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first and leg
Moritz was bothered during the first two games this year by a pulled muscle in the thigh of his right ( kicking ) leg and, as a result, several of his successful conversions have gone barely far enough.
After being wounded in a leg and suffering other injuries, he moved to North America in 1916 ( first to Canada, then the United States ) to coordinate the shipment of artillery to Russia.
It is also representative of the evolution and direction of our team .” During the 2003 preseason Michael Vick broke his leg and missed the first twelve games of the season.
In the first leg at home, United won 2 – 1.
DNA testing can give a definitive diagnosis, but not all the genetic markers for CMT are known. CMT is first noticed when someone develops lower leg weakness and foot deformities such as foot drop, hammertoes and high arches.
of 1901, which showed a tramp stealing a leg of mutton from a butcher's boy in the first shot, then being chased through the second shot by the butcher's boy and assorted dogs, and finally being caught by the dogs in the third shot.
In the latter, the bar was approached diagonally, and the jumper threw first the inside leg and then the other over the bar in a scissoring motion.
A 2 – 1 away loss in the first leg at La Spezia was followed by a 0 – 0 home tie, and Verona were relegated to Serie C1 after 64 years of play in the two highest divisions.
During the first leg of this voyage, while in west Africa ( 1748 – 1749 ), Newton acknowledged the inadequacy of his spiritual life.
Pelton knew Lindh was receiving his first medical treatment since being shot in the leg more than a week prior and had been given morphine by a medic prior to Pelton's interview.
It begins as a jump with one leg while kicking with the other, then move the kicking leg down and the jumping leg up into a kick, landing with the first kicking leg, all while spinning.
It is the first leg of the US Triple Crown and is followed by the Preakness Stakes, then the Belmont Stakes.
* 1990 – The first all woman expedition to the South Pole ( 3 Americans, 1 Japanese and 12 Russians ) sets off from Antarctica on the 1st leg of a 70 day, 1287 kilometre ski trek.
On April 15, the band released Snakes & Arrows Live, a double live album documenting the first leg of the tour.
The first leg of the tour began on June 29 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and finished October 17 in Santiago, Chile, at the National Stadium.
Supposedly, due to another mechanical trick, when the king reached the first step, the ox stretched forth its leg, on which Solomon leaned, a similar action taking place in the case of the animals on each of the six steps.
The offensive line, anchored by all-pro tackle Rayfield Wright, Pro Bowlers John Niland and Ralph Neely, and future hall of famer Forrest Gregg, was also a primary reason for their success on offense ( Neely had broken his leg in November in a dirt-bike accident, and was replaced first by Gregg and then by Tony Liscio, who came out of retirement.
The hop landing phase is very active, involving a powerful backward " pawing " action of the right leg, with the right take-off foot landing heel first on the runway.
In November 2011 the Volvo Ocean Race boat Puma's Mar Mostro headed to the island after the mast came down to meet a supporting vessel in the first leg between Alicante ( Spain ) and Cape Town ( South Africa ).
On the first leg of the trip, the second twin moves to the right ( black sloped line ); and on the second leg, back to the left.
Blue lines show the planes of simultaneity for the traveling twin during the first leg of the journey ; red lines, during the second leg.

first and expedition
The 1961 theme is the Dakota Territorial Centennial, with the pictures including the Lewis and Clark expedition, the first river steamboat, the 1876 gold rush, a little red schoolhouse on the prairie, and today's construction of large Missouri River reservoirs.
In this passage Lewis Carroll incorporated references to the original boating expedition of 4 July 1862 during which Alice's Adventures were first told, with Alice as herself, and the others represented by birds: the Lory was Lorina Liddell, the Eaglet was Edith Liddell, the Dodo was Dodgson, and the Duck was Rev.
In this passage Lewis Carroll incorporated references to everyone present on the original boating expedition of July 4, 1862 during which Alice's Adventures were first told, with Alice as herself, and the others represented by birds: the Lory was Lorina Liddell, the Eaglet was Edith Liddell, the Dodo was Lewis Carroll, and the Duck was Rev.
It was at Anah that the emperor Julian met the first opposition on his disastrous expedition against Persia ( 363 ), when he got possession of the place and transported the people ; and there that Ziyad and Shureih with the advanced guard of Ali's army were refused passage across the Euphrates ( 36 / 657 ) to join Ali in Mesopotamia ( Tabari i. 3261 ).
Amalric led his first expedition into Egypt in 1163, claiming that the Fatimids had not paid the yearly tribute that had begun during the reign of Baldwin III.
The first expedition against the Wends that was conducted by Absalon in person, set out in 1160.
Although myths and speculation about a Terra Australis (" Southern Land ") date back to antiquity, the first confirmed sighting of the continent of Antarctica is commonly accepted to have occurred in 1820 by the Russian expedition of Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev on Vostok and Mirny.
In 1888, the promoter of the first expedition to Australia and New Zealand, Arthur Shrewsbury, demanded " something that would be good material and yet take them by storm out here ".
The destination of the expedition was kept top secret ; most of the army's officers did not know of its target, and Bonaparte himself did not publicly reveal his goal until the first stage of the expedition was complete.
In 1840 the Museum became involved in its first overseas excavations, Charles Fellows's expedition to Xanthos, in Asia Minor, whence came remains of the tombs of the rulers of ancient Lycia, among them the Nereid and Payava monuments.
The first Europeans to reach the Bandas, the expedition remained in Banda for about one month, purchasing and filling their ships with Banda's nutmeg and mace, and with cloves in which Banda had a thriving entrepôt trade.
The first scientific expedition to Clipperton took place in 1725 under Frenchman M. Bocage, who lived on the island for several months.
Though Columbus was not the first European explorer to reach the Americas ( having been preceded by the Norse expedition led by Leif Ericson in the 11th century ), Columbus's voyages led to the first lasting European contact with America, inaugurating a period of European exploration and colonization of foreign lands that lasted for several centuries.
Colombia was discovered by Europeans when the first expedition of Alonso de Ojeda arrived at the Cabo de la Vela in 1499.
It was the first expedition to use aerial photography and shortwave radio for mapping of the region.
It was the first Donald Duck story originally produced for an American comic book and also the first involving Donald and his nephews in a treasure hunting expedition, in this case for the treasure of Henry Morgan.
The depression is named after the British Royal Navy survey ship HMS Challenger, whose expedition of 1872 – 1876 made the first recordings of its depth.
* The HMS Challenger expedition ( December 1872 – May 1876 ) first sounded the depths now known as the Challenger Deep.
The Summary Report of the HMS Challenger expedition lists radiolaria from the two dredged samples taken when the Challenger Deep was first discovered.
The first Europeans to see Deception Pass were members of the 1790 expedition of Manuel Quimper on the Princesa Real.
Espinosa decided to undertake a new expedition, which left in December of the same year with 200 men including Almagro himself and Francisco Pizarro, who for the first time was designated as a captain.
Also during this time Almagro established a friendship with Vasco Núñez de Balboa, who during the time was in charge of Acla, with the intent of making a ship with the materials of the Espinosa expedition and later finish it in the " Great South Sea " as the Pacific Ocean first became known to the Spanish.

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