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exactly and opposite
The charges of the electron and proton are believed to be exactly equal and opposite, but Dr. Lyttleton is not so sure.
Here, two points on a sphere are called antipodal if they are in exactly opposite directions from the sphere's center.
During the Middle Bulgarian period, the language underwent dramatic changes, losing the Slavonic case system, but preserving the rich verb system ( while the development was exactly the opposite in other Slavic languages ) and developing a definite article.
The French army of 15, 000 men took ground exactly opposite in a similar formation, cavalry on the wings, infantry, including the townsmen ( milice des communes ) in the center, Philip with the cavalry reserve and the royal standard, the Oriflamme, in rear of the men on foot.
Crux is exactly opposite to Cassiopeia on the celestial sphere, and therefore it cannot appear in the sky with the latter at the same time.
For example, in the UK ( and in other Commonwealth countries ), to " table " a motion means to place it on the agenda ( to bring it to the table for consideration ), while in the US it means exactly the opposite —" to remove it from consideration " ( to lay it aside on the table rather than hold it up for consideration ).
Thus, the wise course on the eleventh spin would be to bet on red, not on black: exactly the opposite of the layman's analysis.
" Matthew Restall argues that Moctezuma politely offering his throne to Cortés ( if indeed he did ever give the speech as reported ) may well have been meant as the exactly opposite of what it was taken to mean: politeness in Aztec culture was a way to assert dominance and show superiority.
Though there is a popular myth that one must be a 40 year old Jewish man, and learned in the Talmud before one is allowed to delve into Kabbalah, Chaim Vital says exactly the opposite in his introduction to Eitz Chaim.
The technique depends on simultaneous or coincident detection of the pair of photons moving in approximately opposite direction ( it would be exactly opposite in their center of mass frame, but the scanner has no way to know this, and so has a built-in slight direction-error tolerance ).
The charge of each antiquark is exactly the opposite of the corresponding quark.
The left ideals in R are exactly the right ideals in the opposite ring R < sup > o </ sup > and vice versa.
In other words, if the reference axes were rotated in one direction, the component representation of the vector would rotate in exactly the opposite way.
This means that the hydroxide ion attacks the carbon atom from the other side, exactly opposite the bromine ion.
On an board, there are exactly 26, 534, 728, 821, 064 directed closed tours ( i. e. two tours along the same path that travel in opposite directions are counted separately, as are rotations and reflections ).
The same year he visited Rome and compelled Paul to write to Pepin asking him to concede all the Lombard Direct claims except that to Imola ; another letter of exactly opposite tenor was sent by the same messenger.
In performing this subterfuge, Themistocles seems to have been trying to bring about exactly the opposite ; to lure the Persian fleet into the Straits.
Everyone involved has rational incentives to do exactly what they're doing, even though the desire of the general constituency is opposite.
In other words, when the arch is drafted, the radius is exactly the width of the opening and the centre of each arch coincides with the point from which the opposite arch springs.
Historian William Cooper presents the exactly opposite southern perspective:
In sugar sinks, cells actively transport solutes out of the sieve-tube elements, producing the exactly opposite effect.
" From the angle in question, running a straight line along one side exactly three units in length, and along the second side exactly four units in length, will create a hypotenuse ( the longer line opposite the right angle that connects the two measured endpoints ) of exactly 5 units in length.

exactly and properties
For example, an antiproton and a positron can form an antihydrogen atom, which has almost exactly the same properties as a hydrogen atom.
# It is not possible to know the value of all the properties of the system at the same time ; those properties that are not known exactly must be described by probabilities.
; Dennett's reply from natural selection: Suppose that, by some mutation, a human being is born that does not have Searle's " causal properties " but nevertheless acts exactly like a human being.
His calculations showed that the newly discovered D-P-branes had exactly the right properties to be the objects that exert a tight grip on the open string endpoints, thus holding down these strings within the p-dimensional region of space they fill.
* OWL adds more vocabulary for describing properties and classes: among others, relations between classes ( e. g. disjointness ), cardinality ( e. g. " exactly one "), equality, richer typing of properties, characteristics of properties ( e. g. symmetry ), and enumerated classes.
The densities are not exactly the same, and other properties of gold and tungsten differ, but gold-plated tungsten will pass superficial tests.
A second application of the Dirac operator will now reproduce the Pauli term exactly as before, because the spatial Dirac matrices multiplied by i, have the same squaring and commutation properties as the Pauli matrices.
In summary, the rhetoric of The Selfish Gene exactly reverses the real situation: through metaphor genes are endowed with properties only sentient beings can posses, such as selfishness, while sentient beings are stripped of these properties and called machines ( robots ).
McWhorter hypothesizes that these three properties exactly characterize a creole.
Acoustic phonetics deals with the physical properties of sound, what sounds exactly are coming from the person speaking.
In quantum mechanics, particles do not have exactly determined properties, and when they are measured, the result is randomly drawn from a probability distribution.
The question arises whether there might be some deeper reality hidden beneath quantum mechanics, to be described by a more fundamental theory that can always predict the outcome of each measurement with certainty: if the exact properties of every subatomic particle were known the entire system could be modeled exactly using deterministic physics similar to classical physics, a la Laplace's demon.
This kind of list has exactly the same properties as the XOR linked list, except that a zero link field is not a " mirror ".
Except for the " wrap-around " property, the algebraic properties of this mathematical structure are exactly the same as those of the ordinary real numbers.
In his " The Identity of Indiscernibles ", Black presents an objection to Leibniz ' Law by means of a hypothetical scenario in which he conceives two distinct spheres having exactly the same properties, thereby contradicting Leibniz ' second principle in his formulation of " The Identity of Indescernibles ".
The simplified system usually does not satisfy exactly the same properties as the original one so that a process of refinement may be necessary.
Pascal's triangle was discovered in China, India and Persia long before it was discovered in Europe, and all found exactly the same properties as did the European discoverers.
The available materials are alloys or blends of previously developed materials meaning that product designers can choose from a vast selection of materials, one that has exactly the right properties.
For example, many hold that economic properties supervene on physical properties, in that if two worlds were exactly the same physically, they would also be the same economically.

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