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experiments and Redi
Through their own experiments and interest in arthropods and death, Song Ci, Francesco Redi, Bergeret d ’ Arbois, Jean Pierre Mégnin and the German doctor Hermann Reinhard have helped to lay the foundations for today's modern forensic entomology.
It was believed, for example, that maggots could spontaneously appear in decaying meat ; Francesco Redi carried out experiments which disproved this notion and coined the maxim Omne vivum ex ovo (" every living thing comes from a living thing " — literally " from an egg "), Virchow ( and his predecessors ) extended this to state that the only source for a living cell was another living cell.
He expanded upon the investigations of predecessors ( such as Francesco Redi who, in the 17th century, had performed experiments based on the same principles ).
The first documented experiments dealing with EMG started with Francesco Redi ’ s works in 1666.
Francesco Redi continuously disagreed with Athanasius Kircher in the proper way to conduct experiments.

experiments and on
Preparations are being made for similar experiments on CH and SH radicals.
Following observation of the fact that the reaction rates of supposedly identical reaction mixtures prepared on the same filling manifold and exposed under identical conditions often differed by several hundred per cent, a systematic series of experiments was undertaken to see whether the difficulty could be ascribed to the method of preparing the chlorine, to the effects of oxygen or moisture or to the effect of surface to volume ratio in the reaction tubes.
In 2 of 15 experiments on whole serum a region of agglutinin activity with intermediate anionic binding capacity was detected ( Region 3, Fig. 1 ).
The sections were mounted on cold slides smeared with Haupts' adhesive ( Johansen, 1940 ) in earlier experiments, and in later experiments with a different mixture of the same components reported by Schramm and Rottger ( 1959 ).
In experiments with topical application of strychnine on the cerebral cortex, the transmission of impulses from the cortex to the hypothalamus was demonstrated.
Then there are the trustees and officers of the great educational foundations, who inevitably exert an influence on educational decisions by their support or refusal to support various educational programs, experiments, and demonstrations.
it was time to take bigger steps, to venture on experiments.
He contends this idea doesn't conflict with experiments on which the principle of conservation of matter and energy is based because some slight error must be assumed in such experiments.
Modern experiments have tested claims that Archimedes designed machines capable of lifting attacking ships out of the water and setting ships on fire using an array of mirrors.
Celsius was the first to perform and publish careful experiments aiming at the definition of an international temperature scale on scientific grounds.
In his Swedish paper " Observations of two persistent degrees on a thermometer " he reports on experiments to check that the freezing point is independent of latitude ( and of atmospheric pressure ).
Special attention has to be laid on future experiments ( of concern ) that:
Neither of these experiments on their own would fully explain how the process of remembering a phone number works.
Modern scientific investigations into consciousness are based on psychological experiments ( including, for example, the investigation of priming effects using subliminal stimuli ), and on case studies of alterations in consciousness produced by trauma, illness, or drugs.
In 1995 she was a member of the STS-73 crew on the scientific mission USML-1 with experiments including biotechnology, combustion science and the physics of fluids.
The mission focused on materials science, biotechnology, combustion science, the physics of fluids, and numerous scientific experiments housed in the pressurized Spacelab module.
Early twentieth-century experiments on the physics of very small-scale phenomena led to the discovery of phenomena which could not be predicted on the basis of classical physics, and to the development of new models ( theories ) that described and predicted very accurately these micro-scale phenomena.
In contrast, Bruce Edwards published a short series of articles in 1990 based mostly on deduction and experiments in trying to recreate his experiences as a restaurant customer.
Breeding experiments in Germany with poodles, coyotes, and later on with the resulting dog-coyote hybrids showed that, unlike wolfdogs, coydogs exhibit a decrease in fertility, significant communication problems, and an increase of genetic diseases after three generations of interbreeding.
Sagan contributed to many of the robotic spacecraft missions that explored the solar system, arranging experiments on many of the expeditions.

experiments and hatching
Columbia also carried a large number of small scientific experiments, including 13 Getaway Special ( GAS ) canisters devoted to investigations involving the effect of microgravity on materials processing, seed germination, chemical reactions, egg hatching, astronomy, atmospheric physics, and the effects of the space environment on artistic materials.

experiments and insects
`` The news of their experiments reaches the farmers who, forgetting that birds are the most efficient natural enemies of insects and rodents, are encouraged to try to get rid of all birds that occasionally peck their grapes or their blueberries '', Buchheister told the delegates.
Retiring from university life to his villa in the country near Bologna in 1663, he worked as a physician while continuing to conduct experiments on the plants and insects he found on his estate.
In experiments, tabun was extremely potent against insects: as little as 5 ppm of tabun killed all the leaf lice he used in his initial experiment.
Experiments were carried out on insects, and experiments on varying the work schedule were carried out.
However, in aerodynamics experiments with other insects he found that viscosity at the scale of small insects meant that even their small wings can move a very large volume of air relative to the size, and this reduces the power required to sustain flight by an order of magnitude.
Recent experiments have shown that this connection is so strong that, in environments where A. gracilipes was removed, the density of scale insects dropped by 67 % within 11 weeks, and to zero after 12 months.
Although rove beetles ' appetites for other insects would seem to make them obvious candidates for biological control of pests, and empirically they are believed to be important controls in the wild, experiments with using them have not been notably successful.
Biological experiments on the effects of zero gravity on plants, tissues, bacteria, insects and human vestibular response were also conducted.
Biological experiments on the effects of zero gravity on plants, tissues, bacteria, insects and human vestibular response were also conducted.
Biological experiments on the effects of zero gravity on plants, tissues, bacteria, insects and human vestibular response were also conducted.
The experiments done to determine this used a range of insects, she identified the Y chromosome in the mealworm Tenebrio.
It explains the origins of life by spontaneous generation, citing some questionable experiments that claimed to spontaneously generate insects through electricity.
This drew on a painstaking series of experiments, protecting the plants from insects and controlling the pollination of flowers, counting the seeds and checking them for fertility, repeated for up to ten generations with detailed records kept at every stage.

experiments and from
Nonetheless, they take time out -- much time -- from the game of grab and these new Western experiments to go to the gardens and riverbanks.
In a few experiments the tubes were made from standard 6 mm. i.d. Pyrex tubing of 1 mm. wall thickness.
Because negative pressure dialysis gave better recovery of proteins, permitted detection of proteins concentrated from very dilute solutions and was a gentler procedure, it was used in all but the earliest experiments.
While there are many different possibilities for the timing of casework intervention, the experiments recently reported from a variety of traditional settings all point up the importance of an immediate response to the client's initial need for help.
However, when applied to data from non-randomized experiments or observational studies, model-based analysis lacks the warrant of randomization.
The penultimate day of the flight was largely spent performing experiments, aside from a twenty minute press conference during the second half of the day.
Aalto's early experiments with wood and his move away from a purist modernism would be tested in built form with the commission to design Villa Mairea ( 1939 ) in Noormarkku, the luxury home of the young industrialist couple Harry and Maire Gullichsen.
The science of biostatistics encompasses the design of biological experiments, especially in medicine and agriculture ; the collection, summarization, and analysis of data from those experiments ; and the interpretation of, and inference from, the results.
* Analysis of genomics data, for example from microarray or proteomics experiments.
* Benjamin Franklin and Electrostatics experiments and Franklin's electrical writings from Wright Center for Science Education, Tufts University
The team at Dubna studied this reaction in 1976 in order to assist in their assignments of the SF activities from their experiments with a < sup > 54 </ sup > Cr beam.
The energy gap is most directly observed in tunneling experiments and in reflection of microwaves from superconductors.
The E. coli genome was originally mapped by interrupted mating experiments in which various Hfr cells in the process of conjugation were sheared from recipients after less than 100 minutes ( initially using a Waring blender ).
Skeat “… in at least three cases and probably in all, in the form of codices " and he theorized that this form of notebook was invented in Rome and then “… must have spread rapidly to the Near East …” In his discussion of one of the earliest pagan parchment codices to survive from Oxyrhynchus in Egypt, Eric Turner seems to challenge Skeat ’ s notion when stating “… its mere existence is evidence that this book form had a prehistory ” and that “ early experiments with this book form may well have taken place outside of Egypt .” Early codices of parchment or papyrus appear to have been widely used as personal notebooks, for instance in recording copies of letters sent ( Cicero Fam.
Baddeck would be the site of his experiments with hydrofoil technologies as well as the Aerial Experiment Association, financed by his wife, which saw the first powered flight in the British Empire when the AEA Silver Dart took off from the ice-covered waters of Bras d ' Or Lake.
CRESU experiments have been used to show deviations from Arrhenius kinetics at low temperatures: as the temperature is reduced, the rate constant actually increases.
Amongst other pioneers, the musical chemists Lejaren Hiller and Leonard Isaacson worked on a series of algorithmic composition experiments from 1956-9, manifested in the 1957 premiere of the Illiac Suite for string quartet.
Consilience does not forbid deviations: in fact, since not all experiments are perfect, some deviations from established knowledge are expected.
Even in languages without such a distinction, such as Xhosa, experiments have shown that when the click release is removed from a recording, the resulting sound is judged to be uvular, not velar.
The key elements of Hubbard's so-called science don't seem testable, yet he repeatedly claims that he is asserting only scientific facts and data from many experiments.
Arabs learned the process from the Egyptians and used it extensively in their chemical experiments.

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