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fact and allomorph
Likewise, the fact that the allomorph does not appear after stem-final is because the earlier clause for the allomorph takes priority ; and the fact that the allomorph does not appear after stem-final voiceless phonemes is because the preceding clause for the takes priority.

fact and does
We are also struck by the fact that this story of a boy's love for his mother does not offend, while the incestuous love of the man, Paul Morel, sometimes repels.
The fact that he has cast over those materials the light of a skeptical mind does not make him any the less Southern, I rather think, for the South has been no more solid than other regions except in the political and related areas where patronage and force and intimidation and fear may produce a surface uniformity.
It is even true that some among them use the sheer fact of conformity -- `` everyone does it '' -- as a criterion for conduct.
That fact is very clearly illustrated in the case of the many present-day intellectuals who were Communists or near-Communists in their youth and are now so extremely conservative ( or reactionary, as many would say ) that they can define no important political conviction that does not seem so far from even a centrist position as to make the distinction between Mr. Nixon and Mr. Khrushchev for them hardly worth noting.
It is a war to stay out of today, especially in view of the fact that President Ngo Dinh Diem apparently does not want United States troops.
The Court's opinion dogmatically asserts that the husband-wife conspiracy doctrine does not in fact protect this relationship, and that hence the doctrine `` enthrones an unreality into a rule of law ''.
Certainly, the mere fact of failing to demonstrate them in one or another species does not conclusively deny their existence in that species.
theologians have been stressing the fact that the Church does not exist for its own sake but as a testimony in the world for the healing of the world.
This leads to the conclusion that `` the fact is inescapable that America does have a say in whether or not apartheid shall continue ''.
But one does not have to affirm the existence of an evil order irredeemable in that sense, or a static order in which no changes will take place in time, to be able truthfully to affirm the following fact: there has never been justitia imprinted in social institutions and social relationships except in the context of some pax-ordo preserved by clothed or naked force.
He does not mean, in fact he addresses himself specifically to reject the proposition, that `` if we took the risk of surrendering, a new generation in Britain would soon begin to amass its strength in secret in order to reverse the consequences of that surrender ''.
This was developed into the language " E-Prime " by D. David Bourland, Jr. 15 years after his death ( E-Prime a form of the English language in which the verb " to be " does not appear in any of its forms ; for example, the sentence " the movie was good " could translate into E-Prime as " I liked the movie ", thereby distinguishing opinion from fact ).
Since the time of Catherine II the ranks of Abbot and Archimandrite have been given as honorary titles in the Russian Church, and may be given to any monastic, even if he does not in fact serve as the superior of a monastery.
Dutch Reformed theologian Herman Ridderbos says " certainty of salvation does not rest on the fact that the church belongs to a certain " number ", but that it belongs to Christ, from before the foundation of the world.
In fact, Buddhism, in its fundamental form, does not define what is right and what is wrong in absolute terms for lay followers.
By contrast, in an inquisitiorial system, the fact that the defendant has confessed is merely one more fact that is entered into evidence, and a confession by the defendant does not remove the requirement that the prosecution present a full case.

fact and appear
This, conjoined with the considerations above, made the circular motions of heavenly bodies appear an almost directly observed fact.
It has been argued that the name " Titus " in 2 Corinthians and Galatians is nothing more than an informal name used by Timothy, implied already by the fact that even though both are said to be long-term close companions of Paul, they never appear in common scenes.
It is this reluctance which was felt by the Rijksmuseum to reattribute works to other painters ( Abraham van Calraet does not even appear in a Museum catalogue until 1926, and even then he is not given his own entry ) which shows how important it is to art historians that painters are accurately connected to their works — and this is continuously necessary for those of Aelbert Cuyp, as Dordrecht ’ s most famous painter may not in fact be Dordrecht ’ s most famous painter.
English writer Douglas Adams, who wrote The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, used the metaphor of a living puddle examining its own shape, since, to those living creatures, the universe may appear to fit them perfectly ( while in fact, they simply fit the universe perfectly ).
It would appear that as of recently, based on pictures and writings that Wiley has posted on his website, that he has become sick, and in fact, homeless.
He stated that " the fact that my name and address along with my picture can appear on the front of the papers before the so-called ' victim ' has even signed a statement proves that anonymity for rape defendants is a must and that the law must be changed.
A 2nd century CE Greek known as Heraclitus the paradoxographer --- not to be confused with the 5th century BCE Greek philosopher Heraclitus --- claimed Euhemeristically that Cerberus had two pups which were never away from their father, as such Cerberus was in fact a normal ( however very large ) dog but artists incorporating the two pups into their work made it appear as if his two children were in fact extra heads.
The myth in Catasterismi may be derived from the fact that a set of constellations appear close together in the sky, in and near the Zodiac sign of Libra, namely Ursa Minor, Ursa Major, Boötes, and Virgo.
In fact, Italian and French share many more root words in common that do not even appear in Spanish.
Evidence against the hypothesis is the fact that humans appear to have eliminated the megafauna of Tasmania without using fire to modify the environment there.
In fact, the very existence of the Alphabet plays, or rather the absence of an equivalent edition for Sophocles and Aeschylus, could distort our notions of distinctive Euripidean qualitiesmost of his least ' tragic ' plays are in the Alphabet edition and possibly the other two tragedians would appear just as genre-bending as this " restless experimenter " if we possessed more than their ' select ' editions.
Given that the vast majority of all emeralds are treated as described above, and the fact that two stones that appear visually similar may actually be quite far apart in treatment level and therefore in value, a consumer considering a purchase of an expensive emerald is well advised to insist upon a treatment report from a reputable gemological laboratory.
Again, though, other physicists believe that tunneling experiments in which particles appear to spend anomalously short times inside the barrier are in fact fully compatible with relativity, although there is disagreement about whether the explanation involves reshaping of the wave packet or other effects.
That is, they appear to be, or are sometimes considered, cognates, when in fact they are not.
The observed charge quantization, namely the fact that all known elementary particles carry electric charges which appear to be exact multiples of of the " elementary " charge, has led to the idea that hypercharge interactions and possibly the strong and weak interactions might be embedded in one Grand Unified interaction described by a single, larger simple symmetry group containing the Standard Model.

fact and after
Also, we should not even to-day discount the fact that a region such as the coastal lowlands centering on Charleston had closer ties with England and the West Indies than with the North even after independence.
His accomplishments, and the fact that he was resident, did much to offset the unkind words travelers used to describe Little Rock after a visit there.
Well, most of our fears may be unfounded, but after you discover that fact, you have something else to worry about: Why then do we have these fears??
Not until long after the war -- 1950, in fact -- did they get a hint of the reason.
The Irish were gay but made trouble in the house ; the English were of all kinds " She proposes this, after the fact, knowing the chosen Charlotte lasts decades.
We do know that he was not expected to succeed to the throne after his brother king Agis II, largely due to the fact that he was crippled from birth, and since the latter had a son, named Leotychidas.
This is a common fact about allomorphy: if the allomorphy conditions are ordered from most restrictive ( in this case, after an alveolar stop ) to least restrictive, then the first matching case usually " wins ".
In fact, WWI interrupted the construction and some conflicts after the war made it a difficult process for the Griffins.
In a turn of events that proved to be a minor embarrassment for the reorganized ownership group, Backman was almost immediately fired after management learned, after the fact, of legal troubles and improprieties in Backman's past.
The significance of the Res Gestae Divi Augusti from an accounting perspective lies in the fact that it illustrates that the executive authority had access to detailed financial information, covering a period of some forty years, which was still retrievable after the event.
Herodotus had no Athenian victories to record after the initial success, and the fact that Themistocles was able to carry his proposal to devote the surplus funds of the state to the building of so large a fleet seems to imply that the Athenians were themselves convinced that a supreme effort was necessary.
That this is due in some degree to accident is clear from the character of the words, and from the fact that several reappear and are common after the Norman Conquest.
Nothhelm, a correspondent of Bede's who assisted him by finding documents for him in Rome, is known to have visited Bede, though the date cannot be determined beyond the fact that it was after Nothhelm's visit to Rome.
A bishop is the president of the Aaronic priesthood in his ward ( and is thus a form of Mormon Kohen ; in fact, a literal descendant of Aaron has " legal right " to act as a Bishop after being found worthy and ordained by the First Presidency ).
It is in fact likely that, after the region took on the name of its early inhabitants, later settlers were also known by the accepted geographical name.

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