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first and 39
During the first half of 2008, Armenia's widening current-account trade deficit grew by 66 percent to $ 1. 39 billion USD, with a 40 percent rise in imports.
He became first among 39 competitors.
The book records the first 39 years of what the Nephites termed " the reign of the judges ", a period in which the Nephite nation adopted a constitutional theocratic government in which the judicial and executive branches of the government were combined.
The first, termed Proto-Isaiah ( chapters 1 – 39 ), contains the words of the 8th-century BCE prophet with 7th-century BCE expansions ; the second, Deutero-Isaiah ( chapters 40 – 55 ), is the work of a 6th-century BCE author writing near the end of the Babylonian captivity ; and the third, the poetic Trito-Isaiah ( chapters 56 – 66 ), was composed in Jerusalem shortly after the return from exile, probably by multiple authors.
21-25 ; 39 ) names Job's first wife ( cf.
Hesperocyonine canids first appeared in North America, and the earliest species is currently dated at 39. 74 mya, but they were not represented in Europe until well into the Miocene, and not into Asia and Africa until the Pliocene.
Some years after divorcing Aelia Paetina, in 38 or early 39, Claudius married Valeria Messalina, who was his first cousin once removed and closely allied with Caligula's circle.
Although they had their best season in decades at 92 – 70, they lost key games against the Mets and finished the season a disappointing eight games out of first place while the Mets exploded past them by winning 39 of their last 50 games.
* Dutch: &# 39 ; t definite article of neuter nouns and third person singular neuter pronoun, &# 39 ; k first person pronoun, je second person singular pronoun, ie third person masculine singular pronoun, ze third person plural pronoun
: On November 11, 2008 The Walt Disney Company released a limited pressing of 39, 500 issues of The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh in DVD format for the first time as a part of the Disney Treasures collection, and was now called Dr. Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh.
The 2007 ILO Global Employment Trends Report indicated that services have surpassed agriculture for the first time in human history: " In 2006 the service sector ’ s share of global employment overtook agriculture for the first time, increasing from 39. 5 per cent to 40 per cent.
In 1858 ( when she was 39 ) Amos Barton, the first of the Scenes of Clerical Life, was published in Blackwood's Magazine and, along with the other Scenes, was well received.
In the first, from 1938 – 39, he tried to persuade other states to align themselves with Germany for the coming war.
The first was the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985 in which charging Liverpool fans caused a wall to collapse, killing 39 Juventus supporters.
The first was the 1985 Heysel Stadium disaster, in which 39 Juventus supporters were killed.
" Leaf by Niggle " is a short story written by J. R. R. Tolkien in 1938 – 39 and first published in the Dublin Review in January 1945.
The Dolphins had a combined 15 – 39 – 2 record in their first four seasons ( under head coach George Wilson and behind QB Bob Griese 1967 when Don Shula was hired as head coach.
She appeared in 39 TV commercials in five days, ultimately earning about $ 6, 000 from her first job.
The New Testament canon as it is now was first listed by St. Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, in 367, in a letter written to his churches in Egypt, Festal Letter 39.
Led by MVP Simms who completed 22 of 25 passes for a Super Bowl record 88 % completion percentage, they defeated the Broncos 39 – 20, to win their first championship since 1956.
The Giants defeated the Broncos by the score of 39 – 20, winning their first ever Super Bowl and their first NFL title since 1956.

first and chapters
* Prologue and first nine chapters at Baen Ebooks
The first four chapters, describe the rebellions of followers of Nehor and Amlici.
The Book of Ezra consists of ten chapters: chapters 1-6, covering the period from the Decree of Cyrus to the dedication of the Second Temple, are told in the third person ; chapters 7-10, dealing with the mission of Ezra, are told largely in the first person.
The first 6 narrative chapters are fit into the structure rather than defining the structure.
The first three chapters have three apocalyptic visions while the last three chapters give one extended apocalypse, in full detail, pertaining to events that surround the Maccabean revolt.
Scholars have identified several passages in Jeremiah that can be understood as “ confessions ;” they occur in the first section of the book ( chapters 1-25 ) and are 11. 18-12. 6, 15. 10-21, 17. 14-18, 18. 18-23, and 20. 7-18.
In the 20th century the first part of the prologue ( chapters 1: 1-2: 5 ) and the two parts of the epilogue ( 17-21 ) were commonly seen as miscellaneous collections of fragments tacked on to the main text, and the second part of the prologue ( 2: 6-3: 6 ) as an introduction composed expressly for the book ; this view has been challenged in the latter decades of the century, and there is an increasing willingness to see Judges as the work of a single individual, working by carefully selecting, reworking and positioning his source material to introduce and conclude his themes.
The first four poems ( chapters ) are acrostics, like some of the Psalms ( 25, 34, 37, 119 ), i. e., each verse begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet taken in order.
Ironically, the relentless God demonstrated in the first chapter becomes the merciful God in the last two chapters ( see 3: 10 ).
The first stage was the collection and arrangement of some spoken sayings of the historical Micah ( the material in chapters 1-3 ), in which the prophet attacks those who build estates through oppression and depicts the Assyrian invasion of Judah as Yahweh's punishment on the kingdom's corrupt rulers, including a prophecy that the Temple will be destroyed.
Of the three chapters in the book, the first two are a dialog between Yahweh and the prophet.
A commentary on the first two chapters of the book was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran.
The Commentary contains a copy of the first two chapters of Habakkuk, but not of the third chapter.
On this plan, the first part tells of God's rescue of his people from Egypt and their journey under his care to Sinai ( chapters 1-19 ) and the second tells of the covenant between them ( chapters 20-40 ).
The first few chapters of the novel, dealing with the discovery of Erewhon, are in fact based on Butler's own experiences in New Zealand where, as a young man, he worked as a sheep farmer on Mesopotamia Station for about four years ( 1860 – 1864 ) and explored parts of the interior of the South Island of which he wrote about in his A First Year in Canterbury Settlement ( 1863 ).
The doctrinal part comprises the first two chapters.
# Paul is aware that there is some conflict between Gentile and Jewish Christians in the Roman church, and he addressed those concerns ( chapters thirteen and the first half of fourteen ).

first and prophesy
His status, as viewed by rabbinical literature, is that he was the last of the Hebrew Judges and the first of the major prophets who began to prophesy inside the Land of Israel.
The last part of Jeremiah 49 is an apocalyptic oracle against Elam which states that Elam will be scattered to the four winds of the earth, but " will be, in the end of days, that I will return their captivity ," a prophesy self-dated to the first year of Zedekiah ( 597 BC ).
The prophesy also said if the son did not kill the first living thing he saw his family would be cursed for 9 generations ; however the son could not kill his father so his family was cursed.
Inherit the Wind ( issues 108 to 111 ): The first results of the enigmatic prophesy about the Cubs.
Eve's son by Adam would have presumably been called " Adam's seed " so it has been suggested, since a woman does not naturally produce seed, that " her seed " is the first prophesy of an eventual human messiah produced by means of a virgin birth.
He had been the first foreign journalist to be refused a re-entry permit into the Soviet Union in 1929 for his negative reporting of the Five-Year Plan and prophesy of an impending famine in Ukraine.

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