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The most famous work of Algerian cinema is probably that of Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina, Chronicle of the Years of Fire, which won the palme d ' Or at the Cannes film festival in the year 1975.
The name is certainly cognate with the Doric month name Απέλλαιος and the Doric festival απελλαι.
The connection with Dorians and their initiation festival apellai is reinforced by the month Apellaios in northwest Greek calendars, but it can explain only the Doric type of the name, which is connected with the Ancient Macedonian word " pella " ( Pella ), stone.
AFI FEST is the only film festival in the US to hold FIAPF ( Fédération Internationale des Associations de Producteurs de Films ) accreditation.
Hay is normally brought in twice a year, often also on festival days.
* Edinburgh Festival is an internationally famous arts festival that takes place during August
* Bon festival – ( Obon Festival ) is a Japanese traditional buddhist custom, evolved into a family reunion holiday.
This festival is locally known as Korfest.
Ajax, who in the post-Homeric legend is described as the grandson of Aeacus and the great-grandson of Zeus, was the tutelary hero of the island of Salamis, where he had a temple and an image, and where a festival called Aianteia was celebrated in his honour.
Van Mahotsav is an annual pan-Indian tree planting festival, occupying a week in the month of July. During this event millions of trees are planted.
The perseverance of the Pilgrims is celebrated during the annual Thanksgiving festival.
It is also a fertility festival, similar in some ways to other harvest-time celebrations in other cultures.
The Donkey brae run is held on the first Sunday of the festival and is popular nationwide, with a 7-mile race, 2-mile run and a 1-mile run for children.
In the Anglosphere, most notably in Anglo-America, autumn is also associated with the Halloween season ( which in turn was influenced by Samhain, a Celtic autumn festival ), and with it a widespread marketing campaign that promotes it, in the U. S. A.
The Japanese festival, in which Altair is known as, is based on this legend.
Alexandria is also known as " Small Town USA " and holds an annual festival to honor this heritage.
The city is home to the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, an annual arts and crafts festival held one weekend during early April, when the native dogwoods are in bloom.
Beltane () is the anglicised spelling of the Goidelic name for either the month of May or the festival held on the first day of May.
Beltane regained popularity during the Celtic Revival and is still observed as a cultural festival by some in Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man and among their diasporas.
Today, Beltane is also observed as a religious festival by Celtic neopagans.
Another common aspect of the festival in early 20th century Ireland was the hanging of May Boughs on the doors and windows of houses and the making of May Bushes in farmyards, which usually consisted either of a branch of rowan / caorthann ( mountain ash ) or more commonly whitethorn / sceach geal ( hawthorn ) which is in bloom at the time and is commonly called the ' May Bush ' or just ' May ' in both Ireland and Britain.

festival and referred
Alcaeus was a contemporary and a countryman of Sappho and, since both poets composed for the entertainment of Mytilenean friends, they had many opportunities to associate with each other on a quite regular basis, such as at the Kallisteia, an annual festival celebrating the island's federation under Mytilene, held at the ' Messon ' ( referred to as temenos in fr. s 129 and 130 ), where Sappho performed publicly with female choirs.
Sometimes the festival is referred to as " Brigid ".
Yule is the modern English representative of the Old English words ġéol or ġéohol and ġéola or ġéoli, with the former indicating "( the 12-day festival of ) Yule " ( later: " Christmastide ") and the latter indicating "( the month of ) Yule ", whereby ǽrra ġéola referred to the period before the Yule festival ( December ) and æftera ġéola referred to the period after Yule ( January ).
* Newport Jazz Festival, sometimes referred to as simply Newport, especially in the titles of some recordings from the festival
Ebertfest: Roger Ebert's Film Festival, originally known as Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival but commonly referred to as simply Ebertfest, is an annual film festival held every April in Champaign, Illinois, United States, organized by the College of Media at the University of Illinois.
The festival continued through the night, a women-only banquet with female musicians, fun and games ( ludere ), and wine ; the last was euphemistically referred to as " milk ", and its container as a " honey jar ".
Jāņi is an ancient festival originally celebrated in honour a Latvian pagan deity Jānis, referred to as a " Son of God " in some ancient Latvian folksongs.
The Festival of Ridván, a twelve day festival that commemorates Bahá ' u ' lláh's announcement of prophethood, is the most holy Bahá ' í festival and is referred to as the " Most Great Festival.
19th century European observers of the racing ritual, not understanding the significance of Duanwu, referred to the spectacle as a " dragon boat festival ".
Some communities preferred the term " festival ", while others simply referred to " parties ".
Zouk means " party " or " festival " in the local Antillean Creole of French, although the word originally referred to, and is still used to refer to, a popular dance, based on the Polish dance, the mazurka, that was introduced to the French Caribbean in the 19th Century.
The festival is so popular amongst Italians that it is often referred to simply as " Il Festival " ( The Festival ).
Light orchestrated pop songs, known locally as schlager music, are so prevalent that the festival is sometimes referred to as Schlagerfestivalen (" The schlager festival ") by the Swedish media.
The Rossini Opera Festival ( frequently referred to among musicians as the Pesaro Festival and usually nicknamed just ROF ) is an opera festival held in August of each year in Pesaro, Italy, the birthplace of the opera composer Gioachino Rossini.
This approach is now sometimes referred to as an unjuried festival, open access arts festival or a fringe festival.
Tamils refer to Pongal as " Tamizhar Thirunaal " ( meaning " the festival of Tamils ") Makara Sankranti in turn is referred to in the Surya Siddhanta.
In the Hindu religion, Dhanu, which is generally referred to as Dhanu Yatra, is a festival holiday relating to Lord Krishna's visit to Mathura.

festival and English
The rite of her sacred fires is a modern festival held in honour of the Goddess Hekate all around the world at the Full Moon in May each year, with thousands participating in more than 18 languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Serbian, Welsh and Esperanto.
In 2006, Fatboy Slim filled the Saturday headline slot at the Global Gathering festival, Long Marston Airfield in the English Midlands.
In 2012 the Shakespeare's Globe's 2012 Globe to Globe festival Henry V was the UK entry, one of 37 and the only one performed in spoken English.
They started the Stonehenge Free Festival in 1974, but English Heritage later banned the festival, resulting in the Battle of the Beanfield in 1985.
Before the advent of Christianity, the Midsummer festival in Finland, today known as Juhannus after John the Baptist ( Finnish: Johannes Kastaja ), was held in honor of Ukko and called Ukon juhla ( English: Festival of Ukko ).
Also dedicated to Ukko were the Vakkajuhlat ( English: Vakka festival ) also known as Ukon vakat ( Ukko's vakkas ) or simply vakat ( Vakkas ).
was produced as a play in 1970, was performed in English at the Stratford festival, and has been made into a film.
It originated as a harvest festival, corresponding to the Welsh Calan Awst and the English Lammas.
* The Fabulous Picture Show ( part 1, part 2 )-Master Class with Mira Nair at the Doha film festival, Al Jazeera English, Dec 2009
Februus ' holy month was Februarius ( of Februa ), hence English February, a month named for the Februa / februalia spring purification festival which occurred on the 15th of that month.
In the context of English educational and legal institutions, Saint Hilary's festival lies at the start of the Hilary Term which begins in January.
John Curwen ’ s son, John Spencer Curwen ( who founded the Stratford & East London Music Festival – the oldest English music festivalin 1882 ), published a paper called “ Old Plaistow ” in 1891 describing houses of the area.
The Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts is an English arts festival devoted mainly to classical music.
Prior to the construction of English park the festival was held in the War Memorial park on 7Th St.
The name " Wakefield " may derive from " Waca's field " – the open land belonging to someone named " Waca " or could have evolved from the Old English word wacu, meaning " a watch or wake ", and feld, an open field in which a wake or festival was held.
In 1951 Paul Krebs, a dance teacher from Nürnberg, combined the traditional Austrian Waltz with the English style of waltzing and had great success at the dance festival in Blackpool in the same year.
The Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo ( in English: Sanremo Italian song festival ) is a popular Italian song contest, held annually in the city of Sanremo, in Italy, and consisting of a competition amongst previously unreleased songs.
Officially titled Festival della Canzone Italiana ( English: Italian song festival ), the first edition of the show was held at the Sanremo Casinò on 29, 30 and 31 January 1951.
The current festival is, in most countries that celebrate it, named after the English missionary Saint Walpurga ( ca.
Ēostre or Ostara ( Northumbrian Old English: Ēostre ; West Saxon Old English: Ēastre ; ) is a goddess in Germanic paganism who, by way of the Germanic month bearing her name ( Northumbrian: Ēosturmōnaþ ; West Saxon: Ēastermōnaþ ; Old High German: Ôstarmânoth ), is the namesake of the festival of Easter.

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