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family and Plethodontidae
The largest family in this group is Plethodontidae, the lungless salamanders, which includes sixty percent of all salamander species.
Lungless salamanders in the family Plethodontidae are terrestrial and lay a small number of unpigmented eggs in a cluster among damp leaf litter.
The Plethodontidae, or Lungless salamanders, are a family of salamanders.
The family Plethodontidae consists of 4 subfamilies and about 380 species divided among the following genera, making up the majority of known salamander species.

family and are
and, `` I do think that families are the most beautiful things in all the world '', burst out Jo some five hundred pages later in that popular story of the March family, which had first appeared when Henrietta was eight ; ;
In their views on dating, courtship, sex, and family life, our students prefer what they are expected to prefer.
The brushes can be cleaned and sterilized by boiling and are detachable so that every member of the family can have his own.
This one was set up here in 390 A.D. on a pedestal, the faces of which are carved with statues of the emperor and his family watching games in the Hippodrome, done so realistically that the obelisk itself is included in them.
Have a test-run on the family first, to be sure timing and seasoning are right.
They come prepared for family fun because Americans in ever-growing numbers are learning that here is the way to a fine economical vacation that becomes a family experience of lasting importance.
When this experiment is viewed as composed of five binomial trials, one for each member of the family, the outcomes of the trials are obviously not independent.
Further research in the meaning of crises as experienced by the consumers of traditional social casework services -- including attempts to develop a typology of family structures, crisis problems, reaction mechanisms, and differential treatment approaches -- and the establishment of new experimental programs are imperative social needs which should command the best efforts of caseworkers in collaboration with community planners.
`` Very few wives '', says Dr. Calderone, `` who balance the checkbook, fix the car, choose where the family will live and deal with the tradesmen, are suddenly going to become submissive where sex is concerned.
If you are not well acquainted with the area in which you wish to locate, or if you are not sure that you and your family will like and make a success of farming, usually you would do better to rent a place for a year or two before you buy.
These are substantially the same factors considered by Non-Catholics in family planning.
Catholics, Protestants and Jews are in agreement over the objectives of family planning, but disagree over the methods to be used.
These, he said, are `` two of the principal underlying causes for family breakups leading to ADC ''.
To outsiders, the Blacks seem to be an ordinary, happy family, and they are -- but with a difference.
As only a member of the family can share in the innermost joys of the family, likewise one must belong to the family of God in order to receive the benefits that are promised to those who are His own.
You may know that you are in God's family and be just as sure of it as you are that you belong to the family of your earthly father.

family and also
If he sees the heroic in a Sartoris or a Sutpen, he sees also -- and he shows -- the blind and the mean, and he sees the Compson family disintegrating from within.
The Peace Corps should not pay the expenses of a wife or family, unless the wife is also accepted for full-time Peace Corps work on the same project.
You can also see that the greater the proximity of the pool to your main living quarters, the greater the chance for violation of family privacy, annoying noise and the let's-make-your-house-our-club attitude.
Unwholesome family relations, broken homes, and undesirable community influences may also be contributing factors.
But consider also how much you and your family can keep up along with your other work.
There was another family interest also.
At this Women's University we find a monument to a courageous family who believed that Japanese women also should be educated.
A Sterling Township family of six surviving children, whose mother died yesterday as the aftermath to a fire that also killed one of the children, found today they had the help of hundreds of neighbors and school friends.
They recommended, also, that `` at a fixed hour, let the entire family be assembled for night prayers, followed by a short reading of the Holy Scriptures ''.
The Austro-Asiatic ( Austroasiatic ) languages, in recent classifications synonymous with Mon – Khmer, are a large language family of Southeast Asia, also scattered throughout India and Bangladesh.
Afroasiatic ( alternatively Afro-Asiatic ), also known as Hamito-Semitic, is a large language family, including about 375 living languages.
Individual scholars have also called the family " Erythraean " ( Tucker 1966 ) and " Lisramic " ( Hodge 1972 ).
The family also has important ornamentals, mainly from the dominant genus Allium, but also including genera such as Ipheion.
The APG III system ( 2009 ) differs only in that the Limnocharitaceae are combined with the Alismataceae ; it was also suggested that the genus Maundia ( of the Juncaginaceae ) could be separated into a monogeneric family, Maundiaceae, but the authors noted that more study was necessary before Maundiaceae could be recognized.
The Turkic-Mongolic-Tungusic and Korean-Japanese-Ainu groupings were also posited by Joseph Greenberg ( 2000 – 2002 ) who, however, treated them as independent members of a larger family, which he termed Eurasiatic.
Charon, also known as the ferry-man, would take the soul across the river to Hades, if the soul had gold: Upon burial, the family of the dead soul would put coins under the deceased's tongue.
The family of Antoninus Pius and Faustina the Elder also represents one of the few periods in ancient Roman history where the position of Emperor passed smoothly from father to son.
* The 3rd century emperor Aurelian ( Lucius Domitius Aurelianus ), was also a distant relative of the Ahenobarbus family
While the house is clearly intended for a wealthy family, Aalto nevertheless argued that it was also an experiment that would prove useful in the design of mass housing.
He was greatly attached to his art ; and upon his young charge he looked as one who was to perpetuate, not only the family name, but also the family profession.
Successful general-purpose armoured fighting vehicles often also serve as the base of a whole family of specialised vehicles, for example, the M113 and MT-LB tracked carriers, and the MOWAG Piranha wheeled AFV.
This trend has also encouraged fake autobiographies, particularly those associated with ' misery lit ,' where the writer has allegedly suffered from being a part of a dysfunctional family, or from social problems, or political repression.

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