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from Brown Corpus
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expense and operating
Attention to details can cut in half the size unit you need and pare operating expense proportionately.
Balancing can be difficult and expensive, and is normally done only when operating tolerances are such that the effort and the expense are justified.
Hill avoided this by investing a large portion of the railroad's profit back into the railroad itself — and charged those investments to operating expense.
Printers that have this issue have a replaceable " waste toner bin ", which is another periodic operating expense.
Due to their poor color quality and increased operating expense, color impact models never replaced their monochrome counterparts.
The economics of automated trains tend to reduce the scale so tied to " mass " transit ( the largest operating expense is the driver's salary, which is only affordable if very large numbers of passengers are paying fares ), so that small-scale installations are feasible.
Many believed privately owned power companies were charging too much for power, did not employ fair operating practices and were subject to abuse by their owners ( utility holding companies ), at the expense of consumers.
KKM & D earned $ 152. 7 million in 2003, which made up 31 percent of sales, with a reported operating margin of 20 percent or higher, but these mark-ups were largely at the expense of its franchisees.
Whether it is the goal or a necessary condition, understanding how to make sound financial decisions based on throughput, inventory, and operating expense is a critical requirement.
The primary measures for a TOC view of finance and accounting are: throughput, operating expense and investment.
Goldratt adapted three operating level performance measures — throughput, inventory and operating expenseand adopted three strategic performance measures — net income, return on investment, and cash flow — to maintain the change.
Bias can move the diode's operating point higher on the detection curve to produce more signal voltage at the expense of less signal current ( higher impedance ).
The county courthouse, built by William Johnson in Johnstown in 1772, partly at his own expense, still stands today, as the oldest operating courthouse in New York.
Three factors were largely responsible: the difficulty and expense of developing and operating mining technology that could economically remove the nodules from depths of five or six kilometers and transport them to the ocean surface, the high taxes the international community would charge for the mining, and the continuing availability of the key minerals from land-based sources at market prices.
* Optimizing the valve timing to improve burning efficiency-usually this increases power at one range of operating RPM at the expense of reducing it at others.
The move also saved Amtrak the expense of operating two stations in New York.
( c ) a petroleum and gas revenue tax of 8 per cent applied to net operating revenues before royalty and other expense deductions on all production of oil and natural gas in Canada ...;
Because the railroad experienced cost overruns in Kenya, the British decided to justify its exceptional expense and pay its operating costs by introducing large-scale European settlement in a vast tract of land that became a center of cash-crop agriculture known as the " White Highlands.
Some recirculating systems reduce standby loss by operating only when hot water is expected to be needed, at the expense of greater system complexity.
Total operating expenses for fiscal year 2010, including depreciation expense, were approximately $ 86. 9 million.
However, being less efficient than public power, they increase operating expense and are a source of pollution ( atmospheric, acoustic, etc.
This fault-tolerance sets the alias apart from similar functions in some other operating systems, such as the Unix symbolic link or the Microsoft Windows shortcut, at the expense of increased complexity and unpredictability.
The Company was not inclined to involve itself in further expense for colonization, and matters threatened to come to a halt, when someone — very likely van Rensselaer himself — evolved the plan of granting large estates to men willing to pay the cost of settling and operating them.

expense and budget
The police pursue THX up an escape ladder, but are ordered by central command to cease pursuit, mere steps away from capturing him, as the expense of his capture exceeds their pre-determined budget.
Although PCMCIA was similar in spirit to Commodore's expansion architecture for its earlier systems, the intended capability for convenient external expansion through this connector was largely unrealized at the time of release because of the prohibitive expense of PCMCIA peripherals for a budget home computer.
As a conservative Republican and a financier, Mellon was irritated by the manner in which the government's budget was maintained, with expenses due now and rising rapidly, with the failure of income or revenues to keep pace with those expense increases, and with the lack of savings.
The budget of the organising committee showed a cost of £ 15, 000 ; over one-third was labeled " entertainment expense ".
* The MZ ETZ 250 and 251 are currently being used in club racing around Britain, providing budget racing for those who want to race with all of the fun but less of the expense.
# Expenditure Effect Buyers are more price sensitive when the expense accounts for a large percentage of buyers ’ available income or budget.
The West Stand cost £ 45, 000 while the East Stand went far over budget and ended up costing £ 130, 000, mainly thanks to the expense of the facade.
By the mid-1960s, Powell was increasingly being criticized for mismanaging his committee's budget, taking trips abroad at public expense, and missing sittings of his committee.
The department is allocated an expense budget and a capital budget.
The expense budget covers the total expenses incurred by the agency, including salaries.
On September 22, 1972, the school received from the U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, for payment of $ 1, a site in Astoria that had formerly been the U. S. Army Pictoral Center, with the intention of moving the college to a campus on the new site, but when the city's budget crisis hit in 1974, the site had to be sold off, as the expense of maintaining it in the interim was too high.
The money used to pay the debt came from unallocated funds from the Assembly's previous budget and it was said by the Minister for Heritage, Rhodri Glyn Thomas, that the new money allocation would not come at the expense of other art projects from other parts of Wales.
; Community and Family: People are increasingly choosing consumerism over family welfare, that is: consumption over fertility ; debt over family budget discipline ; fiscal advantage to oneself at the expense of community welfare.
Another important change was that the frequency of scheduled sessions of the legislature ( and hence the budget cycle ) was altered from biennial to annual, though the General Assembly is still limited to a total of fifteen organizational days and ninety legislative days every two years ; sessions extending beyond this ( and special sessions extending beyond twenty legislative days ) result in the legislature being unable to continue to receive its expense per diem.
Since the state ( and ultimately the ship's insurers ) bore the expense of the passenger ferries and shuttle services, some commuters found budget savings in their commuting expenses as a meaningful offset to the inconvenience.
In 1997, the program reached 44 382 children of 22. 493 families, with an expense of R $ 32 million, or in other words less than 1 % of the budget of the Federal District.
Hart had to postpone the cyclopedia, and he asked the Association for research and clerical staff, but the Executive Committee of the Roosevelt Memorial Association delayed appropriations for the cyclopedia, because the expense was " so great ," and it was not until May 1928 that a budget was approved for the cyclopedia, although the project had been publicly announced years before.
This is partly because the recent additional member states of the EU, which are considerably poorer than the 15 pre-2004 states, will be a considerable expense on the CAP and the EU budget in general.
Child care is the largest expense in this budget, followed by housing, taxes, and food.
On February 11, 2008, Benedict Fitzgerald filed the lawsuit against Mel Gibson and the production company Icon Productions, alleging the unfair deprivation of compensation and deception on the overall expense of the film production budget after the blockbuster box office success of the film The Passion of the Christ, including but not limited to " fraud, breach of contract & unjust enrichment " seeking unspecified damages.
At a budget of almost $ 1 billion it ranks second only to the Toronto Transit Commission ( TTC ) in city budgetary expense.
Safety Camera Partnerships must bid annually for funding to council budget holders along with other local authority funded organisation for carry out their operations ; the funding, while a road safety grant can be used for any local authority expense that is not connected to road safety, ring-fencing of local authority funds not being allowed.

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