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Page "lore" ¶ 436
from Brown Corpus
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farmer and must
With new mechanization the modern farmer must perform the work of six men: a machine stands between the agrarian and his soil.
The farmer must agree to not repackage or resell Attribute seed.
" Faith " refers to Zeraim ( Seeds ), because a farmer sowing the crop must have faith to believe God will provide a bountiful harvest.
This means the farmer must have additional skills and make more time and equipment investments initially.
As the colonies moved towards their break with England, perhaps one of the most important discussions of American culture and identity came from the French immigrant J. Hector St. John de Crèvecœur, whose Letters from an American Farmer addresses the question what is an American by moving between praise for the opportunities and peace offered in the new society and recognition that the solid life of the farmer must rest uneasily between the oppressive aspects of the urban life ( with its luxuries built on slavery ) and the lawless aspects of the frontier, where the lack of social structures leads to the loss of civilized living.
Brownlee, who, like Wood, had not contested the election, felt that the Premier must be a farmer for the aspirations of the UFA's base to be fulfilled.
Later 12th-13th century changes to this law code list more extensive equipment for the more affluent freemen, with helmet, mail hauberk, shield, spear and sword being what the well-to-do farmer or burgher must bring to war.
" As a good farmer, Sen. Grassley must recognize that 51 years, or 58 years at the end of his term, is a long time to go without rotating crops ," Krause told about 50 supporters in Des Moines.
In a statement issued the same day that Watson surrendered, North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge stated that while he did not condone Watson's actions, the farmer personified " the growing pain and frustration felt in tobacco country ... We must not miss this opportunity to address the very real problems of tobacco country and rural America.
The fenjaan was the most accurate and commonly used timekeeping device for calculating the amount or the time that a farmer must take water from a qanat or well for irrigation, until it was replaced by more accurate current clock.
The farmer says that he dreamed that he must destroy the barn.
Although the farmer must chose to work the farm, the growth of his crops is entirely due to God.
The fenjaan was the most accurate and commonly used timekeeping device for calculating the amount or the time that a farmer must take water from a qanat or well for irrigation, until it was replaced by more accurate current clock.
Natalie Portman has signed on to star in the film as the farmer wife of an outlaw husband, who, after his gang turns on him, she must defend with the help of an old lover.
The corn marigold must have been a serious weed during the 13th century in Scotland ; a law of Alexander II states if a farmer allows so much as a single plant to produce seed in amongst his crops, then he will be fined a sheep.
The farmer must ensure that the fences are maintained in order to prevent the sheep from wandering onto roads or neighbours ' property.
There, the contestants must work as a normal farmer, raising animals and doing agriculture.
Edingale's most famous son must be Mr E J Holland ( Jos Holland ), a local farmer who bred shire horses and worked them on his farm into the 1970s.
He notes that a good farmer must take precious time to examine the land, looking over every detail.
That this idea must not, however, be over-emphasized, is admirably enforced by observing the great mass of farmer radicalism that has, since about 1896, become an accepted Democratic and Republican principle over the whole country.
Married to a tenant farmer, Nathan, because her family can't afford the dowry for a better match, Rukmani must leave everything she has ever known and learn how to run a household by herself at the age of twelve.
* The fox, goose and bag of beans puzzle, in which a farmer must transport a fox, goose and bag of beans from one side of a river to another using a boat which can only hold one item in addition to the farmer, subject to the constraints that the fox cannot be left alone with the goose, and the goose cannot be left alone with the beans.
At the end of seven years, the farmer must close the windows and doors of the little house, sealing the alux inside.

farmer and get
A part-time farmer needs unusual skill to get as high production per hen, per cow, or per acre as can be obtained by a competent full-time farmer.
Smith pointed out that one does not get one's dinner by appealing to the brother-love of the butcher, the farmer or the baker.
Later, farms on the edge of large communities could specialize in vegetable production, with the short distance allowing the farmer to get his produce to market while still fresh.
For the next 37 years, Edith performs the duties of farmer, housewife and nurse without ever seriously complaining, renouncing her personal freedom and refusing to get involved with men ( except for a brief romance with the narrator's father who, as would be expected, is rejected by her father as a " half-breed bastard ").
The 1976 interview was conducted by an increasingly frustrated Frum, who could not get the farmer to give any kind of coherent replies to her straightforward questions.
* Lafe – Lafe is a farmer who impregnates Dewey Dell and gives her $ 10 to get an abortion.
In selecting photographers for projects at Standard Oil ( SO ), Stryker sought those who possessed an " insatiable curiosity, the kind that can get to the core of an assignment, the kind that can comprehend what a truck driver, or a farmer, or a driller or a housewife thinks and feels and translate those thoughts and feelings into pictures that can be similarly comprehended by anyone.
One Lake District farmer summed the problem up as, " We get 100, 000 visitors across our land every year ... If just one in a thousand forgets to shut a gate or can't be bothered, that's a hundred times we have to go out and round up our sheep.
Boström was quite successful as a farmer and he started to get involved in local politics.
* In an attempt to earn money to fund his new animal snaring hobby, Jack attempts to get work as a fruit picker with the local farmer, but upon learning that the wage is only 30p an hour, gets suspicious of a group of gentlemen who are more than happy with the measly wage.
At that time, the Department of Highways, at the direction of Governor Gifford Pinchot, embarked upon an extensive program of paving rural roadways, well known as the " get the farmer out of the mud " program.
Three days later, having found alternative means to get to Edenderry, MacArthur visited the farmer Dónal Dunne and murdered him with his own shotgun after examining it.
Cartman then announces that his actual plan was to get Mr. Denkins, the farmer who owns the pony, to shoot and kill Scott's parents for trespassing, and while Denkins was busy with the police, steal the corpses, chop them up and place their body parts into the chili Scott was eating.
Jon, Odie, and Garfield get to the farm and meet sweet and always cooking Mom, hard working farmer Dad, mischievous younger brother Doc Boy, and the tough as nails Grandma ( This special is Jon's family's debut appearance in cartoon ).
It is possible to get a coffee here and buy fresh mutton and beef directly from the farmer.
Soon the trio meets an old farmer who tells them they must pass through an enigmatic stone city to get to Thrax.

farmer and up
John Salvador, a farmer from Palm Desert, Calif., was sitting up front and could see through the door as the trio entered the cockpit.
In Coleman, Texas, a farmer named Reggie Lagow caught an animal in a trap he set up after the deaths of a number of his chickens and turkeys.
Hence the rights that are normally unified in Western economies are split up between the individual farmer and the village committee.
The new party set up newspapers that made withering critiques of Hamiltonianism, extolled the yeomen farmer, argued for strict construction of the Constitution, favored the French Revolution, strongly opposed Great Britain, and called for stronger state governments than the Federalist Party was proposing.
Leia would go to Alderaan and grow up a princess, which was how she got the name and title, Princess Leia, the adopted daughter of Senator Bail Organa, and Luke would be taken to the desert planet of Tatooine to be raised as a moisture farmer by his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.
Growing up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania, Robert Yerkes wanted to leave the hard life of the rural farmer and become a physician.
There have also been episodes for the series produced for the Disney comic books worldwide, in USA, Denmark and the Netherlands, from the 1940s up to the present day, 2012 .< REF >" Brer Rabbit " at Inducks </ REF > Brer Bear and Brer Fox also appeared frequently in Disney's Big Bad Wolf stories, although here, Brer Bear was usually cast as an honest farmer and family man, instead of the bad guy in his original appearances.
When the farmer comes out and finds Pinocchio, he ties him up in a doghouse to guard his chicken coop.
Her father was a cattle baron and orange farmer, and her mother was a well-known opera singer who gave up the stage to marry and raise a family.
He grows up in Tregaron and after a spell working for a farmer, he works for a local landowner.
* Friesland got its independence back ( with constitutionalized farmer representation ) in 1581 and gave it up again in 1795.
The communities were mostly made up of the original farmer of that area and those he sold his land to.
" Sometime in the 1830s, a farmer named Jesse Jones noticed red-colored sulphur water bubbling up from springs on his farm.
After the buffalo hunting dried up Hanna made a round trip to Fort Laramie to buy seed and a plow, thereby becoming the first farmer to carve a furrow in what became Sheridan County.
Decisions may be based on decision-support models ( crop simulation models and recommendation models ), but in the final analysis it is up to the farmer to decide in terms of business value and impacts on the environment.
Erickson grew up in Lowell, Wisconsin, in a modest farming family and intended to become a farmer like his father.
The WCF focuses on boosting farmer income, encouraging sustainable farming techniques, and setting up environmental and social programmes.
The boy grew up a farmer in this rural, isolated environment.
He was a son of a farmer and grew up in the forests and fields.
The individual holdings were widely scattered, so that no single farmer would end up with all the good or bad land.
Today, a monthly Farmers ' Market in Moseley-set up by the Moseley Neighbourhood Forum-has won various awards including best FARMA Certified Urban Farmers ' Market 2009 and in 2009 local farmer Dominic Butler won the Most Unique Produce award with his micro blue beetroots.
In 1917, a farmer in Sogndal plowed up the Eggja stone, a gravestone with runic inscriptions important for the history of the Old Norse language.
The same year he began working at a farm in Wersen near Osnabrück but gave up becoming a farmer as he couldn't afford to buy his own farm.
The child washes up on shore near a village inhabited by a race of dwarf-like people called Nelwyns ( derisively called " pecks " by humans ) and is found by the children of Willow Ufgood ( Warwick Davis ), a farmer and amateur conjurer.

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