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film and has
This has been attributed to helium film flow in the vapor pressure thermometer.
The film has an adhesive on the back which permits it to be stripped onto the acrylic panels forming the sign, and also to be stripped off for replacement by new copy as required.
Only George Santayana seemed to understand and appreciate the film when he wrote: `` Miss Poitrine has perpetrated the most eloquent argument for the Protestant faith yet unleashed by Hollywood ''.
Nevertheless, the writer has never experienced such spontaneity of discussion after film showings.
Since the removal force is a function of coating thickness, a differential transformer pickup has been incorporated into the instrument to accurately measure film thickness.
Of the two, Porter is justly the better known, for he went far beyond the vital finding of fiction for films to take the first step toward fashioning a language of film, toward making the motion picture the intricate, efficient time machine that it has remained since, even in the most inept hands.
It was Porter, however, who produced the very first movie whose name has lived on through the half century of film history that has since ensued.
But except for a vague adherence to the basic storyline -- i.e., that Ruth remained with Naomi and finally wound up with Boaz -- the film version has little to do with the Bible.
We can all breathe more easily this morning -- more easily and joyously, too -- because Joshua Logan has turned the stage show, `` Fanny '', into a delightful and heart-warming film.
The term " droid ", coined by George Lucas for the original Star Wars film and now used widely within science fiction, originated as an abridgment of " android ", but has been used by Lucas and others to mean any robot, including distinctly non-human form machines like R2-D2.
Christie has been portrayed on a number of occasions in film and television.
Christie has also been parodied on screen, such as in the film Murder by Indecision, which featured the character " Agatha Crispy ".
In addition, Sirius has been played in a variety of TV shows and movies including the episode " Vanishing Act " of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, and the 2009 film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
The 1982 science fiction film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan used " Amazing Grace " amid a context of Christian symbolism, to memorialize the death of Mr. Spock but more practically, because the song has become " instantly recognizable to many in the audience as music that sounds appropriate for a funeral " according to a Star Trek scholar.
The character only has three lines in the film.
Despite the many Hollywood elements, Aeneas has received little interest from the film industry.
The American influence through film has led to the localised adoption of terms such as bronco for the native brumby meaning wild horse, and cowboy for the native drover and stockman for a cattle or sheep herder, though such words are still overtly felt to be " Americanisms ".
Although officially declassified, the original film taken by U. S. Corona spy satellite in the 1960s has been altered prior to declassification ; in answer to freedom of information queries, the government responds that these exposures ( which map to Groom and the entire NAFR ) appear to have been destroyed .< ref >
Since 2005 Alicante has been home to Ciudad de la Luz, one of the largest film studios in Europe.
This film was a critical and box office failure, but has gained a modern following.
A Funny Thing has enjoyed several Broadway and West End revivals and was made into a successful film starring the original lead of the musical, Zero Mostel.
This scene has been restored on the " directors cut bootleg edition " DVD and the double disk DVD, which also featured the cinematic version of the film.
By the time Army of Darkness turns into a retread of Jason and the Argonauts, featuring an army of fighting skeletons, the film has fallen into a ditch between parody and spectacle ".
He has been portrayed by Jamie Harding in the film United 93 and Asim Wali in the film Flight 93

film and engaging
Additionally, they have begun to explore notions of difference, engaging in dialogue about the differences among women ( part of movement away from essentialism in feminist work more generally ), the various methodologies and perspectives contained under the umbrella of feminist film theory, and the multiplicity of methods and intended effects that influence the development of films.
Outside of directing, Capra was also active within the film industry, engaging in various political and social issues.
A striking depiction of Malmö was made by Bo Widerberg in his engaging debut film Kvarteret Korpen ( Raven's End ) ( 1963 ), largely shot in the shabby Korpen working-class district in Malmö.
" Roger Ebert gave the film three stars out of four, describing it as " weirdly engaging "
In 1963 as a result of a court decision Warners has to cease their contracts with their television stars, engaging them for specific series or film roles.
** Hollywood film director Roman Polanski skips bail and flees to France, after pleading guilty to charges of engaging in sex with a 13-year-old girl.
The highlight of the film features the Stooges engaging in nonsensical gymnastics ( the real spies are renowned acrobats ) for a skeptical group of enemy agents.
Contemporary biographer Basil Liddell Hart publicly criticized the film, engaging screenwriter Robert Bolt in a lengthy correspondence over the film's portrayal of Lawrence.
Janet Maslin of The New York Times wrote negatively of the film and stated that the beginning of the movie " is the only part of the film that is remotely engaging.
In August 1995, the film — Watch the K Foundation Burn a Million Quid — was toured around the UK, with Drummond and Cauty engaging each audience in debate about the burning and its meaning.
In 1978, the award-winning film, The Buddy Holly Story, starring Gary Busey as Buddy Holly, presented an engaging but somewhat inaccurate depiction of the band's early years.
When the shutter is completely covering the film gate, the film strip is being moved one frame further by one or two claws which advance the film by engaging and pulling it through the perforations.
In the film she played a Catholic schoolteacher for deaf children who lives a double life, spending nights frequenting singles bars and engaging in promiscuous sex.
* A film or a story is said to keep you on the edge of your seat, if it is suspenseful or engaging.
She suggested using the television medium's " most engaging traits ", including high production values, sophisticated writing, and quality film and animation, to reach the largest audience possible.
Apologetics in general and presuppositional apologetics has been a defining feature with many of its theologians and higher-ranking clergy, and many also practice " cultural apologetics " ( pioneered by authors like Schaeffer ) by engaging with and participating in secular cultural activities such as film, music, literature, and art in order to win them for Christ.
Film critic Lisa Kropiewnicki liked the film and wrote, " Jennifer Lopez delivers a breakout performance ... Nava's engaging script wisely mines his subject's life for humor and conflict, embracing Selena Quintanilla's passion for music.
The film concludes with the two engaging in a kiss while a guitarist ( Jonathan Richman ) who narrates / sings along all the story is accidentally shot by Magda's boyfriend who was trying to shoot Ted so he could win over Mary.
In the film, he fights alongside Captain Marvel, engaging Superman and Batman outside Lex Luthor's bunker.
Viewing a film involves subconsciously engaging in the understanding of male and female roles.
Even though the abbreviated story fails to place the characters ' action in the proper context, the film is praised for its dreamlike atmosphere, powerful imagery and visually engaging action sequences.

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