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fair and was
It was a fair fight, the boy provoked it -- Big Charlie told me so.
Sing Sing's prisoner strike was motivated by a reasonable purpose, a fair break from parole boards.
The funeral for my husband was just what I wanted and I paid a fair price, far less than I had expected to pay.
While there are now allegations of the withholding of `` favorable evidence developed at the hearing '' and a denial of a `` full and fair hearing '', no such claim was made by petitioner at any stage of the administrative process.
The Providence Daily Journal stated that although the guilt of Brown was evident, the South must guarantee him a fair trial to preserve domestic peace.
The readers of the Providence Daily Post, however, learned that it was generally conceded that `` Old Brown '' had a fair trial.
His condition was reported to be fair.
His condition was said to be, `` fair ''.
A 4 – 1 result was a fair reflection as England were left shell shocked.
Three years he was occupied in campaigns against the Slavic Wends, who as pagans were considered fair game, and whose subjugation to Christianity was the aim of the Wendish Crusade of 1147 in which Albert took part ; diplomatic measures were more successful, and by an arrangement made with the last of the Wendish princes of Brandenburg, Pribislav of the Hevelli, Albert secured this district when the prince died in 1150.
He was a man with fair skin, thin, emaciated, with a sparse beard, a slightly hunched frame, sunken eyes and protruding forehead, and the bases of his fingers were hairless.
In some other respects the Athenians were not the old popular rulers they had been at first ; and if they had more than their fair share of service, it was correspondingly easy for them to reduce any that tried to leave the confederacy.
Astrologers, nominated by the National Council for Geocosmic Research, acted as the astrological advisors, and helped to ensure that the test was fair.
On the battlefield, it is probably fair to say, Charles was comparable in skill and style to Sir Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington-quite conservative and yet exceedingly competent.
With minor exceptions, balloting was considered free and fair by the local human rights organizations which monitored the contest.
Thus, if a ball went over the fence fair, and curved behind the foul pole, it was ruled foul.
The election was generally considered to be fair, although the absence of Patassé cast a shadow over the legitimacy of the process.
She was said to have had red hair kept in curls, blue eyes, and fair skin and she was very beautiful, intelligent, charming, desirable, elegant, friendly, and gentle, but she was considered to be insane.
The theme of the fair was technological innovation over the century since Chicago's founding.
It was more written about than any other single exhibit at the fair, and received the bronze medal.
Catherine was quite short in stature with long red hair, wide blue eyes, a round face, and a fair complexion. She was descended, on her maternal side, from the English royal house ; her great-grandmother Catherine of Lancaster, after whom she was named, and her great-great-grandmother Philippa of Lancaster were both daughters of John of Gaunt and granddaughters of Edward III of England.

fair and revived
The EnKa Society, a revived high school society, continues to raise money for community groups and activities through its annual street fair and carnival.
In 1792 there was only one fair ( 6 May ) but the second was revived and by 1908 was held on 21 October.
However the fair was revived shortly after the restoration, and there are multiple references to it from then on.
However the fair has since been revived and is held very first Sunday in July The ownership of Hooton remained in the hands of the Paganels and their heirs till the reign of Edward IV through the names of Paganel, and through marriage,
The community action spurring this regeneration is taking many forms: from the arts group ' Big Things on the Beach ' with events that have attracted thousands to the Prom to ' Portobello Open Doors ' Village fair, and from PEDAL ( Portobello Transition Towns ) Community Market, Community Orchard and Car Free Day to the revived Portobello Sailing and Rowing Club bringing bright sails and kayaks to the beach, and the skiffs built by Porty Rowers that bring good natured sea shanties and competitions between rowers form towns across the country.
The fair, which in times past was a leading horse market and amusement fair, had been revived but the old-time custom of roasting a ram was replaced once during an event in the 1960s with a ' badger roast '.
The fair was abolished in 1933, though it was later revived in the 21st Century and is now held annually at the Leper Chapel.
2008 was the 18th year of the revived fair and with each and every passing year, it has proved more and more successful.
This is as it should be at a traditional fair day in the West of Ireland, and the Lahardane Parents Council are delighted to have revived this tradition and maintain what has been a fashion for the Lahardane Fair Day for over 100 years.
The Nobber Fair Day is an annual event that is held on the third Sunday of May and has revived the tradition of the old fair that was held in the village for centuries.
From the 15th to 17th centuries, the most important book fair in Germany was held in Frankfurt, a custom which would be revived in 1949.

fair and 1961
* Internet Archive: 1964 New York World's Fair Report ( 1961 ) Film about planning the fair with Robert Moses.
In 1959 a fun fair and restaurant opened on the south shore and sailing and speed boat clubs were formed and in 1961 the pier and the castle were built along the south shore.
The two worked together on Fugard's first international success, The Blood Knot, from 1961, a two-hander set in South Africa about brothers with the same mother but different fathers ; Zach ( played by Mokae ) is dark skinned and Morris ( played by Fugard ) is fair skinned.
The amusement park, with parking for 12, 000 cars, closed at the end of the 1961 season, under three economic pressures: the rise of television, the rising value of its lakefront real estate, and the impending Century 21 Exposition ( the 1962 Seattle world's fair ), which would dwarf a relatively small amusement park on the edge of town.
From 1947 to 1961, Berry served on the NAACP Ohio Committee for Civil Rights Legislation where he worked on equal employment and fair housing issues.
Its texts are developed and maintained by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, a body that was established in early November 1961 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( FAO ), was joined by the World Health Organization ( WHO ) in June 1962, and held the first session in Rome in October 1963. The Commission's major goals are to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in the international food trade.
Harris gave intellectual leadership, and he published a fair amount about the study ( 1961, 1962 ).

fair and recent
Or the mode of love to this fragment by a recent poet: `` Know ye, fair folk who dwell on earth Or shall hereafter come to birth, That here, with dust upon his eyes, Iraj, the sweet-tongued singer, lies.
A recent 20-year prospective study on bipolar I and II found that functioning varied over time along a spectrum from good to fair to poor.
The Egyptian Revolution of 2011, inspired by the recent revolution in Tunisia, forced the resignation of President Mubarak and the Military Junta that succeeded him abrogated the Constitution and promised free and fair elections under a new one.
Examples of themes of recent Universal Expositions include " Man and His World " for Expo ' 67 in Montreal, and " Discovery " for Seville Expo ' 92, and examples of joint pavilion buildings for a Universal Exposition is the Plaza of America at Seville's Expo ' 92 which was constructed by the Seville Expo Authority to maximize participation at the fair by South American nations.
For several decades local volunteers organized the official fair and promoted it as a tourist event, but in recent years it has been left unorganized and unofficial.
In recent years the fair has also been held in Kaunas on the Laisvės alėja and Town Hall Square.
In recent years some residents have opposed the fair as a hindrance to the Old Town, and have called for it to be scrapped even though the fair has been going for over 735 years.
However, in recent years, the dates of the fair have created a problem, as it now overlaps with the Hull Fair.
For example, he said in his manifesto that " Britain has become less, not more fair, in recent years.
Direct wage and working time regulation is a comparatively recent phenomenon, as it was traditionally left to collective bargaining to achieve " a fair day's wage for a fair day's work ".
The day features a funfair, boot fair in the morning, stalls and Children's Dressing Up in the afternoon and Floats in the evening, ( though there has been much talk amongst Lydd residents about the appropriateness of the judges, as often in recent years the 1st prize winners have not necessarily been the entrant ( s ) residents would definitely perceive as deserving, causing concern about the judges not being significantly unbiased to judge their fellow residents ).
Park officials continued negotiations in recent years, but said they were constrained by law from paying more than fair market value.
A recent attempt by local traders to uproot the traditional fair from the town's Market Square has sparked outcry and protest amongst the local residents.
In recent years the fair has emphasized its reputation as an event featuring unique, albeit high-fat foods.
The section also provides that dealers in commodities can elect mark to market treatment for any commodity ( or their derivatives ) which is actively traded ( i. e., for which there is an established financial market that provides a reasonable basis to determine fair market value by disseminating price quotes from broker / dealers or actual prices from recent transactions ).
Although some, especially high schools, have started to charge a fair portion of parents of students an additional tuition fee, due to the increased places offered by the schools in recent years.
In recent years the fair has moved away from such agricultural heritage by abandoning livestock competitions for area growers and ranchers in favor of hired petting zoos.
* The Resurrection Church ( 1702 ), the oldest structure in the town, is still in fair preservation, owing to recent restoration work.
More recent sources tend to claim a simpler derivation, namely from the two Welsh words hardd ( fair / fine ) and llech.
The recent bid by Toronto for the World's Fair 2015 also planned to use waterfront sites to accommodate the fair, but this bid also failed.
In more recent generations, luk khrueng have become accepted and even highly embraced by society, and many luk khrueng have carved out a prominent role in the entertainment industry, in which their often fluent English and their Caucasian features ( such as fair skin, larger or colored eyes and tall physique ), which are deemed attractive in Thai culture, have proved to be advantageous.
A trade fair ( trade show, trade exhibition or expo ) is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent market trends and opportunities.
Since the 17th century, markets and fair days were held in the town, but these faded away in recent decades.

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