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examiner and .
The medical examiner states that death was due to `` natural causes ''.
A more tenable explanation for the change in reactions is that the added knowledge and increased familiarity with the total situation made it possible for these subjects to be less guarded and to relax, since any reaction seemed acceptable to the examiner as `` normal ''.
The taking of depositions, he suggested, should be placed under a special court examiner empowered to compel responsive and relevant answers and to exclude immaterial testimony.
According to the medical examiner, she was shot between eleven p.m. and one a.m..
According to the medical examiner she was shot between eleven p.m. and one a.m..
C & O president Walter J. Tuohy was summoned back for cross-examination by New York Central attorneys before examiner John Bradford who is hearing the complex case.
The following year he was appointed an examiner of Bible knowledge at Woodhouse Grove School, a Wesleyan academy where, aged 35, he met his future wife, Maria Branwell, the headmaster's niece.
To gain such authorisations, the pilots will have to demonstrate to an examiner that they can perform to those limits without endangering themselves, ground crew or spectators.
Watterson was born in Washington, D. C., where his father, James G. Watterson ( born 1932 ), worked as a patent examiner while going to George Washington University Law School before becoming a patent attorney in 1960.
Health-related data such as that from hospital computer systems, clinical laboratories, electronic health record systems, medical examiner record-keeping systems, 911 call center computers, and veterinary medical record systems could be of help ; researchers are also considering the utility of data generated by ranching and feedlot operations, food processors, drinking water systems, school attendance recording, and physiologic monitors, among others.
He was made rector of the Roman College in 1592, examiner of bishops in 1598, and cardinal in 1599.
" counterhold "), in which they resist movement in proportion to the force applied by the examiner.
They may repeat meaningless phrases or speak only to repeat what the examiner says.
His major languages were Lamba and Luba, but as no suitable examiner was available, he eventually had to change his language to Zulu.
A witness called by the direct examiner, on the other hand, may only be treated as hostile by that examiner after being permitted to do so by the judge, at the request of that examiner and as a result of the witness being openly antagonistic and / or prejudiced against the opposing party.
If it is too obvious the questions are too clearly repetitive and making the witness nervous, the other attorney may accuse the cross examiner of badgering the witness.
The cross examiner will assume the witness has been told that and begin asking supporting questions about where the witness was, what time it was, what the witness saw, what they said, and sooner or later upon asking again the witness may use a different word that will give the cross-examiner a chance to ask the question again doubtfully and pointedly implying contradiction.
The polygraph examiner claimed that Echols ' chart indicated deception.
However, these potential bite marks were first noticed in photographs years after the trials and were not inspected by a board-certified medical examiner until four years after the murders.
The legend holds that he thought the exercise proposed to him by the examiner to be of no interest, and, in exasperation, threw the rag used to clean the blackboard at the examiner's head.
More plausible accounts state that Galois made too many logical leaps and baffled the incompetent examiner, which enraged Galois.

examiner and concluded
The second examiner concluded that there were no further indications of deception.
The medical examiner concluded that she had either died as a result of the major neck wound, from suffocation, or from exposure to the elements.
A firearms examiner and a dentist evaluated the bite marks independently and both concluded that the marks were made by the same set of teeth.
The medical examiner concluded that he had passed of a heart condition brought on by his years of drug abuse.
Dr. Elaine Samuels, the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy, had originally concluded that hairs recovered from the body were consistent with that of the victim ; after Dr. Samuels had come to that conclusion, the hair evidence was examined by Diane Hanson, a hair analyst from a crime lab in Madison, Wisconsin.
The examinership concluded in July 2005 with the examiner accepting the 400 Club's bid for Shamrock Rovers, saving the club from extinction, and the supporters-owned club won promotion at the first attempt in 2006 under Pat Scully.

examiner and would
An Albany County medical examiner would determine that Peter, 52, had sustained massive head injuries causing his death.
A CEAA examiner would inspect each edition, and only those meeting the requirements would receive a seal denoting " An Approved Text.
The examiner accepted this argument, although mercury would not have worked in a telephone transmitter.
Murray reasoned that by asking people to tell a story about a picture, their defenses to the examiner would be lowered as they would not realize the sensitive personal information they were divulging by creating the story.
As stories about the cards are a reflection of both the conscious and unconscious motives of the storyteller, it is difficult to disprove the conclusions of the examiner and to find appropriate behavioral measures that would represent the personality traits under examination.
The examiner told Betty that he would conduct a few tests to note the differences between humans and the craft's occupants.
Standing or sitting further away in the studio, an " examiner ", typically a political liberal, would ask questions, generally toward the end of the show.
While a patent examiner in the European Patent Office would handle less than seven patent applications per month and a USPTO examiner would handle eight applications per month, an Indian examiner reportedly handles at least 20 applications a month.
The examiner would also comment on eye movements ( repeatedly glancing to one side can suggest that the patient is experiencing hallucinations ), and the quality of eye contact ( which can provide clues to the patient's emotional state ).
In 1864, Burroughs accepted a position as a clerk at the Treasury ; he would eventually become a federal bank examiner, continuing in that profession into the 1880s.
The examiner ( s ) would engage in a conversation with the candidate concerning the notes submitted as well as other related questions that would allow the candidate to demonstrate his or her knowledge as a professional musician.
The script was returned to Tenser a few days later, with a more detailed report from the same examiner, which described the screenplay as " a study in sadism in which every detail of cruelty and suffering is lovingly dwelt on ... a film which followed the script at all closely would run into endless censorship trouble.

examiner and have
In common law systems that rely on testimony by witnesses, a leading question or suggestive interrogation is a question that suggests the particular answer or contains the information the examiner is looking to have confirmed.
This check-ride should have fully evaluated his ability to fly a conventional multi-engine aircraft throughout its designed range of operations, but the flight examiner was decertified the next month ( 7 / 10 / 82 ) by the FAA due to a " history of incomplete or substandard check-rides ".
I am nearly certain of being nominated to the office of Moderator in the year 1818-1819, and as I am an examiner in virtue of my office, for the next year I shall pursue a course even more decided than hitherto, since I shall feel that men have been prepared for the change, and will then be enabled to have acquired a better system by the publication of improved elementary books.
From the moment the local medical examiner began to report heat-related mortality figures, political leaders, journalists, and in turn the Chicago public have actively denied the disaster's significance.
The third section involves a discussion between the examiner and the candidate, generally on questions relating to the theme which they have already spoken about in part 2.
Both Canada and the United States have many dedicated professionals in each state, province and territory who work in the field of forensic anthropology ; this includes the chief coroner or the chief medical examiner.
Magrath became a chief medical examiner in Boston and together they lobbied to have coroners replaced by medical professionals.
It was banned from release, with the Board's examiner stating that the film was " miles in excess of anything we have released in this field ".
It is not known whether the death was a suicide or an accidental overdose, although the amount of barbiturate in her system " could well have been accidental ," said medical examiner James Luke.
" Although he seemed to have swallowed many more pills than his first wife had five years and two months earlier, the medical examiner did not call it a suicide.
Gordon Lindsay, a member of William Branham's ministry, made arrangements to have the photograph examined by George Lacy, a professional examiner of questioned documents who worked in Houston George Lacy, in his report, stated " the negative submitted for examination, was not retouched nor was it a composite or double exposed negative .".
In most jurisdictions, a medical examiner is required to have a medical degree, although in many this need not be in pathology.
Hawes is claimed to have made the first arrangement for the partnership between Sir William Fothergill Cooke and Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1837, although other sources claim such introductions were made through Peter Mark Roget, examiner in physiology in the University of London.
His list of patients grew, and " Ossian was named a medical examiner for Liberty Life Insurance, an appointment that assured him a steady stream of patients he might not have otherwise have acquired.
At the other extreme, a document may have to resist scrutiny by a trained document examiner, who may be equipped with technical tools for verifying biometrics and reading hidden security features within the card.
Defence lawyer Peter Royal asked Dowling, the medical examiner, whether Punky could have died because of a condition where a little pressure on a nerve in the neck for a short period of time can cause death.
The medical examiner also testified that the girl's clothing appeared to have been hastily put on – both legs were through the same hole of her underwear, her pants were on backwards and her arms weren't put through her jacket's armholes.
He worked as an examiner at the Patent Office in Bern, Switzerland, and he later said of a co-worker there, Michele Besso, that he " could not have found a better sounding board for his ideas in all of Europe ".
A comparison of the original field notes, transcript notes, plats and report of the examiner, shows that at the season of the year ( from December 1, 1884 to January 3, 1885 ) when the deputy pretends to have made the surveys, the deep snows made the survey at that time impossible ; that in the original notes ( which are now in this office ) much is omitted that is found in the transcripts and data supplied from memory, or rather made up ; that disregarding clerical errors the transcripts are not in any sense copies of the original notes ; that triangulations omitted in originals are audaciously given in detail in the transcripts, just as if they had really been made in the field, that the high speed, more than 6 miles per day, at which it is pretended the work was executed, surpasses belief when we take into consideration the nature of the ground, and bear in mind that the surveying was done during the shortest days of the year ; that the deputy gives descriptions of erroneous bearing trees where no such trees, either as regards size or species, are to be found ; that in the face of all the embarrassing conditions, big canyons, high and steep mountains, deep snow, impenetrable chaparral, precipices impossible to ascend or descend, the deputy with his two parties of four men each, frequently with the impassable San Joaquin river between them, pretends to have subdivided T8SR24E at the rate of more than 6 miles per day, and then accomplishes the feat of recording all this work in one field book.

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