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first and professional
The State Ballet of Rhode Island, the first incorporated group, was formed for the purpose of extending knowledge of the art of ballet in the Community, to promote interest in ballet performances, to contribute to the cultural life of the State, and to provide opportunity for gifted dance students who, for one reason or another, are unable to pursue a career and to develop others for the professional state ; ;
Not only should every educator above the rank of instructor be expected to be a member of one of the professional organizations, but his first qualification for membership as an educator should be so sharply scrutinized that membership would be equivalent to certification to teach the subject.
And while no one expects total democracy on the academic scene, the scholar will be particularly sensitive to a line between first and second class citizenship drawn on any basis other than that of academic rank or professional achievement.
After what the MCC saw as the problems of the earlier professional and amateur series they decided to take control of organising tours themselves, and this led to the first MCC tour of Australia in 1903 – 04.
* 1975 – The first game of the Philippine Basketball Association, the second oldest professional basketball league in the world.
Following the formation of baseball's first professional organization, the National Association of Professional Baseball Players, which became known as the National Association, the Association, or NA, in 1871, Spalding joined the Boston Red Stockings ( precursor club to the modern Atlanta Braves ) and was highly successful ; winning 206 games ( and losing only 53 ) as a pitcher and batting. 323 as a hitter.
Ayckbourn joined Wolfit on tour to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as an acting assistant stage manager ( meaning a role that involved both acting and stage management ) for three weeks, with his first role on the professional stage being various parts in The Strong are Lonely by Fritz Hochwälder .< ref name = acting >
This was the first major professional sports championship for the state of Arizona and the first for a team ( in the four major North American professional sports leagues ) owned or controlled by Colangelo, whose basketball Suns made it to the NBA Finals in 1976 and 1993 but lost both times.
Upon returning to Vienna following his success in Paris, Salieri met and befriended Lorenzo Da Ponte and had his first professional encounters with Mozart.
Wenham was also a member of the first professional organization dedicated to aeronautics, the Royal Aeronautical Society of the United Kingdom.
Eventually, the first definite cleavage between ballet and ballroom came when professional dancers appeared in the ballets, and the ballets left the Court and went to the stage.
Outside the professional leagues, such as in high school or college baseball, the manager may simply request to the plate umpire to let the batter go to first instead of having the pitcher waste four outside pitches.
The first and most prominent professional clubs of the NABBP era were the Cincinnati Red Stockings in Ohio, which lasted only two years.
The Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first to so declare themselves as openly professional, and were easily the most aggressive in recruiting the best available players.
The first professional black baseball club, the Cuban Giants, was organized in 1885.
Hideo Nomo won in 1995, the first of several players to win with past professional baseball experience in Nippon Professional Baseball.
In 1983, the building became the official museum of the Baltimore Orioles, which signed Ruth to his first professional contract.
Managed by Harry Wright, Cincinnati adopted a uniform with white knickers and red stockings, and earned the famous nickname, a year or two before hiring the first fully professional team in 1869.
The Boston Red Stockings won four championships in the five seasons of the new National Association, the first professional league.
The anonymous sleeve notes accompanying the 1956 Decca album " Rock Around The Clock " describe Haley's early life and career thus: " Bill got his first professional job at the age of 13, playing and entertaining at an auction for the fee of $ 1 a night.
In 1983, he was invited to record a session on the John Peel BBC Radio show with his band, performing six poems, which was his first professional engagement.
The first scholar to give Peirce his considered professional attention was Royce's student Morris Raphael Cohen, the editor of an anthology of Peirce's writings titled Chance, Love, and Logic ( 1923 ) and the author of the first bibliography of Peirce's scattered writings.

first and football
Alumni was the most successful team in the amateur era of Argentine football, winning 10 of the 14 league championships contested, being considered the first great football team.
* 1970 – Patricia Palinkas became the first woman to play professionally in an American football game
The local football team Alemannia Aachen had a short run-out in Germany's first division, after its promotion in 2006.
However, when, under manager Jack Kirwan, the club got promoted to the top flight of Dutch football for the first time in 1911 ( then the Eerste Klasse or ' First Class ', later named the Eredivisie ), Ajax were forced to change their colours because Sparta Rotterdam already had exactly the same outfit.
Australian football has attracted more overall interest among Australians ( as measured by the Sweeney Sports report ) than any other football code, and, when compared with all sports throughout the nation, has consistently ranked first in the winter reports, and most recently third behind cricket and swimming in summer.
Cruzeiro Esporte Clube ( Crux / Southern Cross Sports Club ) is a first class football ( soccer ) club in Brazil.
The team was founded in the 1940s as a charter franchise in the All-America Football Conference ( AAFC ), with Paul Brown, the team's namesake and a pioneering figure in professional football, as its first coach.
Brown, who had built an impressive record as coach of a Massillon, Ohio high school team and brought the Buckeyes their first national championship, at the time was serving in the U. S. Navy and coached the football team at Great Lakes Naval Station near Chicago.
This included the 1948 season, in which the Browns became the first unbeaten and untied team in professional football history, 24 years before the NFL's 1972 Miami Dolphins duplicated the feat.
Although Carolina first played Tampa Bay in 1995, their rivalry did not start until 2003, when DT Brentson Buckner claimed fellow DT Kris Jenkins was the best defensive tackle in football, angering Tampa Bay DT Warren Sapp.
When representatives of Fulham first came across the land, in 1894, it was so overgrown that it took two years to be made suitable for football to be played on it.
The first football match at which there were any gate receipts was when Fulham played against Minerva in the Middlesex Senior Cup, on 10 October 1886.
The Korea Republic national football team have also used the ground twice in recent years for international friendlies, first against Greece in February 2007 and then against Serbia in November 2009.
It was through college football play that American football rules first gained popularity in the United States.
The first documented gridiron football match was a game played at University College, a college of the University of Toronto, November 9, 1861.
The game gradually gained a following, and the Montreal Football Club was formed in 1868, the first recorded non-university football club in Canada.
The first ever intercollegiate football game between two American teams played under rules which would eventually become the rules under which modern American football is governed occurred between Princeton and Rutgers University in 1869.
The completion of the first ever American football season came as a result of only two total games being played.
A game which modern audiences would more readily recognize as American football occurred six years after the first ever game and occurred between Harvard University and Tufts University on June 4, 1875.
This first game was a lot like rugby but much closer to the modern day version of football than soccer.
An 1869 game of intercollegiate " football " between Rutgers and Princeton is often cited as the first intercollegiate American football game, however it was an unfamiliar ancestor of today's college football, as it was played under 6-year-old soccer-style Association rules.

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