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first and line
I ducked just as the first strand broke somewhere down the line and came whipping over the sideboards.
They advanced in a line across the entrance hall to the stairway and up, with gingerly steps, towards the first landing.
Field shifts were derived from the mean value of the resonance line, defined as the field about which the first moment is zero.
We observe first that no line, l, can meet its image except at one of its intersections with Q.
To do this we must first show that every line which meets **zg in a point P meets its image at P.
The first possibility requires that there be a line through P which meets **zg in Af points ; ;
In the first case the fixed elements within each pencil are the multiple secant and the line joining the vertex, P, to the intersection of **zg and the plane of the pencil which does not lie on the multiple secant.
The first known telephone line in Manchester was established in July 1883 between Burr and Manley's store at Manchester Depot and the Kent and Root Marble Company in South Dorset.
This reduces to the relationship: Af, where Af is the intercept at zero thickness of the extrapolation of the slope indicated in eqn. ( 1 ), Af is the thickness of the coating equivalent to the rounding off of the knife tip, Af is a straight line first approximation of this roundness, and the other symbols are equivalent to those of eqn. ( 1 ).
And while no one expects total democracy on the academic scene, the scholar will be particularly sensitive to a line between first and second class citizenship drawn on any basis other than that of academic rank or professional achievement.
Tadpoles have cartilaginous skeletons, gills for respiration ( external gills at first, internal gills later ), lateral line systems and large tails which they use for swimming.
At first they feed on the yolks of the eggs but as this source of nourishment declines they begin to rasp at the ciliated epithelial cells that line the oviduct.
The first line of defence in salamanders and frogs is the mucous secretion that they produce.
The axioms are referred to as " 4 + 1 " because for nearly two millennia the fifth ( parallel ) postulate (" through a point outside a line there is exactly one parallel ") was suspected of being derivable from the first four.
The ostensible reason was a report by XI Corps commander Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard that Doubleday's corps broke first, causing the entire Union line to collapse, but Meade also had a long history of disdain for Doubleday's combat effectiveness, dating back to South Mountain.
Henry Ford was the first to master the moving assembly line and was able to improve other aspects of industry by doing so ( such as reducing labor hours required to produce a single vehicle, and increased production numbers and parts ).
Ford was the first company to build large factories around the assembly line concept.
Assuming no loss of time when moving a car from one station to another, the longest stage on the assembly line determines the throughput ( 20 minutes for the engine installation ) so a car can be produced every 20 minutes, once the first car taking 35 minutes has been produced.
Then, taking in on the first cable as the boat is motored into the wind and letting slack while drifting back, a second anchor is set approximately a half-scope away from the first on a line perpendicular to the wind.
Moody and Sankey began publishing their compositions in 1875, and " Amazing Grace " appeared three times with three different melodies, but they were the first to give it its title ; hymns were typically published using the first line of the lyrics, or the name of the tune such as " New Britain ".
The language of the poem is typically direct and concise and comprises short sentences-the first line is in fact a model of condensed meaning, comprising an exhortation (" Let's drink!
Exactly at the head of the gulf the great peak of the Cameroon, on a line of volcanic action continued by the islands to the south-west, has a height of, while Clarence Peak, in Fernando Po, the first of the line of islands, rises to over.

first and Camper
On October 26, 1996, a well-known gaming clan, the Rangers, surprised the Quake community with Diary of a Camper, the first widely known machinima film.
The group next released Cigarettes & Carrot Juice: The Santa Cruz Years, a five-disc box set compiling their first three ( pre-Virgin ) albums, Camper Vantiquities, and a live recording from 1990 they called Greatest Hits Played Faster.
Shortly thereafter, the band released " director's cut " versions of the first three records and Camper Vantiquities, whose deviations from the original versions included remastering, re-sequencing and additional demo and B-side tracks.
These were the first Camper Van Beethoven studio tracks to include Funaro.
Petrus Camper, though, was a shining academic example during the second half of the eighteenth century and was famous far beyond the city limits as an anatomist, a fighter against rinderpest and the founder of the first outpatient ’ s clinic for surgical medicine.
The Volkswagen Type 2, known officially, depending on body type as the Transporter, Kombi and Microbus, and informally as the Bus ( US ) or Camper ( UK ), is a panel van introduced in 1950 by German automaker Volkswagen as its second car model – following and initially deriving from Volkswagen's first model, the Type 1 ( Beetle ), it was given the factory designation Type 2.
The first CD included " Velocity Girl ", " Take the Skinheads Bowling " and " Can't Take My Eyes Off You " ( all three songs being cover versions of songs originally performed by Primal Scream, Camper Van Beethoven and Frankie Valli, respectively ) and the cassette featured a live recording of " A Design for Life ".
Camper Wallace Goodwin, who was the first to discover the jumpsuit, singlet and nappy, gave evidence that the whole of the jumpsuit was undone, that the clothes were lying on the ground naturally not artificially, and that he believed the singlet was beside the jumpsuit not inside it.
They had first met in 1930 at Camp Kanuga, near Hendersonville, North Carolina, where Mendel impressed Marwee by being elected Best Boy Camper, despite being 24 and a law school student.
* Webelos Camper is the first Cub Scout camp rank of Firecrafter, designed to be the introduction for a First-Year Webelos Scout to Boy Scouting.
* Camper is the first Boy Scout camp rank of Firecrafter.
Camper is designed to supplement and support the programming for a young man's first year of camp.
One of the first scholar to study comparative anatomy, Petrus Camper demonstrated the principle of correlation in all organisms by the mechanical exercise he called a " metamorphosis ".

first and Van
Or was it her own first ball as mistress of this big house, a Van Rensselaer bride from way upstate near Albany, from Rensselaerwyck.
Van Vogt's first published SF story, " Black Destroyer " ( Astounding Science Fiction, July 1939 ), was inspired by Voyage of the Beagle by Charles Darwin.
Van Vogt was always interested in the idea of all-encompassing systems of knowledge ( akin to modern meta-systems ) -- the characters in his very first story used a system called ' Nexialism ' to analyze the alien's behaviour, and he became interested in the General Semantics of Alfred Korzybski.
Harlan Ellison ( who began reading van Vogt as a teenager ) wrote, " Van was the first writer to shine light on the restricted ways in which I had been taught to view the universe and the human condition.
* 1965 – Vietnam War: Operation Starlite begins – United States Marines destroy a Viet Cong stronghold on the Van Tuong peninsula in the first major American ground battle of the war.
Notable former Indians broadcasters include Tom Manning, Jack Graney ( the first ex-baseball player to become a play-by-play announcer ), Jack Corrigan ( now with the Colorado Rockies ), Jimmy Dudley who received the Ford Frick Award in 1997, Ken Coleman, Joe Castiglione, Van Patrick, Joe Tait, Bruce Drennan, Jim " Mudcat " Grant, Harry Jones, Rocky Colavito and Herb Score, who called Indians ' baseball for 34 seasons.
Well-known late 1970s disco performers included Donna Summer, The Bee Gees, KC and the Sunshine Band, The Trammps, Van McCoy, Gloria Gaynor, The Village People, Chic, and The Jacksons — the latter which first dipped its toes into disco as The Jackson 5.
Static electricity was the first form discovered and investigated, and the electrostatic generator is still used even in modern devices such as the Van de Graaff generator and MHD generators.
Besides being the first U. S. satellite, it is known for discovering the Van Allen radiation belt.
The first stable mathematical model of an electronic oscillator, the Van der Pol oscillator, was derived by Balthasar van der Pol in 1927.
According to Cay Van Ash, Rohmer's biographer and former assistant who became the first author to continue the series after Rohmer's death, " Fu Manchu " was a title of honour, which meant " the Warlike Manchu.
Although Johnson would attest in a 1984 radio interview that the " two tribes " of the song potentially represented any pair of warring adversaries ( giving the examples of " cowboys and Indians or Captain Kirk and Klingons "), the song does contain the line " On the air America / I modelled shirts by Van Heusen ", a clear reference to then US President Ronald Reagan, who had advertised for Phillips Van Heusen in 1953 ( briefly reviving the association in the early 1980s ), and whose first film had been titled Love Is On The Air.
Before being extradited, Van Hout and Holleeder stayed for more than three years in France, first on the run, then in prison, and then, awaiting a change of the extradition treaty, then with house arrest, and finally in prison again.
The first electric guitarist of note to use a seven-string guitar was jazz guitarist George Van Eps, who was a pioneer of this instrument.
The first Board of Directors included Monica Hargraves, Dan Cogan, Margaret McCasland, Erica Van Etten, Greg Spence Wolf, Bob LeRoy, LeGrace Benson, Wally Woods, Jennifer Elges, and Donald Stephenson.
Van Buren won a simple majority on the convention's first ballot but did not attain the two-thirds supermajority required for nomination.
According to Van Voorst, the statement " those that loved him at the first did not forsake him " has the characteristics of Josephus ' writing and points to the continuation of Christianity.
Van Buren was a key organizer of the Democratic Party, a dominant figure in the Second Party System, and the first president not of British or Irish descent — his family was Dutch.
Van Buren was the first president born a citizen of the United States, as all previous presidents were born before the American Revolution.
Van Buren married Hannah Hoes, his childhood sweetheart and first cousin once removed, on February 21, 1807, in Catskill, New York.
Van Buren at first favored internal improvements, such as road repairs and canal creation, therefore proposing a constitutional amendment in 1824 to authorize such undertakings.
No diplomatic questions of the first magnitude arose during Van Buren's service as secretary, but the settlement of long-standing claims against France was prepared and trade with the British West Indies colonies was opened.
Martin Van Buren was the first real American politician and was also the first to use grassroots campaigning in his presidential campaign.

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