal a wide, all-encompassing view of a particular subject, often a landscape, military battle, or historical event.
This event was a favorite subject for Italian painters.
Since the mythic event drew together numerous heroes — among whom were many who were venerated as progenitors of their local ruling houses among tribal groups of Hellenes into Classical times — the Calydonian Boar hunt offered a natural subject in classical art, for it was redolent with the web of myth that gathered around its protagonists on other occasions, around their half-divine descent and their offspring.
This was a monumental event throughout the colonies and became the subject matter for the first plays ever written on American soil-A Dialogue Between Andrew Trueman and Thomas Zealot About the Killing the Indians at Cannestogoe and Lancaster and The Paxton Boys, a Farce.
The normal speed limit on the bridge is 80 km / h, subject to lowering in the event of road work or strong wind.
Those subject to the practice respond differently, usually depending both on the circumstances of the event, and the nature of the practices being applied.
One event which really galvanised him was the 1840 Damascus Affair in which Jews in Damascus had been subject to blood libel and accused of murdering an old Catholic monk.

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