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field and library
Another innovator in this field is the German harpist Rudiger Oppermann, who has also brought together harpists from all over the world to German music festivals and owns a private library of folk-music harps from every continent.
A research library is most often an academic or national library, but a large special library may have a research library within its special field and a very few of the largest public libraries also serve as research libraries.
Library classification form part of the field of library and information science.
As with its photographs, UPI thereby lost all control of its newsfilm and video library, which is now held by WTN-successor Associated Press Television News, which entered the video news field long after UPI left it.
When the producer or content creator demands high-fidelity sound effects, the sound editor usually must augment his available library with new sound effects recorded in the field.
Fred Rosenstock became recognized as the leading bookseller in the field of western history and located and sold many books to the important western history collections, notably to the library at Brigham Young University and the Denver Public Library.
Dr. Lena Y. de Grummond, a professor in the field of library science ( specializing in children's literature ) at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Miss.
Some scenes were shot at the Brooklyn College athletic field, and the Pratt Institute library in Brooklyn, New York, without the administration's knowledge or approval.
However, it is actually a broad, interdisciplinary field, incorporating not only aspects of computer science, but often diverse fields such as archival science, cognitive science, commerce, communications, law, library science, museology, management, mathematics, philosophy, public policy, and the social sciences.
Information science should not be confused with information theory, the study of a particular mathematical concept of information, or with library science, a field related to libraries which uses some of the principles of information science.
The Australian Library and Information Association's highest honour that can be bestowed on an individual not eligible for membership of the Association is the Redmond Barry Award, awarded in recognition of outstanding service to or promotion of a library and information service or libraries and information services, or to the theory or practice of library and information science, or an associated field.
Akerman took advantage of Berrien's extensive law library and became fascinated with the field.
Not only did the creation of the ALA provide national visibility and recognition to the field of librarianship, but it substantially increased the professional identity among the library practitioners.
Because the faculty consisted mostly of scholars, they contributed a considerable amount of research which formed the foundation of the field of library science.
The middle school and high school are housed in the same building and share the library, the cafeteria, performing arts facilities and athletic resources ( tennis courts, a baseball diamond, a football field, and a running track ).
Conservators in the field of library science have the skills to handle a variety of situations.
By emphasizing use, Ranganathan refocused the attention of the field to access-related issues, such as the library's location, loan policies, hours and days of operation, as well as such mundanities as library furniture and the quality of staffing.
Two humans begin to walk across the field towards him, and he asks them the way to the library.
The main library of the university is on the campus, along with other facilities such as the Student Services Center, Student Activities Center, gymnasium, stadium, hockey field, hotel ( Wisma Makara ), travel agent and the dormitory.
* Folk Literature of the Sephardic Jews, a digital library at the University of Illinois containing 40 years of field research among Sephardic communities in North America, the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, North Africa, and Israel by Professors Samuel Armistead, Joseph Silverman, and Israel Katz.
The new campus features a new library, two levels of classrooms in the Academic Center, the new Seaver Science Center, a turf field, a new administration office, a putting green, a long jump pit, and a large parking lot.

field and science
For example, there are persons who are in physical science, in the field of mineralogy, trained in crystallography, who use only X-rays, applying only the powder technique of X-ray diffraction, to clay minerals only, and who have spent the last fifteen years concentrating on the montmorillonites ; ;
Many studies indicate that elementary-school children's interests cover the whole field of science ; ;
In Greece, there was since the 19th century a science of the folklore called laographia ( laography ), in the form of " a science of the interior ", although theoretically weak ; but the connotation of the field deeply changed after World War II, when a wave of Anglo-American anthropologists introduced a science " of the outside ".
It is part of the field of biomechatronics, the science of using mechanical devices with human muscle, skeleton, and nervous systems to assist or enhance motor control lost by trauma, disease, or defect.
Babbage understood that the existence of an automatic computer would kindle interest in the field now known as algorithmic efficiency, writing in his Passages from the Life of a Philosopher, " As soon as an Analytical Engine exists, it will necessarily guide the future course of the science.
* Sensory analysis-in the field of Food science
Conservation is an interdisciplinary field as conservators have backgrounds in the fine arts, sciences ( including chemistry, biology, and materials science ), and closely related disciplines, such as art history, archaeology, studio art, and anthropology.
The term shmoo has also entered the lexicon, defining highly technical concepts in no less than four separate fields of science, including the variations shmooing ( a microbiological term for the " budding " process in yeast reproduction ), and shmoo plot ( a technical term in the field of electrical engineering ).
However, Ogden prescribed that any student should learn an additional 150-word list for everyday work in some particular field, by adding a word list of 100 words particularly useful in a general field ( e. g., science, verse, business, etc.
These connections shed the boundaries between combinatorics and parts of mathematics and theoretical computer science, but at the same time led to a partial fragmentation of the field.
A computer scientist is a person who does work at a professional level in computer science and / or has attained a degree in computer science or a related field.
The field overlaps with chemistry, materials science, and nanotechnology, and relates closely to atomic physics and biophysics.
Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary field with contributors from various fields, including psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy of mind, computer science, anthropology, sociology, and biology.
Most in cognitive science, however, presumably do not believe their field is the study of anything as certain as the knowledge sought by Plato.
Cognitive science is a large field, and covers a wide array of topics on cognition.
See List of cognitive science topics for a list of various aspects of the field.
The study of language processing in cognitive science is closely tied to the field of linguistics.
As the field is highly interdisciplinary, research often cuts across multiple areas of study, drawing on research methods from psychology, neuroscience, computer science and systems theory.
are unlikely to become celebrities even if they are enormously successful in their field due to society's disinterest in science, invention, medicine, and courtroom law which is not fictional.
Research into catalysis is a major field in applied science and involves many areas of chemistry, notably in organometallic chemistry and materials science.

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