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events and January
The Middle East, Australia and New Zealand hold their events between January and March.
" 30 January 1972 " deals specifically with the events of Bloody Sunday.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt ( or ; January 30, 1882 – April 12, 1945 ), also known by his initials, FDR, was the 32nd President of the United States ( 1933 – 1945 ) and a central figure in world events during the mid-20th century, leading the United States during a time of worldwide economic depression and total war.
The events of July 1917 did not bring about the Red Revolution in January 1918 on their own, but together with political development based on the labour movement's interpretation of the ideas of fennomania and socialism since the 1880's, these events were decisive for the nature, content, and goals of a Finnish revolution.
The Irish author grew up in the famous Republican stronghold of the Creggan Estate, Derry, Northern Ireland, at the height of the troubles and was a schoolboy witness to the tragic events of Bloody Sunday, 30 January 1972.
In January 1946, events came to a head when Lescot jailed the Marxist editors of a journal called La Ruche ( The Beehive ).
* On February 3, 2009, the events of January 21 have repeated.
The game was played at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, on January 18, 1976, one of the first major national events of the United States Bicentennial year.
The real U-571 was never involved in any such events, was not captured, and was in fact sunk in January 1944, off Ireland, by a Short Sunderland flying boat from No. 461 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force.
* January 11 – German saboteurs set off the Kingsland Explosion at Kingsland, NJ ( now Lyndhurst, NJ ), one of the events leading to U. S. involvement in WWI.
* Eagle Eye ( 2008 ): The events of the movie take place between 26 January and 12 April 2009.
On January 28, 1986, he planned to give his address, but after learning of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, he postponed it for a week and addressed the nation on the day's events.
Between January 1973 and December 1974, the average lost 48 % of its value in what became known as the 1973 – 1974 Stock Market Crash ; with the situation being exacerbated by the events surrounding the Yom Kippur War.
Among the major events of Louis XVI's reign was his signing of the Edict of Versailles, also known as the Edict of Tolerance, on 7 November 1787, which was registered in the parlement on 29 January 1788.
Berlioz took full advantage of his times as editor, allowing himself to increase his articles written on music history rather than current events, evidenced by him publishing seven articles on Gluck in the Gazette between June 1834 and January 1835.
On January 3, 2009, a new website LotusFlow3r. com was launched, streaming some of the recently-aired material (" Crimson and Clover ", "( There'll Never B ) Another Like Me " and " Here Eye Come ") and promising opportunities to listen to and buy music by Prince and guests, watch videos and buy concert tickets for future events.
Viva Lewes was founded as a weekly web magazine in January 2006 and also as a monthly print handbook in October 2006 covering events and activities in and around the Lewes area.
In his summary of the events of 1483, Commines says quite categorically that Richard was responsible for the murder of the princes, but of course Commines had been present at the meeting of the Estates-General of France in January 1484, when the statement was taken at face value.
On January 14, alongside The Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Airplane headlined the now-legendary " Human Be-In ", the famous all-day ' happening ' staged in Golden Gate Park, one of the key events leading up to the " Summer of Love ".
In Porto Alegre, the flagship space for the WSF, events and speakers were held from January 25 – 29, entitled " FSM 10 Years: Greater Porto Alegre ".
On the other hand, the events of January 1905 in Russia once more seemed to underscore the suitability of the general strike as a decisively revolutionary action.
HBO World Championship Boxing is a sports television series, premiering in January 1973 that has shown a number of significant boxing events in the last three decades.
Chamberlain was the last Cabinet minister to see Queen Victoria on 10 January, informing her of the latest events in South Africa ; she died on 22 January.

events and shadowed
Apparently, he had been shadowed by his own personal guards during the events of 1987, and after Fred had buried him in the woods, these guards retrieved the Commander's body.

events and relationship
Experience will show that only the vaguest generalities apply, and in fine, these merely dwell upon a relationship between the durations and intensities of events.
Astrology consists of a number of belief systems which hold that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world.
Irenaeus shows the close relationship between the predicted events of Daniel 2 and 7.
Numerology is any study of the purported divine, mystical or other special relationship between a number and some coinciding observed ( or perceived ) events.
In the historical relationship between metaphysics and philosophy of religion, the traditional objects of religious discussion have been very special sorts of entities ( such as gods, angels, supernatural forces, and the like ) and events, abilities, or processes ( the creation of the universe, the ability to do or know anything, interaction between humans and gods, and so forth ).
To a certain extent, general relativity can be seen to be a relational theory, in which the only physically relevant information is the relationship between different events in space-time.
Milgram was influenced by the events of the Nazi Holocaust to carry out an experiment that would demonstrate the relationship between obedience and authority.
Philosophy of mind is a branch of modern analytic philosophy that studies the nature of the mind, mental events, mental functions, mental properties, consciousness and their relationship to the physical body, particularly the brain.
Though the causes and effects are typically related to changes or events, candidates include objects, processes, properties, variables, facts, and states of affairs ; characterizing the causal relationship can be the subject of much debate.
Therefore, it is necessary to establish a relationship between the geomorphologic conditions in which the past events took place and the expected future conditions.
In the 19th and 20th centuries, Tylor and McLennan, historians of religion, held that the concept of fetishism fostered a shift of attention away from the relationship between people and God, to focus instead on a relationship between people and material objects, and that this, in turn, allowed for the establishment of false models of causality for natural events.
These stories explain how Buffy's relationship with Pike ended, as well as fleshing out events alluded to in the television series, such as the time she spent in a mental institution and her parents ' divorce.
With the assistance of software applications and web based relationship oriented systems such as LinkedIn, these kinds of organizations are expected to provide its members with a way to keep track of the number of their relationships, meetings designed to boost the strength of each relationship using group dynamics, executive retreats and networking events as well as training in how to reach out to higher circles of influential people.
Victorian writers suggested that, given later events, Isabella might have helped Mortimer escape and some historians continue to argue that their relationship had already begun at this point, although most believe that there is no hard evidence for their having had a substantial relationship before meeting in Paris.
The events in Antwerp resulted in an enduring friendly relationship between the fans of Feyenoord and Royal Antwerp FC.
Under the frequentist interpretation of probability, Bayes ' rule is a general relationship between and, for any events, and in the same event space.
Like Podkayne, I Will Fear No Evil ends by moralizing about the fundamental purpose of human life, which is to take care of children, and in both novels the moral has no clear relationship to the main events of the story.
Members of the Royal Family also act as ceremonial Colonels-in-Chief of various military regiments, reflecting the Crown's relationship with the armed forces through participation in events both at home and abroad.
The Nugget staff had a close relationship with Sheriff Behan, but his story as quoted in the Nugget the day after the shootout backed up the Earp's version of events, which varied widely from Behan's and the Cowboys ' later court testimony.
The relationship between Egypt and Rome in Antony and Cleopatra is central to understanding the plot, as the dichotomy allows the reader to gain more insight into the characters, their relationships, and the ongoing events that occur throughout the play.
Parker Hall proposes an empathic therapeutic relationship to support clients to develop or recover their organismic capacity ( Rogers, 1951 ) to process their often multitude of traumas ( unprocessed life events ).
Gate symbols describe the relationship between input and output events.

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