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final and decision
If she chose, and in that final decision discarded, what, above all, all of us value, life itself, must she not have risen to her fullest height, and transcending her murky self, felt at last the passion of a great moral decision??
After an appeal is heard, the " mandate " is a formal notice of a decision by a court of appeal ; this notice is transmitted to the trial court and, when filed by the clerk of the trial court, constitutes the final judgment on the case, unless the appeal court has directed further proceedings in the trial court.
The final conflict was provoked by Antony, who is said to have been persuaded by his lover, the queen Cleopatra of Egypt, to retire to her land and give battle to mask his retreat ; but lack of provisions and the growing demoralization of his army would eventually account for this decision.
Herald-Traveler Corp. fought the decision in court — by this time, revenues from channel 5 were all but keeping the newspaper afloat — but its final appeal ran out in 1972, and on March 19 WHDH-TV was forced to surrender channel 5 to the new WCVB-TV.
* Bell Canada usage-based billing: On October 28, 2010, the CRTC handed down its final decision on how wholesale customers can be billed by large network owners.
The final decision is by no means a foregone conclusion.
The final decision is to be handed down 1 May 2012.
Those considerations that are selected by the agent as having a more than negligible bearing on the decision then figure in a reasoning process, and if the agent is in the main reasonable, those considerations ultimately serve as predictors and explicators of the agent's final decision.
The decision to hold the semi-finals at the same location as the final can be controversial amongst fans However, starting with the 2008 cup, all semi-finals are played at Wembley ; the stadium was not ready for the 2007 semi-finals.
The power delegated to the federal government was significantly expanded by the Supreme Court decision in McCulloch v. Maryland ( 1819 ), amendments to the Constitution following the Civil War, and by some later amendments — as well as the overall claim of the Civil War, that the states were legally subject to the final dictates of the federal government.
The team chose the last and informed McLaren and Miles of the decision just before the two got in their cars for the final stint.
An excellent delegator and judge of talent and character, he talked regularly with department heads and listened to their advice before making a final decision.
Banks said the decision to sell was difficult – the 4 – 2 cup final victory over West Germany at Wembley was the greatest day of his career.
By the terms of the Honduran constitution, this stalemate left the final choice of president up to the legislature, but that body was unable to obtain a quorum and reach a decision.
* The work of the Rosh, Rabbi Asher ben Jehiel ( 1250 ?/ 1259 ?– 1328 ), an abstract of the Talmud, concisely stating the final halakhic decision and quoting later authorities, notably Alfasi, Maimonides, and the Tosafists.
The final decision will ultimately rest with the Ministry of Defence's senior commanders, including principally the Chief of the Defence Staff in consultation with the wishes of Harry, his father the Prince of Wales and the Queen.
Kennedy argues that the famine was considered the final straw to convince people to move and that there were several other factors in the decision making.
A committee was formed to advise Kennedy's widow Jacqueline, who would make the final decision.
Ministers are then proposed both by the Chief Minister and any other elected member, the final decision being made by the States assembly.
The two ministers were unwilling to follow Bern's lead and delayed the use of such bread until a synod in Zurich could be convened to make the final decision.
This posed a dilemma for the libertines, so on 21 August the council decided to write to other Swiss cities for their opinions, thus mitigating their own responsibility for the final decision.
This body reversed the council's decision and stated that the final arbiter concerning excommunication should be the council.

final and went
Moreover, prudence alone would indicate that, unless the local customs are already ready to fall when pushed, the results of direct economic action everywhere upon national chain stores will likely be simply to give undue advantage to local and state stores which conform to these customs, leading to greater decentralization and local autonomy within the company, or even ( as the final self-defeat of an unjust application of economic pressure to correct injustice ) to its going out of business in certain sections of the country ( as, for that matter, the Quakers, who once had many meetings in the pre-Civil War South, largely went out of business in that part of the country over the slavery issue, never to recover a large number of southern adherents ).
Spofforth went on to devastate the English batting, taking his final four wickets for only two runs to leave England just eight runs short of victory in one of the closest and most nail-biting finishes in the history of cricket.
Under Brearley's leadership, England went on to win the next two matches before a drawn final match at The Oval.
Australia went 2 – 0 up after three Tests, but England won the Fourth Test by 3 runs ( after a 70-run last wicket stand ) to set up the final decider, which was drawn.
Charles peacefully went into his involuntary retirement, but not without first chastising his nephew for his treachery and asking only for a few royal villas in Swabia, which Arnulf mercifully granted him, on which to live out his final months.
In a final twist, Bradley later went on to discover the existence of the nutation of the Earth's axis – the effect that he had originally considered to be the cause of aberration.
His goal in the 3 – 1 group win over Argentina was his 25th for England in just 38 appearances, but his individual success could not be replicated by that of the team, which was eliminated in the quarter final by Brazil, who went on to win the tournament.
This, his maiden Test century in his fifth Test, was the turning point of the series as West Indies won the final two Tests to win the series 2 – 1. Lara went on to name his daughter Sydney after scoring 277 at SCG.
Sri Lanka went on to win their maiden championship by defeating Australia by seven wickets in the final, which was held in Lahore.
First published in 1863, it went through three editions that year, with a fourth and final edition appearing in 1873.
Melbourne, which defeated Essendon by just 5 points in the preliminary final, later went on to trounce Richmond by 39 points in the grand final.
The final whistle went seconds later to send the game into extra time.
Things initially went well, and for much of the season Chelsea were on course for promotion, but two wins from their final seven league games ensured the club finished 4th.
He went with his team to the Memorial Cup final in 1965 and won the Cup the following year.
Yet in 1971 the teams were engaged in a heated race that went down to the final week of the season, where Miami won its first division title with a 10 – 3 – 1 title compared to the 10 – 4 Baltimore record after the Colts won the Week 13 matchup between them at home, but proceeded to lose the last game of the season to Boston.
Post-left anarcho-communist Bob Black after analysing insurrectionary anarcho-communist Luigi Galleani's view on anarcho-communism went as far as saying that " communism is the final fulfillment of individualism ... The apparent contradiction between individualism and communism rests on a misunderstanding of both ... Subjectivity is also objective: the individual really is subjective.
Hewitt played only Davis Cup matches for the remainder of the year, recording five-set wins over Roger Federer and Juan Carlos Ferrero in the semifinals and final respectively, as Australia went on to win the Davis Cup.
Louis fell ill soon after his final victorious campaigns and went to his summer hunting lodge on an island in the Rhine, by his palace at Ingelheim.
She went on to direct the Bergman-penned Faithless and in 2003 reprised her role from Scenes from a Marriage in Saraband, Bergman's final telemovie.
* X-Men Adventures-Originally based on the X-Men animated series, this universe went on to feature more original stories, and in its final issue, revealed itself to be the universe which existed prior to the current 616 reality, when it was destroyed by the fracturing of the M ' Kraan crystal.
In 2002, the Saints wore black pants with their white jerseys ( except for the final road game, a 20 – 13 loss in Cincinnati when they went back to the gold pants ), and gold pants with their black jerseys, a gold alternate jersey, and a 1967-style throwback uniform, complete with an accurate 1967-era helmet which featured a larger fleur-de-lis, a darker shade of gold and grey facemasks.
The club went back to back premiers in 1904 after Richmond forfeited the grand final in what go down as one of the most controversial premierships in football history.
He went on to win gold medals in his other three events: the 10, 000 m, sprinting past Guillemot on the final curve and improving his personal best by over a minute, the cross country race, beating Sweden's Eric Backman, and the cross country team event where he helped Heikki Liimatainen and Teodor Koskenniemi defeat the British and Swedish teams.

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