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faculty and San
Category: University of California, San Diego faculty
In San Francisco Magazine's 2003 survey of the " Best Doctors " in the Bay Area, 55 percent of those honored were UCSF faculty.
* January 29 – Brenda Ann Spencer opens fire at a school in San Diego, California, killing 2 faculty members and wounding 8 students.
It houses universities ( including the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés's faculty of medicine ), hospitals and the Estadio Hernando Siles ( capacity of 45, 000 people ).
Category: University of California, San Diego faculty
Category: University of California, San Diego faculty
Category: University of California, San Diego faculty
* Many faculty in the Music Department are active in Durango performing arts ensembles, including the Durango Choral Society, the San Juan Symphony, and several chamber ensembles and pop bands.
Category: San Francisco Art Institute faculty
Category: University of California, San Diego faculty
Category: University of California, San Francisco faculty
He is currently a member of the faculty of the Department of Mathematics at California State University, San Bernardino.
Category: San Francisco Art Institute faculty
Category: University of California, San Diego faculty
Category: San Francisco State University faculty
Category: Texas State University – San Marcos faculty
Category: San Francisco Art Institute faculty
Category: University of California, San Diego faculty
Category: University of California, San Diego faculty
May was a founder and faculty member of Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center in San Francisco .< ref >
Category: San Jose State University faculty
Category: San Francisco Art Institute faculty
Category: University of California, San Diego faculty
Category: University of California, San Diego faculty
There have been cases, such as one case at The University of Texas at San Antonio ( 2008 ), where the faculty voted unanimously to tenure an individual but the chairperson sent forward a recommendation not to grant tenure despite the faculty support.

faculty and Beda
Among San Beda Alabang's prominent faculty members are former Senator Rene Saguisag, COMELEC Commissioner Rene Sarmiento and the famous lawyer brothers Sigfrid and Raymond Fortun, who both served as legal and defense counsels of former president Joseph Estrada during his impeachment trial in 2000.
San Beda College also has published research materials and scholarly journals published by its faculty and administrators.
The articles in the San Beda Law Journal are written by both the students and the faculty of the San Beda Law School.
The Research Network will provide faculty members of San Beda College an international window for their research outputs as well as joint research activities with peers from the other ASEAN countries.
* Antonio Eduardo B. Nachura ( Ll. B )-Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines ; former solicitor-general ; former member of the House of Representatives ; former faculty, San Beda College of Law ; former dean, Arellano Law School
* Dr. Leopoldo J. Dejillas-social economist, author and writer ; former head of SBC-CAS's Research, Planning, and Development Office ( RPDO ), former faculty member of the Economics Department of the College and Arts and Sciences of San Beda College, and at present Director of SBC's RPDC
* Addressed the faculty and students of San Beda College on " Rizal-Nationalist and Internationalist " held at the Audio-Visual Room, San Beda College, Calle Chino Roces, Manila, on March 19, 2003.
The Plaque cited Prof. Jose David Lapuz for " Promoting Intellectual Rizalist Cooperation through the sharing of Rizalian ideas and thoughts ; for promoting Rizalist Education as an instrument of nationalist and internationalist culture towards the achievement of World Peace and Human Understanding ; for reaffirming his belief in the freedom of human expression and human dignity through the advocacy of justice and human rights for all regardles of race, color or creed ; and specially, for addressing the faculty and students of San Beda College.

faculty and Law
In 1986, she joined the faculty at the University of Oklahoma College of Law where she taught commercial law and contracts.
Category: Santa Clara University School of Law faculty
Category: University of Chicago Law School faculty
The Faculty of Law was established as a separate faculty in 1980, with legal studies and research having been conducted at the university since 1969.
* The disciplinary domain of Arts and Social Sciences includes the Faculty of Arts *, the Faculty of Social Sciences *, the Faculty of Languages *, the Faculty of Theology, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Educational Sciences ( formerly the Department of Education, that was raised to the status of a faculty in its own right in 2002 ).
In his report, Cohen stated that the Saint John Law School was only " nominally a faculty of UNB ".
In 1998 faculty member Lawrence Lessig, now at Stanford Law School, was asked by online publisher Eldritch Press to mount a legal challenge to US copyright law.
Category: Cardozo School of Law faculty
While at Harvard, he served on the faculty of Northeastern University School of Law in Boston.
* List of Washington University faculty and staff: economist and Nobel Memorial Prize winner Douglass North ; husband and wife biochemists and co-Nobel Prize winners Carl and Gerty Cori ; physicist and Nobel Prize winner Arthur Holly Compton ; novelists Stanley Elkin and William Gass ; poets Carl Phillips and Mary Jo Bang ; architect Fumihiko Maki ; neurologist and Nobel Prize winner Rita Levi-Montalcini ; sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson ; Poets Laureate Howard Nemerov and Mona Van Duyn ; sociologist and " outlaw Marxist " Alvin Ward Gouldner ; attorney, former Counsel to Vice-President Al Gore and former Tennessee Attorney General Charles Burson ; writer and culture critic Gerald Early ; Economist, and former Chair of President Ronald Reagan's Council of Economic Advisors, Murray Weidenbaum ; chemist Joseph W. Kennedy, co-discoverer of the element plutonium ; computer scientist Jonathan S. Turner, internationally renowned expert in computer networking ; computer scientist Raj Jain, pioneer in the field of network congestion ; and Law Professor Troy A. Paredes, currently on leave as a commissioner of the SEC.
It originally consisted of a faculty of Canon Law and a faculty of Law.
After he retired from Harvard, he received a special appointment to the faculty of Boston University School of Law.
Category: Harvard Law School faculty
The building housing the faculty of Law and Government at Dublin City University has been named in his honour.
UC Davis Law has the smallest student body of the UC schools, but a slightly larger student / faculty ratio than UCLA or Berkeley.
According to Brian Leiter's Law School rankings, Davis ranks 23rd in the nation in terms of scholarly impact as measured by academic citations of tenure-stream faculty.
Harvard Law has 246 faculty members.
Many are preeminent legal scholars ; Harvard Law School faculty were responsible for more downloaded papers on the Social Science Research Network than any other law school, a fact only partially explained by the school's size.
In addition, Eleanor Kerlow's book Poisoned Ivy: How Egos, Ideology, and Power Politics Almost Ruined Harvard Law School criticized the school for a 1980s political dispute between newer and older faculty members over accusations of insensitivity to minority and feminist issues.
In late 2008, the faculty decided that the school should move to an Honors / Pass / Low Pass ( H / P / LP ) grading system, much like those in place at Yale and Stanford Law Schools.
It is particularly known for its faculty of Engineering and Technology, Law, Arts, Sciences, Commerce and Management departments.
Category: Washington College of Law faculty

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