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first and Additional
) Additional inspiration for GPS came when the Soviet Union launched the first man-made satellite, Sputnik in 1957.
Additional forms of transportation were important, including the steam wagon and the first locomotive engine of the Midland Pacific.
Additional models — mostly British at first — continued to be added to the range throughout the decade, including cars such as an MG Midget TD, a Vauxhall Cresta, a Ford Zodiac, and many others.
Additional grants established a Sloan Institute of Hospital Administration Sloan Program in Health Administration in 1955 at Cornell University Cornell University-the first two year graduate program of its type in the US, a Sloan Fellows Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1957, and at London Business School in 1965.
Under Article 47 of Protocol I ( Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts ) it is stated in the first sentence " A mercenary shall not have the right to be a combatant or a prisoner of war.
The first task of the new government was to introduce ( on 4 March ) an Additional Representation Bill, to rectify-in part-the disparity in electoral power of the rural and urban districts.
Additional research found that nearly 50 % of all adolescent mothers sought social assistance within the first five years of their child's life.
Additional personnel changes, better performance from retained players, and a Mia Hamm improved by off-season knee surgery led to a far better finish, as Washington went undefeated in their last eight matches and finished in third place ( only two points out of first ).
Additional aspects were conveyed with a second target head below the first, either a single light, a partial target, or a full target, depending on the location.
Additional singles that followed were " Lost You Somewhere ", the Benelux release " Red Skies ", and the non-album single " Strong in Love ", for which Bracegirdle used vocals by British singer Sylvia Mason-James ( after discovering that she was the vocalist on the Paul Oakenfold / Steve Osborne remix of " Lemon " by U2 ) and first collaborated on production with Ray " Madman " Hedges ( producer for B * Witched and Boyzone ).
Additional categories were gradually added, with an award for producer being first given in 1969.
Additional evidence that it was Shalmaneser, not Sargon II who initially captured Samaria, despite the latter's claim, late in his reign, that he was its conqueror, was presented by Tadmor, who showed that Sargon had no campaigns in the west in his first two years of reign ( 722 and 721 BC ).
In 1991, the school added a Chiropractic program, the first University affiliated program of its kind in the U. S. Additional doctoral programs in Naturopathic Medicine and Computer Science and Engineering were added in 1996 and 2006.
Additional color terms are added in a fixed order as a language evolves: first one of green or yellow ; then the other of green or yellow ; then blue.
Additional mutations are likely " required " for a cell with a c-kit mutation to develop into a GIST, but the c-kit mutation is probably the first step of this process.
Additional works included Archaeology and the Old Testament ( 1958 ), which traced the evolution of modern approaches to archaeology from the first excavations in the Holy Land ; and Solomon and Sheba ( 1974 ), which separated fact from legend.
Their first album on! K7, Additional Productions, was a collection of these remixes.
Additional resources to assist those endeavoring to complete the cycle for the first time are a range of audiotapes, online websites, and iPods preloaded with lectures covering every page of the Talmud.
Additional facilities included a stable, first aid stations, and a foamite house for storing fire control materials.
This Constitution was amended, first, by the Constitution of the Year X, which made Napoleon First Consul for Life, more extensively altered by the Constitution of the Year XII which established the Bonaparte dynasty with Napoleon as a hereditary Emperor, abolished by the first, brief Bourbon Restoration of 1814, revived and at once virtually replaced by the so-called " Additional Act " of April 1815 promulgated on Napoleon's brief return ; and definitively abolished by the return of Louis XVIII later in 1815 ( following the Hundred Days ).
The government grants introduced in 2005, entitled Additional CESG, allowed an additional 10 % or 20 % for a total of an extra 30 or 40 cents on each dollar of the first $ 500 contributed to an RESP, depending on the family income of the beneficiary's primary caregiver.
Additional ' else ' clauses may follow the first.
Additional studies have confirmed the validity of the ascitic fluid protein concentration as the best predictor of the first episode of SBP.

first and Protocol
In the Clean Development Mechanism, only afforestation and reforestation are eligible to produce certified emission reductions ( CERs ) in the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol ( 2008 – 2012 ).
DHCP was first defined as a standards track protocol in RFC 1531 in October 1993, as an extension to the Bootstrap Protocol ( BOOTP ).
The BOOTP protocol itself was first defined in RFC 951 as a replacement for the Reverse Address Resolution Protocol RARP.
A right to education has been created and recognized by some jurisdictions: Since 1952, Article 2 of the first Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights obliges all signatory parties to guarantee the right to education.
* Sir Mark Evelyn Heath-Diplomat, British Ambassador to Chad ( 1975 – 1978 ), the first British Ambassador to Holy See ( 1982 – 1985 ) and Head of Protocol for the Hong Kong Government ( 1985 – 1988 ).
The Institute helped develop, and was the first entity to implement, Voice Over Internet Protocol ( VOIP ).
Internet Protocol version 4 ( IPv4 ) is the fourth revision in the development of the Internet Protocol ( IP ) and the first version of the protocol to be widely deployed.
Internet Protocol Version 4 ( IPv4 ) was the first publicly used version of the Internet Protocol.
Internet Protocol Security ( IPsec ) was originally developed for IPv6, but found widespread deployment first in IPv4, into which it was back-engineered.
The first major version of IP, Internet Protocol Version 4 ( IPv4 ), is the dominant protocol of the internet.
It is commonly known as TCP / IP, because of its most important protocols: Transmission Control Protocol ( TCP ) and Internet Protocol ( IP ), which were the first networking protocols defined in this standard.
AOSIS has been very active from its inception, putting forward the first draft text in the Kyoto Protocol negotiations as early as 1994.
The first film to introduce the 100th anniversary logo was Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, only with a different fanfare.
One of the first tasks set by the UNFCCC was for signatory nations to establish national greenhouse gas inventories of greenhouse gas ( GHG ) emissions and removals, which were used to create the 1990 benchmark levels for accession of Annex I countries to the Kyoto Protocol and for the commitment of those countries to GHG reductions.
It was the first Meeting of the Parties ( MOP-1 ) to the Kyoto Protocol since their initial meeting in Kyoto in 1997.
Agreement on a timeline and structured negotiation on the post-2012 framework ( the end of the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol ) was achieved with the adoption of the Bali Action Plan ( Decision 1 / CP. 13 ).
The overall goal for the COP 15 / MOP 5 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Denmark was to establish an ambitious global climate agreement for the period from 2012 when the first commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol expires.
In 1976 the first LPC conference took place over the ARPANET using the Network Voice Protocol, between Culler-Harrison, ISI, SRI, and LL at 3500 bit / s.
He also argues that even the telephone can be regarded as an online experience in some circumstances, and that the blurring of the distinctions between the uses of various technologies ( such as PDA and mobile phone, internet television and Internet, and telephone and Voice over Internet Protocol ) has made it " impossible to use the term on-line meaningfully in the sense that was employed by the first generation of Internet research ".
A developing country Party or a Party with an economy in transition may, in the absence of a domestic regulatory framework, declare through the Biosafety Clearing-House that its decisions on the first import of LMOs-FFP will be taken in accordance with risk assessment as set out in the Protocol and time frame for decision-making.
* Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity ( 2004 ) Global Biosafety-From concepts to action: Decisions adopted by the first meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety.
The first, the Optional Protocol on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict, requires governments to ensure that children under the age of eighteen are not recruited compulsorily into their armed forces, and calls on governments to do everything feasible to ensure that members of their armed forces who are under eighteen years of age do not take part in hostilities.

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