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facade and main
Detail from photograph of main entrance above the facade.
Redevelopment in that area is severely restricted, and developers must preserve the main facade and aesthetics of the buildings even during renovation.
The Wertheim department store in 1927, showing the main facade along Leipziger Straße.
With its 200-metre-long main facade along Stresemannstraße, the Fürstenhof was less opulent than some of the other hotels mentioned, despite its size, but was still popular with business people.
Another building by the same architect but which still stands-the " Rosengarten " in Mannheim, has a remarkably similar main facade.
His drawing of one of the west facade towers of Laon Cathedral and those of radiating chapels and a main vessel bay, interior and exterior, of Reims Cathedral are of particular interest.
Over time, the bishopric continued to commission new architectural projects of importance, such as the redesign of the main facade, undertaken in 1664 by Alonso Cano ( 1601 – 1667 ) to introduce Baroque elements.
A visit to the villa of Cardinal Luigi d ' Este in 1573 convinced Pope Gregory XIII to start the building of a summer residence the following year, in an area considered healthier than the Vatican Hill or Lateran: His architects were Flaminio Ponzio and Ottaviano Nonni, called Mascherino ; under Pope Sixtus V, works were continued by Domenico Fontana ( the main facade on the Piazza ) and Carlo Maderno, and by Gian Lorenzo Bernini for Pope Clement XII.
Town hall, main facade from 1866-67 and earlier.
The main use in English is not universal and applies to loan words from French and Portuguese such as “ façade ”, “ limaçon ” and “ cachaça ” ( often typed “ facade ”, “ limacon ” and “ cachaca ” due to lack of Ç keys on the keyboards of most Anglophone countries ).
The attic windows on this side are the only ones visible on the exterior of the house and are set into the main facade, rather than into a visible roof.
Image: Château de Malmaison à Rueil-Malmaison 003. jpg | View of the main entrance and the main facade ( northeast )
View of the main facade, Stratford Hall, ancestral home of the Lee family of Virginia, Westmoreland County
After the Foundation took control of the building in 1979, it took steps to expand gallery space ; by 1985, " all of the rooms on the main floor had been converted into galleries ... the white Istrian stone facade and the unique canal terrace had been restored ", and a protruding arcade wing, called the barchessa, had been rebuilt by architect Giorgio Bellavitis.
After the Foundation took control of the building in 1979, it took steps to expand gallery space ; by 1985, " all of the rooms on the main floor had been converted into galleries ... the white Istrian stone facade and the unique canal terrace had been restored " and a protruding arcade wing, called the barchessa, had been rebuilt by architect Giorgio Bellavitis.
The gray stone facade is completely smooth to let the main portal, of Renaissance style, stand out.
The facade is made of gray cantera stone in Renaissance style, using Ionic columns and pediments, differing from the other buildings that border the main plaza.
The main facade is done in gray cantera stone in which are sculpted large jars and flowers.
Statue of Bermudo I in the north facade of the main floor of the Royal Palace of Madrid.
The original 1904 design included two small towers on the main ( east ) facade, facing Westminster Abbey.
In order to describe the parts of the great building in a coherent fashion, it may be useful to undertake an imaginary walking tour, beginning with the main entrance at the center of the western facade:
However, the main facade does not face the Zocalo, rather it faces its own atrium which is called the Cathedral Plaza.
The main facade was finished in 1721 and some final touches were added in the 20th century.

facade and floor
Franklin's birthplace site directly across from Old South Meeting House on Milk Street is commemorated by a bust ( sculpture ) | bust above the second floor facade of this building
Founded by German merchant Georg Wertheim ( 1857 – 1939 ), designed by architect Alfred Messel ( 1853 – 1909 ), opened in 1897 and extended several times over the following 40 years, it ultimately possessed a floor area double that of the Reichstag, a 330-metre-long granite and plate glass facade along Leipziger Straße, 83 elevators, three escalators, 1, 000 telephones, 10, 000 lamps, five kilometres of pneumatic tubing for moving items from the various departments to the packing area, and a separate entrance directly from the nearby U-Bahn station.
The ground floor is hidden by a raised carriage ramp and parapet, thus the facade appears to be of two floors.
The more modern third floor is hidden by a balustraded parapet and plays no part in the composition of the facade.
The nineteenth century saw various modifications of the facade, the removal of stone mullions to the floor and various stone ornaments.
On the first floor of the facade are statues which represent the performing arts subjects of Poetry, Comedy, Dance and Music.
It consists of 23 bays with a giant Corinthian order over a rusticated ground floor, the five bays at each end project slightly from the facade.
On the first floor of the Winter Palace rooms along the southern facade are occupied by the collections of German fine art of the 16th century and French fine art of the 15th – 18th centuries, including paintings by Poussin, Lorrain, Watteau.
Above its wholly traditional rusticated ground floor of the yellow-ochre sandstone Florentines call pietra forte it has a stuccoed facade in a new taste, with delicate designs round the windows in the manner associated with Brunelleschi.
The slightly raised ground floor has an entrance in the south-east facade.
The second floor of the facade was originally designed to be a private Disney family apartment.
Stone designs on the building's facade are believed to be derived from a pattern repeated in the floor mosaic of Hagia Sophia, the great cathedral in Istanbul, which Edwin Stevens is believed to have visited in the late 19th century.
In 1812 he rebuilt the front part of the site, adding a projecting Portland Stone facade to the basement, ground and first floor levels and the centre bay of the second floor.
Above, the first floor facade has 11 round-arched windows, and above these is the station clock.
The station was designed by Leslie Green with the ox-blood red glazed terracotta facade and the semi-circular windows at first floor level common to most of the original stations on the CCE & HR and its two associated railways, the Baker Street & Waterloo Railway and Great Northern Piccadilly & Brompton Railway which opened the previous year.
The Procuratie Nuove were a row of official housing for the Procuratorate of San Marco, presented as a unified palace front that continues the end facade of the Sansovino Library, with its arcaded ground floor and arch-headed windows of the first floor, but adding an upper floor to provide the necessary accommodation, for which Scamozzi adapted a rejected project of Palladio's for a re-faced Doge's Palace, with colonnettes that flank the windows to support alternating triangular and arched pediments, upon which Scamozzi added reclining figures, to balance the richness of the Sansovinian decoration of the two lower floors.
It has a two-storey, nine-bay facade and concealed roof on Peter Street with an arcaded ground floor with rectangular piers with round-headed arches and spandrels with the coats of arms of the Lancashire towns which took part in the Anti-Corn Law movement.
Generally, the building's floor space and yards become larger and more elaborate through time, as is the modernisation of exterior construction and facade.

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