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feeling and individual
Related to this is the fact that most of the higher religions define for the individual his place in the universe and give him a feeling that he is relatively secure in an ordered, dependable universe.
It is not enough in accounting for this feeling to analyze it into the wickedness of individual people added together to produce a cumulative effect.
However, anxiety should not be confused with fear, it is more of a dreaded feeling about something which appears intimidating and can overcome an individual.
Although fear is one of the crucial evolutionary mechanisms for individual survival, in certain situations psychologically normal humans can behave without feeling fear, with a total neglect of potentially lethal risk.
" Eisenhower was stating that every individual deserves a job with decent compensation, practical hours, and good working conditions that leave them feeling fulfilled.
The nineteenth century French pioneer sociologist Émile Durkheim borrowed the word from French philosopher Jean-Marie Guyau and used it in his influential book Suicide ( 1897 ), outlining the social ( and not individual ) causes of suicide, characterized by an absence or diminution of standards or values ( referred to as normlessness ), and an associated feeling of alienation and purposelessness.
It is Romantic in the same sense that Frye attributed Romanticism to Blake: that is, " in the expanded sense of giving a primary place to imagination and individual feeling " ( Stingle 2 ).
Gold rushes were typically marked by a general buoyant feeling of a " free for all " in income mobility, in which any single individual might become abundantly wealthy almost instantly, as expressed in the California Dream.
Extremely shame-prone people might even experience vicarious shame even to an increased degree, in other words: shame on behalf of another person who is already feeling shame on behalf of a third party ( or possibly on behalf of the individual proper ).
The individual link within the social network is known by guanxi ( 关系 / 關係 ) and the feeling within the link is known by the term ganqing ( 感情 ).
[...] it is significantly enlightening to substitute for the individual ' happiness ' ( for which every living being is supposed to strive ) power [...] joy is only a symptom of the feeling of attained power [...] ( one does not strive for joy [...] joy accompanies ; joy does not move )
Historian and royal biographer Charles Powell told BBC News in 2008 that " There's a deep-rooted feeling of gratitude for the king's role in the transition to democracy Polls show that he is the individual to whom democratisation is most closely attributed, and the sense of gratitude cuts across class and ideological lines.
" This feeling can be felt as an individual ( as when one feels offended by another ) or as a community, group or nation.
Alfred Adler believed that the individual ( an integrated whole expressed through a self-consistent unity of thinking, feeling, and action, moving toward an unconscious, fictional final goal ), must be understood within the larger wholes of society, from the groups to which he belongs ( starting with his face-to-face relationships ), to the larger whole of mankind.
: Hahn believed that “ The Platonic view of education is that a nation must do all it can to make the individual citizen discover his own power and further more that the individual becomes a cripple in his or her point of view if he is not qualified by education to serve the community .” The idea of service at the school is thought to encourage students to gain a feeling of responsibility to aid other people and is implemented in creating an array of services that every student becomes apart of ( see below ).
Extinction refers to feeling as if life has no purpose, an individual could have lived past all family and friends and feel a great loss.
Descriptions of the schizoid personality as " hidden " behind an outward appearance of emotional engagement have been recognized as far back as 1940 with Fairbairn's description of ' schizoid exhibitionism ,' in which he remarked that the schizoid individual is able to express a great deal of feeling and to make what appear to be impressive social contacts while in reality giving nothing and losing nothing ; because he is only " playing a part ," his own personality is not involved.
Many modern performers now play pieces by following a score in a standard way rather than in the changeable reflective individual way of tradition, this can at times lead to the feeling that a performance has been rushed.
This level of surprise triggers an emotional feeling state, which is also a result of the combination of the level of importance ( consequentiality ) of the event to the individual, and the individual's affective attitude.
The emotional feeling state of the individual directly contributes to the creation of a flashbulb memory.
To strengthen the association, thus enabling the individual to vividly remember the event, emotional feeling state and affective attitude contribute to overt rehearsal ( mediator ) of the event to strengthen the memory of the original event which, in turn, determines the formation of a flashbulb memory.
One aim of identity politics has been to empower those feeling oppressed to articulate their felt oppression in terms of their own experience — a process of consciousness-raising that distinguishes identity politics from the liberal conception of politics as driven by individual self-interest.

feeling and inferiority
The song " Head in a Cloud " from Lost at Sea was written in part about the feeling of inferiority when watching Lagwagon perform live.
Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote in the Brown v. Board opinion, " To separate them from others of similar age and qualifications solely because of their race generates a feeling of inferiority as to their status in the community that may affect their hearts and minds in a way unlikely to ever be undone ".
Discrimination against Catholics, attempts by a subjugating power to create an impression of inferiority and subdue or eliminate cultural identity, and a feeling that Ireland was economically disadvantaged and subservient within the United Kingdom were among the specific factors leading to such opposition.
An inferiority complex, often used to mean low self-esteem, is a feeling of intense insecurity, inferiority or of not measuring up.
A primary inferiority feeling is said to be rooted in the young child's original experience of weakness, helplessness and dependency.
A secondary inferiority feeling relates to an adult's experience of being unable to reach a subconscious, fictional final goal of subjective security and success to compensate for the inferiority feelings.
The perceived distance from that goal would lead to a negative / depressed feeling that could then prompt the recall of the original inferiority feeling ; this composite of inferiority feelings could be experienced as overwhelming.
The goal invented to relieve the original, primary feeling of inferiority which actually causes the secondary feeling of inferiority is the " catch-22 " of this dilemma.
An inferiority complex is when " the feeling of inferiority is highly intensified to the degree that the child believes that he will never be able to compensate for his weakness ".
The primary feeling of inferiority is the original and normal feeling in the infant and child of smallness, weakness, and dependency: appreciation of this fact was a fundamental element in Adler's thinking, and an important part of his break with Sigmund Freud.
An inferiority feeling usually acts as an incentive for development.
However, a child may develop an exaggerated feeling of inferiority as a result of physiological difficulties or handicaps, inappropriate parenting ( including abuse, neglect, over-pampering ), or cultural and / or economic obstacles.
The secondary inferiority feeling is the adult's feeling of insufficiency that results from having adopted an unrealistically high or impossible compensatory goal, often one of perfection.

feeling and defeat
He was swift of foot, and was the first to carry to David tidings of the defeat of Absalom, although he refrained, from delicacy of feeling, from telling him of his death ( 2 Sam.
The official explanation of the defeat as presented to the House of Commons by Winston Churchill stated: " feeling he could not bring the enemy immediately to action as long as he kept with Canopus, he decided to attack them with his fast ships alone, in the belief that even if he himself were destroyed ... he would inflict damage on them which ... would lead to their certain subsequent destruction.
I accept this defeat with a feeling of mission accomplished, [...]" he said, conceding defeat.
Dom is also very interested in Tylor, feeling that Tylor would be not only a worthy adversary, but also a challenge for anyone to decipher and defeat.
Russian defeat in the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 combined with a rising tide of revolutionary feeling in Russia to produce the Russian Revolution of 1905.
For example, the concubine in the one act play The Favorite Concubine Becomes Intoxicated begins in a state of joy, and then moves to anger and jealousy, drunken playfulness, and finally to a feeling of defeat and resignation.
... the main Kuki characteristics can be universally traced asThe slow speech, the serious manner, the respect for birth and the knowledge of pedigrees, the duty of revenge, the taste for and the treacherous method of warfare, the curse of drink, the virtue of hospitality, the clannish feeling, the vice of avarice, the filthy state of the body, mutual distrust, impatience under control, the want of power of combination and continued effort, arrogance in victory, speedy discouragement and panic in defeat are common traits throughout the hills.
Good feeling in Istanbul wasn't to be found, as the Turks had suffered a defeat in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, ending Ottoman westward expansion.
Accompanied by a Rigellian Recorder, Thor encounters Ego, who vows to never leave the Black Galaxy and renounced its plans of conquest, feeling humiliated by his defeat.
The movie begins before the war, when the human race feeling cocky following their defeat of the Dilgar — is rapidly expanding into space.
Reporting on the final day of the 1957 Lords Test where Weekes had made a rearguard 90 as the West Indies slumped to an innings defeat, The Timess cricket correspondent wrote " It had been a day to quicken one's feeling for cricket, glowing with freshness and impulse and friendliness, and it had belong to Weekes.
In this personal literature, Bulosan argued that despite of the suffering and abuses he experienced America was an unfinished “ ideal in which everyone must invest (…) time and energy, (…) this outlook leaves us with a feeling of hope for the future instead of bitter defeat .” According to Carlos P. Romulo when he was interviewed by The New York Times, Bulosan wrote America Is in the Heart with “ bitterness ” in his heart and blood yet with the purpose of contributing “ something toward the final fulfillment of America ”.
Although his wife betrayed him with a white man, in his mind the deep sense of personal betrayal by her seems to blend with the widespread feeling in the surrounding society that the Confederacy had been " betrayed " by the black rebels who " stabbed it in the back " and caused its defeat.
He secretly harbours a deep feeling of resentment towards this fact, and strives for a way to defeat Kotaro ( though not to kill him ).

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