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exception and was
Felix was the exception.
Mahayana Buddhism was no exception to these prevailing magical concepts.
In the popular Chinese mind, Ch'an ( Zen ) was no exception to the ideas of coarse magic that dominated.
The names were abandoned in Latin, which instead referred to the letters by adding a vowel ( usually e ) before or after the consonant ( the exception is zeta, which was retained from Greek ).
Those who have dealings with this book usually come to an unpleasant end, and Alhazred was no exception.
Monks, as a rule, were laymen, nor at the outset was the abbot any exception.
Amara seems to have been a Buddhist, and most of his work was destroyed, with the exception of what is the celebrated Amara-Kosha ( Treasury of Amara ), a vocabulary of Sanskrit roots, in three books, and hence sometimes called Trikanda or the " Tripartite ".
This was almost inevitable since, with the notable exception of the generals ( strategoi ), each office could be held by the same person only once.
The only exception was the boule or council of 500.
His mind was entirely absorbed in the labors of his studio, and, with the exception of his journeys to Paris, one to Vienna, and a few short intervals of absence in Florence and other parts of Italy, he never quit Rome.
One exception to this rule was the Italian Cannone da 90 / 53 which was highly effective when mounted on trucks, a fit known as the " autocannoni da 90 / 53 ".
In 1820 the city wall was torn down, with the exception of the individual towers and gates, and the defensive ditches were filled in.
Resumed Ottomans rule in Aegina and the Morea was confirmed in the Treaty of Passarowitz, and they retained control of the island with the exception of a short-lived Russian occupation, until the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence in 1821.
In March 1880, a report reached India that Abdur Rahman was in northern Afghanistan ; and the governor-general, Lord Lytton, opened communications with him to the effect that the British government were prepared to withdraw their troops, and to recognize Abdur Rahman as Amir of Afghanistan, with the exception of Kandahar and some districts adjacent to it.
With the exception of the first term, it has been held by the Labour Party, and for seven years was held by Ramsay MacDonald, the Prime Minister in 1924 and from 1929 to 1935.
The Barony of Grey of Codnor was an exception as the original claim had been submitted prior to these recommendations being made to the Sovereign.
The most notable exception was the XG-1 lightgun, which came bundled with the Atari XE Game System.
Much that happened between Nora and Torvald happened to Laura and her husband, Victor, with the most important exception being the forged signature that was the basis of Nora's loan.
The recent winter of 2009 / 2010 was an exception as there was a permanent snow cover from late December till early March.
The only exception to this rule is New Year's Day, in which case alcohol sales are permitted until 4 a. m. Alcohol sale was likewise banned on Sundays until 12p. m., and on Dec. 25 from 12 a. m. until 12 p. m, until a repeal in late 2010.
Indifference was also credited as an exception.
One notable Manifesto Group exception was its secretary, future Defence Secretary George Robertson, who was the only officer to remain.

exception and Iron
All of their comic book personas look to be in their twenties to thirties, with highly toned athletic physiques ( with the exception of Light Weight ); even Iron Head, who was the eldest of the six brothers, appears younger than he should.
It also expanded from a British event to an international one that welcomed exhibitors from all over the world — with the exception, during the Cold War, of countries behind the Iron Curtain.
After November 2002, the first five novels ( from First and Only to The Guns of Tanith ) were reprinted with new cover art by Adrian Smith ; Smith has since drawn every cover illustration to date, with the exception of The Iron Star which used a stock image of the Tanith regimental badge.
One exception is the Miele Rotary Iron which is still marketed.
The Braking system is basically the same as the Class 302 stock with the exception of Motor coach retaining the 16 " cylinder rather than the 12 " as fitted to Class 302 after replacing the cast Iron brake blocks with Composite ( Ferodo ) type.
Unable to call on the support of other AFL unions in its fights with employers, the Iron Workers relented the following year and ceded pile driving work, with the exception of work related to bridge building, to the Carpenters.
Courtesy of microscopic nanites, all the heroes ( with the exception of Iron Man, whose armor's automatic life support systems protected him from infection ) are drugged, and become indifferent to everything except the contest.
Iron Man 2020 wears a suit of highly sophisticated armor, similar in appearance to the classic ( circa Model 5 ) Iron Man, with the exception of the faceplate and shoulders.
All volumes came with a list of contact addresses, with the exception of artists from " Iron Curtain " or Soviet Union countries whose addresses were not published, to protect them from government persecution, as the " importation " of Western culture and influences, and communication with artists outside the Soviet Union, without government approval were generally illegal.

exception and Mountain
The Texas population began to grow rapidly in the 1850s, and Mountain City was no exception.
All channels ( with the exception of Wmax ) have separate " East / West " feeds for the Eastern and Central time zones and Pacific and Mountain time zones of the United States, respectively.
The only exception is the UNLV men's soccer team, which competes in the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation.
The only exception is the region immediately surrounding the Saskatchewan side of the biprovincial city of Lloydminster, which has chosen to use Mountain Time with DST, synchronizing its clocks with those of Alberta.
With the exception of the southern portion of Idaho County, this region observes Pacific Time. South of the western-flowing Salmon River, the Idaho observes Mountain Time, beginning at Riggins.
The HBO Canada schedule is common to both services, with the exception of Eastern ( TMN )/ Mountain ( MC ) timeshifting.
With the exception of Mummy Mountain, they are part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.
The HBO Canada schedule is common to both services, with the exception of Eastern ( TMN ) / Mountain ( MC ) timeshifting.
Construction began on Splash Mountain in 1991, and the western end of the land with the exception of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was demolished and rebuilt from scratch, including the existing Walt Disney World Railroad station and parade access road.
The seas between the islands cover relatively stable ancient pene-plains that are characterised by low seismicity, low isostatic gravity anomalies and no active volcanoes with the exception of Sumatra, Java, and Bali, which while connected to the Sunda Shelf, belong geologically to the young Sunda Arc orogenic system ( i. e., the Sunda Mountain System ).
Mountain galaxias have — with the exception of one remarkable newly discovered species that lives in water too fast for introduced trout — shown a complete inability to live with introduced trout species in upland habitats due to competition and predation, and extremely serious predation on mountain galaxias species by introduced trout has been documented.
With the exception of Dair Mountain, most of the region is fairly flat and is marginally suited for subsistence agriculture, as well as for commercial crops of peanuts, sesame, and gum arabic.

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