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first and document
Affidavits may be written in the first or third person, depending on who drafted the document.
) In central Europe, the King of Hungary Ladislaus the Posthumous, started the use of Arabic numerals, which appear for the first time in a royal document of 1456.
The earliest known member of the house, Esiko, Count of Ballenstedt, first appears in a document of 1036, and is assumed to have been a grandson ( through his mother ) of Odo I, Margrave of the Saxon Ostmark.
Cölln on the Fischerinsel is first mentioned in a 1237 document, and Berlin, across the Spree in what is now called the Nikolaiviertel, is referenced in a document from 1244.
In 1928 he first presented a paper at the International Congress of Americanists in which he presented his translation of a Nahuatl document held at the Peabody Museum at Harvard.
In China, the Hongwu Emperor created and refined a document he called Ancestral Injunctions ( first published in 1375, revised twice more before his death in 1398 ).
The record represents the first document of Croatian realms, vassal states of Francia at the time.
The first Conciliar document on celibacy of the Western Christian Church ( Canon 33 of the Synod of Elvira, c. AD 305 ) states that the discipline of celibacy is to refrain from the use of marriage, i. e. refrain from having carnal contact with your spouse.
Although it is the first of 20 British North America Acts, it is still the most famous of these and is understood to be the document of Canadian Confederation.
The first known surviving document containing some Corsican is a bill of sale from Patrimonio dated to 1220.
The example above shows a notation named " type-image-svg " that references the standard public FPI and the system identifier ( the standard URI ) of an SVG 1. 1 document, instead of specifying just a system identifier as in the first example ( which was a relative URI interpreted locally as a MIME type ).
The limited facilities for detecting user-generated events and modifying the HTML document in the first generation of these languages eventually became known as " DOM Level 0 " or " Legacy DOM.
In 1907-1908 Sapir was offered a position at the University of California, where Boas ' first student Alfred Kroeber who was the head of a project under the California state survey, to document the Indigenous languages of California.
Prior to the introduction of the ubiquitous fax machine, one of the first being the Exxon Qwip in the mid-1970s, facsimile machines worked by optical scanning of a document or drawing spinning on a drum.
* 1322 – The generatio Percal is the first time mentioned in a document.
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an alleged secret document which was published and printed for the first time in 1903.
A prominent example of false document in the videogame genre is the Resident Evil series, which, from the first installment, uses newspaper clippings and television news reports that report the alleged cannibalistic murder of the victims found in the Arklay Mountain region.
A forged document, the Zinoviev Letter brought about the downfall of the first Labour Government in Britain.
The first publicly available description of HTML was a document called " HTML Tags ", first mentioned on the Internet by Berners-Lee in late 1991.
; October 1991: HTML Tags, an informal CERN document listing eighteen HTML tags, was first mentioned in public.
This form was first used in a document in 1474.
The 1232 document marked the first time that the German dukes were called domini terræ, owners of their lands, a remarkable change in terminology as well.
The method chosen by Carías to extend his term of office was to call a constituent assembly that would write a new constitution and select the individual to serve for the first presidential term under that document.

first and mentioning
* The 20th-century Irish poet Louis MacNeice references Catullus in his poem " Epitaph for Liberal Poets ," where he mentions Catullus as amongst the first liberal poets-" Catullus / went down young ," mentioning him in the context of the death of the individual and recognising his and the universal plight.
The 1703 exercise was the first census ever to cover all inhabitants of an entire country, mentioning the name, age, and social position of each individual.
In the first of two stanzas mentioning Fenrir in Vafþrúðnismál, Odin poses a question to the wise jötunn Vafþrúðnir:
The Ancient Indian Kama Sutra, dating from the first century AD, describes oral sex, discussing fellatio in great detail and only briefly mentioning cunnilingus.
The first Scandinavian documents mentioning a " land of the Finns " are two runestones: ( Söderby, Sweden, with the inscription finlont ( U 582 †), Gotland with the inscription finlandi ( G 319 M ) dating from the 11th century.
The exact nature of the " re-discovery " has been somewhat debated: De Vries published first on the subject, mentioning Mendel in a footnote, while Correns pointed out Mendel's priority after having read De Vries's paper and realizing that he himself did not have priority.
Ptolemy's Geographia, written in the 2nd century, is sometimes considered to contain the first mentioning of the Saxons.
" This was the first mentioning of the term synchronized swimming, although Curtis still used the term rhythmic swimming in her book, Rhythmic Swimming: A Source Book of Synchronized Swimming and Water Pageantry ( Minneapolis: Burgess Publishing Co., 1936 ).
The first word mentioning the name of Sumatra was the name of Srivijayan Haji ( king ) Sumatrabhumi (" King of the land of Sumatra "), who sent an envoy to China in 1017.
The first mention of a Uralic people is in Tacitus's Germania, mentioning the Fenni ( usually interpreted as referring to the Sami ) and two other possibly Uralic tribes living in the farthest reaches of Scandinavia.
The first record belongs to the chronicles mentioning Lviv in 1256.
Historical evidence favors the European origin of the name " coconut ", for there is nothing similar in any of the languages of India, where the Portuguese first found the fruit ; and indeed Barbosa, Barros, and Garcia, in mentioning the Malayalam name tenga, and Canarese narle, expressly say, " we call these fruits quoquos ", " our people have given it the name of coco ", and " that which we call coco, and the Malabars temga ".
The very first written definition / discussion on the fossil formation ( mentioning Nummulite quoted from A. M. Celâl Şengör ).
* The first official mentioning of beekeeping in Egypt
The only contemporary sources mentioning him are the two skaldic poems Haraldskvæði and Glymdrápa, which have been attributed to Þorbjörn Hornklofi or alternatively ( in the case of the first poem ) to Þjóðólfr of Hvinir.
The first entry in Music Index mentioning “ bluegrass music ” directed the reader to “ see Country Music ; Hillbilly Music ” ( Kretzschmar, 1970, p. 91 ).
" Black Francis of the Pixies cited Beefheart's The Spotlight Kid as one of the albums he listened to regularly when first writing songs for the band, and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana acknowledged Van Vliet's influence, mentioning him among his notoriously eclectic range.
The first documents mentioning castrati are Italian church records from the 1550s.
The first surviving record explicitly mentioning the gard is from 1269: it notes a " Christianus, castellanus in castro Stolpis, et Hermannus, capellanus in civitate ante castrum predictum ", thus confirming the existence of a fortress (" castrum ") with a suburbium (" civitas ").
Valentinian had a full sister, Justa Grata Honoria, who was probably born in 417 or 418 ( the history of Paul the Deacon mentions her first when mentioning the children of the marriage, suggesting she was the eldest ).
According to anthropologist Paul R. Mullins, the first cookbook mentioning doughnuts was an 1803 English volume which included doughnuts in an appendix of American recipes.
* Plato writes the dialogues Timaeus and Critias, first mentioning Atlantis.
The foundation of the city is attributed to Gaius Marius, around 102 BC, but the first document mentioning a place called " Ayga Mortas " ( dead waters ) dates from the 10th century AD.
The first document mentioning the existence of this community is the town charter granted by Mathieu d ' Alsace in 1181 to Gerard de Guelders, Count of Boulogne ; Calais became part of the county of Boulogne.

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